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sAq.r;m MAR'QOS MARK 11

1 a
And as when he drew near to Y'rushalaim near side of Beyt Pagey and Beyt Anyah at side of mount of the olives, he sent two from ones being taught of him,

6 w
And them, they said to the them as end of how he charged them, Yeshu'a, and they let for the them.

9 j
And those who before presences of him and those who ones being after of him they cried, and they said: 'Save now.'

10 y
Being blessed the one coming in in name of Y'hovah and being blessed being reigned of David, father of us, that coming in. Save now in the heights.

NOTE: te118#26 mat21#9 luq19#38 yoc12#13

15 hj
And they came in to Y'rushalaim, and he entered, Yeshu'a, to temple of Elohim, and he began to drive out the ones buying and the ones selling in the temple, and he turned over tables of the ones moneychanging and seats of ones selling the doves.

NOTE: mat21#12 luq19#45

18 xy

24 dk
For the so saying I to you all of what how you ones praying and ones seeking believe that you ones receiving and they will be for you.

27 zk
And they came in to go back to Y'rushalaim, and as when he walked in the temple, they came in to him, ones being head of the priests, and the ones recording, and the ones being elder,

NOTE: mat21#23 luq20#1

28 xk
and they said to him: 'With what such authority doing you these? And who he gave to you the authority the this to do these?'

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