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a'qWl LUQA LUKE 11

1 a
And as when he, he prayed in place one, as when he ceased he said to him, one from ones being taught of him: 'Lords of us, teach us to pray as renown of how also Yochanan he taught ones being taught of him.'

2 b
he said to the them, Yeshu'a: 'As when you ones praying thus say: Father of us, who in the heavens, let him be hallowed, name of you, let her come in being reigned of you, let him be pleasure of you as in the heavens also in the earth.

3 g
Give to us bread need of us every of day

15 hj
But men from them they said: 'At hands of Ba'al Z'vuv, head of the demons, casting out this demons.'

16 wj
And ones being other in to test them him they sought from him sign from the heavens.

NOTE: mat12#38 mat16#1 mar8#11 luq11#29

17 zy
However, Yeshu'a, since he knew thoughts of them, he said to the them: 'Every of being reigned that she is split against self of her she will be desolate, and house that against self of him being split falling.

NOTE: mat12#25

18 xy
And if the one opposing against self of him being split how she will stand, being reigned of him? For ones saying you that at hands of Ba'al Z'vuv casting out I demons.

19 jy
And if I at hands of Ba'al Z'vuv casting out demons, sons of you at hands of whom ones casting out? Over thus them they will be ones judging you.

20 k

22 bk
Nevertheless if he comes in who whom being strong from him he will overcome him, all of armour of him that he trusted in him he will take and being stripped of him he will divide.

23 gk

NOTE: mat12#30

29 jk
And as when they assembled, the multitudes, he began to say: 'The generation, the evil the this, sign seeking and sign not he will be given to him but sign of Yonah, the prophet.

NOTE: mat12#38 mat16#1 mar8#11 luq11#16

31 al
Queen of Teyman she will rise in the judgement with men of the generation the this and she will condemn as guilty them for she came in from ends of the earth to hear wisdom of Sh'lomoh, and behold one being exhalted from Sh'lomoh here.

33 gl
Being not man kindling lamp and putting her in concealment or under measure but on stand as ones being needed of that the ones entering they see light of her.

NOTE: mat5#15 mar4#21 luq8#16

44 dm
Woe to you, scribes and P'rushim, ones being made stand of faces, for you like graves that being not them ones recognising and sons of man ones walking over them and being not them ones knowing.

51 an

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