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a'qWl LUQA LUKE 21

1 a
And he looked, Yeshu'a, at the ones being rich whom they cast gifts of them to the being stored,

NOTE: mat21#41

2 b
and he saw also widow, one, one being poor, who she cast twos of small coins,

NOTE: mat21#42

3 g
and he said: Truly, saying I to you that the widow, the one being poor the this, she cast more from any of one;

NOTE: mat21#43

4 d
for all of these from the being excess that she is of them they cast to store of the Elohim, only this from need of her she cast all what she reached.

NOTE: mat21#44

5 h
And as when they said, men, over the temple that he being adorned with stones, ones being beautiful, and gifts, he said to the them, Yeshu'a:

NOTE: mat24#1 mar13#1

6 w
These what you ones seeing they will come in days when not she will remain stone on stone that not she is torn down.

NOTE: mat24#2 mar13#2

7 z
They asked him and they said: 'One teaching, when will they be these and what the sign as when they will be these ones being near to happen?'

NOTE: mat24#3 mar13#3-4

8 x
And he, he said to the them: 'See, lest you err for ones being many they will come in in name of me and they will say: 'I the one being anointed and the time she draws near'; only not you go ones being after of them.

NOTE: mat24#4 mar13#5

9 j
And as when you hear wars and confusions not you fear for these ones being made ready to be first, only still not he touched the end.

NOTE: mat24#6 mar13#7

10 y
For he will rise, nation against nation and being reigned against being reigned,

NOTE: mat24#7 mar13#8

11 ay
and tremblings of ground, ones being great, they will be in places, ones being diverse, and famine and strikings, and they will be dreads and terrors, and they will appear signs, ones being great, from the heavens, and whirlwinds, ones being great, they will be.

NOTE: mat24#7 mar13#8

12 by
Only before presences of all of these they will put on you, hands of them, and they will pursue you, and they will deliver you to houses of the ones being gathered and to houses of roundness, and they will make go in you before presences of ones reigning and ones ruling for sake of name of me;

NOTE: mat10#17 mar13#9

13 gy
and you will be to them for being testified.

14 dy
Set heart of you that not to learn what to make go back;

15 hj
for I, I will give to you mouth and wisdom that not they will be able to stand before her any of ones being enemy of you.

NOTE: mat10#19 mar13#11

16 wj
And they will deliver you, parents of you, and brothers of you, and ones being near you, and ones beloved of you, and they will kill from you.

NOTE: mat10#21 mat24#9 mar13#12

17 zy
And you will be ones being hated of every of man over circumstance of name of me,

NOTE: mat24#9 mar13#13

18 xy
only hair from head of you not she will perish.

19 jy
Over burden of you you will gain soul of you.

NOTE: mat24#13 mar13#13

20 k
And as when you see Y'rushalayim surrounded of being amassed then know that being near desolation of her.

21 ak
Then these whom in Y'hudah let them flee to the mount, and these whom in midst of her let them flee, and whom in the fields not let them enter to her.

22 bk
for days of vengeance them these for sake of he is fulfilled all of what how being written.

23 gk
And woe to ones having conceived and to the ones giving suck in the days the them for she will be cramping, being great, in the land and indignation on the people the this.

NOTE: mat24#19 mar13#17

27 zk
And then they will see son of the man coming in on clouds with force being much and glory being great.

NOTE: mat24#30 mar13#26

33 gl
The heavens and the earth they will pass and ones being spoken of me not they will pass.

NOTE: mat24#35 mar13#31

38 xl
And all of the people they were ones rising early to him at the temple to hear being spoken of him.

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