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sAq.r;m MAR'QOS MARK 16

1 a
And as when she passed, the sabbath, Mir'yam, the Mag'dalit, and Mir'yam, who of Ya'aqov and Sh'lomit, they bought spices as ones being needed of to go in to anoint him.

NOTE: mat28#1 luk24#1

2 b
At the dawn on one in the week they went in to house of the being buried as when he radiated, the sun.

3 g
And they said in heart of them: 'Who he will roll for us the stone from entrance of house of the being buried?'

4 d
And they looked and they saw that the stone she was rolled when thus she was one being great very.

5 h
And they entered to house of the being buried and they saw one being choice sitting from right being wrapped about wrapping being white and they marvelled.

6 w
Only he, he said to the them: 'Not you fear. Yeshu'a, the Nots'ri, you ones seeking whom he was crucified, he, he rose, being not him here. Behold the place where he was laid on him.

7 z
Only go, say to ones being taught of him and to Keypha: Behold he ones going before you to the Galil, there you will see him as end of how he said to you.'

8 x
And as when they heard they fled and they went forth from the being buried for bewilderment and trembling she seized on the them, and not they said being spoken to man for they were afraid.

9 j
And at the dawn on one in the sabbath, he rose and he appeared at the first to Mir'yam, the Mag'dalit, whom seven demons he drove out from her.

10 y
And she, she went and she updated to these who they were with him, whom ones mourning they were and ones weeping.

11 ay
And them, as when they heard them ones saying that being alive he and he appeared to them, not they believed of the them.

12 by
Ones being after of thus he appeared to twos from them in likeness of one being other when to be them ones walking and ones going to the village.

13 gy
And them, they went and they said to the rest and also of the them not they believed.

14 dy
And at the end he appeared to the one ten when to be them ones reclining and he rebuked over being little of faith of them and stubbornness of heart of them, for not they believed of these whom they saw him when he rose.

15 hj
And he said to the them: Go to the world, all of him, and proclaim updating of me among all of the being created.

16 wj
The one believing and being immersed he will be free, and who whom being not him believing he will be guilty.

17 zy
And the signs the these they will be joined to the ones believing, in name of me they will drive out demons and in tongues, ones being new, they will speak;

18 xy
and they will make rise serpents, and if spice of death they drink not he will harm to the them, and hands of them they will put on ones being sick and they will be well.

19 jy
And Yeshu'a, lords of us, ones being after that he spoke with them he went up to the heavens and he sat at right of the Elohim.

20 k
And them, they went forth and they proclaimed in every of place; and lords of us he helped for the them, and confirming ones being spoken of them with the signs that they did.

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