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1 a
And he will be being counted of sons of Yis'ra'el as sand of the sea that not he will be measured, and not he will be counted, and he will be in place where he is said of the them: 'Not people of me, you', he will be said of the them: 'Sons of El being alive.'

2 b
And they will gather, sons of Y'hudah, and sons of Yis'ra'el, together, and they will appoint for the them head one, and they will come up from the land, for being great day of Yiz'r'el.

3 g
Say to brothers of you: 'People of me, and to sisters of you: Let her have compassion',

NOTE: Verse 3 is verse 1 in the English numeration

4 d
'Contend with mother of you. Contend, for she, not woman of me, and I not man of her, and she shall make turned aside prostitutions of her from presences of her, and adulteries of her from between breasts of her.'

NOTE: Verse 4 is verse 2 in the English numeration

5 h
lest I strip off her being bare and I set her like day of being born of her, and I set her like the wilderness, and I place her like land being parched, and I kill her with the being thirsty.

NOTE: Verse 5 is verse 3 in the English numeration

6 w
And with sons of her not I will be compassionate for sons of prostitutions them.

NOTE: Verse 6 is verse 4 in the English numeration

7 z

NOTE: Verse 7 is verse 5 in the English numeration

8 x
For the so, behold I hedging in being trod of you with the thorns, and I will wall in being walled in of her, and ones being tramped of her not she will find.

NOTE: Verse 8 is verse 6 in the English numeration

9 j
And she will run after ones being loved of her and not she will reach them, and she will seek them and not she will find, and she will say: 'I will go and I will go back to man of me, the one being first, indeed being good for me then from now.'

NOTE: Verse 9 is verse 7 in the English numeration

10 y
And she, not she knew that I, I gave to the her the grain and the new wine and the fresh oil, and silver I increased to the her, and gold they used for the Ba'al.

NOTE: Verse 10 is verse 8 in the English numeration

11 ay
'For the thus I will come back and I will take grain of me in time of him, and new wine of me at being appointed of him, and I will snatch away wool of me and flax of me to cover being bare of her.'

NOTE: Verse 11 is verse 9 in the English numeration

12 by
And now I will uncover lewdness of her before eyes of ones loving her, and each not they will snatch away her from hand of me.

NOTE: Verse 12 is verse 10 in the English numeration

13 gy
And I will make cease all of being bright of her, being celebrated of her, new moon of her, and sabbath of her, and all of being appointed of her.

NOTE: Verse 13 is verse 11 in the English numeration

14 dy
And I will make desolate vine of her and fig of her that she said pay them to me that they gave to me ones loving me and I will make them for forest and she will devour them, one being alive of the field.

NOTE: Verse 14 is verse 12 in the English numeration

15 hj
And I will visit ones on her days of the Ba'als that she made smoke to the them and she put on ring of her and jewelry of her and she went ones being after of ones loving her and me she forgot, being declared of Y'hovah.

NOTE: Verse 15 is verse 13 in the English numeration

16 wj
For the so behold I persuading her and I making go her the wilderness and I will speak on heart of her.

NOTE: Verse 16 is verse 14 in the English numeration

17 zy
And I will give to her vines of her from there and valley of Akhor for opening of hope, and she will answer at there as days of ones being young of her and as day of to come up her from land of Mits'rayim.

NOTE: Verse 17 is verse 15 in the English numeration

18 xy

NOTE: Verse 18 is verse 16 in the English numeration

19 jy
And I will remove names of the B'alim from mouth of her and not they will be remembered still with name of them.

NOTE: Verse 19 is verse 17 in the English numeration

20 k
And I will cut for you covenant in the day the he with one being alive of the field, and with one flying of the heavens, and one gliding of the ground. And bow, and being ridden, and being fought I will break from the earth and I will make lie down them at the being secure.

NOTE: Verse 20 is verse 18 in the English numeration

21 ak
And I will betroth you to me for everlasting, and I will betroth you to me in righteousness and with being judged, and with kindness, and with compassions.

NOTE: Verse 21 is verse 19 in the English numeration

22 bk
And I will betroth you to me in the faithfulness and you will know Y'hovah.

NOTE: Verse 22 is verse 20 in the English numeration

23 gk
And he will be in the day the he I will answer, being declared of Y'hovah, I will answer the heavens and them they will answer the earth.

NOTE: Verse 23 is verse 21 in the English numeration

24 dk
And the earth she will answer the grain and the new wine, and the fresh oil, and them, they will answer Yiz'r'el.

NOTE: Verse 24 is verse 22 in the English numeration

25 hk
And I will sow her for me in the land and I will be compassionate with Lo Ruchamah, and I will say to not people of me: 'People of me you' and he, he will say: 'Elohim of me.'

NOTE: Verse 25 is verse 23 in the English numeration

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