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a'r.z,[ EZRA EZRA 10

1 a
And as to pray, Ez'ra, and as to give thanks, weeping and prostrating himself before presences of house of the Elohim, they gathered to him from Yis'ra'el, being assembled being much very, men and women and ones being born, for they wept, the people, to be much weeping.

2 b
And he answered, Sh'khan'yah, son of Y'chi'el, from sons of Eylam, and he said to Ez'ra: 'We, we trespassed on Elohim of us and we made sit women, ones being foreign from peoples of the land, and now being hope for Yis'ra'el over this.

3 g
And now let us cut covenant before Elohim of us to make go out all of women and the being born from them at the being advised of Y'hovah, and the ones trembling over being charged of Elohim of us and as the being instructed let him be done.

4 d
Stand for on you the being spoken, and we with you, be strong and do.

5 h
And he rose, Ez'ra, and he made swear ones commanding of the priests, the L'viyim, and all of Yis'ra'el, to do as the being spoken the this. And they swore.

6 w
And he rose, Ez'ra, from before presences of house of the Elohim, and he went to chamber of Y'hochanan, son of El'yashiv, and he went there, food not he ate and waters not he drank for mourning over being trespassed of the being uncovered.

7 z
And they made pass voice in Y'hudah and Y'rushalaim to all of sons of the being uncovered to be gathered Y'rushalaim;

8 x
and all of whom not he comes in at three of the days, as being advised of the ones commanding and the ones being elder, let him forfeit all of being laid up of him, and he, let him be separated from being assembled of the being uncovered.

9 j
And they were gathered, all of men of Y'hudah and Bin'yamin, Y'rushalaim at three of the days, he month the ninth, on twenties of the month, and they sat, all of the people, in being open of house of the Elohim, ones trembling over the being spoken and from the rains.

10 y
And he rose, Ez'ra, the priest, and he said ones to them: 'You, you trespassed and you made dwell women, ones being foreign, to increase on being guilty of Yis'ra'el.

11 ay
And now give thanks to Y'hovah, Elohim of fathers of you, and do being desired of him and be separated from peoples of the land and from the women, the ones being foreign.'

12 by
And they answered, all of the being assembled, and they said, voice, being great: 'Thus as ones being spoken of you ones on us to do.

13 gy
Nevertheless the people being much and the time rains and being no strength to stand on the outside and the being delegated not for day one and not for twos; indeed we made much to transgress in the being spoken the this.

14 dy
Let them stand now ones commanding of us, for all of the being assembled, and all of whom in the cities of us, whom he made sit women, ones being foreign, let him come in at times, ones being appointed, and with them ones being elder of city and city, and ones judging of her, until to make go back being kindled of Elohim of us from us until to the being spoken the this.'

15 hj
Only Yonatan, son of Asah'el, and Yach'z'yah, son of Tiq'vah, they stood over this, and M'shulam and Shab'tay, the Levi, they helped them.

16 wj
And they did thus, sons of the being uncovered, and they were separated, Ez'ra, the priest, men, heads of the fathers, of house of fathers of them, and all of them by names, and they sat in day one of the month the tenth to examine the being spoken.

17 zy
And they finished with the all men whom they made sit women, ones being foreign, to day one of the month the one being first.

18 xy
And he was found from sons of the priests whom they made sit women, ones being foreign, from sons of Yeshu'a, son of Yotsadaq, and brothers of him: Ma'aseyah, and Eli'ezer, and Yariv, and G'dal'yah.

19 jy
And they gave hand of them to make go out women of them, and ones being guilty ram of sheep over being guilty of them.

20 k
And from sons of Imer: Chanani and Z'vad'yah.

21 ak
And from sons of Charim: Ma'aseyah, and Eliyah, and Sh'ma'yah, and Y'chi'el, and Uziyah.

22 bk
And from sons of Pash'chur: El'yo'eynay, Ma'aseyah, Yish'ma'el, N'tan'el, Yozavad, and El'asah.

23 gk
And from the L'viyim: Yozavad, and Shim'i, and Qelayah, he Q'lita, P'tach'yah, Y'hudah, and Eli'ezer.

24 dk
And from the ones being singers: El'yashiv; and from the ones gatekeeping: Shalum, and Telem, and Uri.

25 hk
And from Yis'ra'el, from sons of Pharosh: Ram'yah, and Yiziyah, and Mal'kiyah, and Miyamin, and El'azar, and Mal'kiyah, and V'nayah.

26 wk
And from sons of Eylam: Matan'yah, Z'khar'yah, and Y'chi'el, and Av'di, and Y'remot, and Eliyah.

27 zk
And from sons of Zatu: El'yo'enay, El'yashiv, Matan'yah, and Y'remot, and Zavad, and Aziza.

28 xk
And from sons of Bevay: Y'hochanan, Chanan'yah, Zabay, At'lay.

29 jk
And from sons of Bani: M'shulam, Malukh, and Adayah, Yashuv, and Sh'al, and Ramot.

30 l
And from sons of Pachat Mo'av: Adna, and Kh'lal, B'nayah, Ma'aseyah, Matan'yah, B'tsal'el, and Binuy, and M'nasheh.

31 al
And sons of Charim: Eli'ezer, Yishiyah, Mal'kiyah, Sh'ma'yah, Shim'on;

32 bl
Bin'yamin, Malukh, Sh'mar'yah.

33 gl
From sons of Chashum: Mat'nay, Matatah, Zavad, Eliphelet, Y'remay, M'nasheh, Shim'i.

34 dl
From sons of Vani: Ma'aday, Am'ram, and U'el;

35 hl
B'nayah, Ved'yah, K'luhu;

36 wl
Van'yah, M'remot, El'yashiv;

37 zl
Matan'yah, Mat'nay, and Ya'asay;

38 xl
and Vani, and Vinuy, Shim'i;

39 jl
and Shelem'yah, and Natan, and Adayah;

40 m
Makh'nad'vay, Shashay, Sharay;

41 am
Azar'el, and Shelem'yahu, Sh'mar'yah;

42 bm
Shalum, Amar'yah, Yoseph.

43 gm
From sons of N'vo: Y'i'el, Matit'yah, Zavad, Z'vina, Yaday, and Yo'el, B'nayah.

44 dm
All of these they took up women, ones being foreign, and being from them women and they made sons.

NOTE: The third word was originally yafn but was changed to match the Qere form

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