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1 a
Not being amassed of man on earth, and like days of one being hired days of him?

NOTE: The fourth word is pointed el][ and the Qere is yel][

2 b

3 g

4 d
When I lie down and I say: 'When will I rise?' And being continued evening and I am full of tossings to and fro ones upto twilight.

5 h
He wraps on flesh of me maggot and clod of dust; skin of me he stirs up and he is spurned.

6 w
Days of me they are swift from shuttle, and they are spent when being without hope.

7 z
Remember that wind of ones being alive of me not she will again, eye of me, to see being good.

8 x
Not she watches me, eye of being seen; eyes of you on me and being not me.

9 j
He finishes, cloud, and he goes, thus going Sh'ol not he comes up.

10 y
Not he will go back still to house of him, and not he will recognize him still place of him.

11 ay
Also I not I will restrain mouth of me; I will speak in being cramped of spirit of me; I ponder over being bitter of soul of me.

12 by
Sea I or dragon? You set ones on me being kept.

13 gy

14 dy
And you dismayed me with the ones being dreamed and from ones being gazed at you terrified me.

15 hj
and she chooses being suffocated, soul of me, death from bones of me.

16 wj
I spurn, not to everlasting I will live, forebear from me since being vain days of me.

17 zy
What man that you make great him, and that you set ones to him heart of you?

18 xy
And you visit him at mornings, at ones being twinkling you try him.

19 jy
As the what not you gaze at from me, not you let alone me upto to swallow me spittle of me?

20 k
I sinned. What I did to the you, one guarding of the man? For the what you set me for mark for the you, and I am ones on me for burden?

21 ak
And why not you lifted up being transgressed of me and you made pass iniquity of me? Indeed now to the dust I will lie down and you will seek me and being not me.

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