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1 a
And we turned and we went up being trod of the Bashan, and he came forth, Og, one reigning of the Bashan, to meet us, he and all of people of him, to the being fought Edre'i.

2 b
And he said, Y'hovah, ones to me: 'Not you fear him since in hand of you I will give him, and all of people of him, and land of him, and you do to him as how you did to Sichon, one reigning of the Emori, whom sitting in Chesh'bon.'

3 g
And he gave, Y'hovah, Elohim of us, in hand of us, also Og, one reigning of the Bashan, and all of people of him, and we struck him until not he left of him one surviving,

4 d
And we captured all of cities of him at the time the her, not she was city that not we took from with them, sixties city, all of region of Ar'gov, being reigned of Og, in the Bashan.

5 h
All of these cities ones being fortified, being walled being high, doors and bar, at being apart of from cities of the being unfortified, to be much very.

6 w
And we made destroyed them as how we did to Sichon, one reigning of Chesh'bon, to make destroyed every of city, men, the women, and the one skipping,

7 z
and every of the beast and being stripped of the cities we seized for the us.

8 x
And we took at the time the her the land from hand of twos of ones reigning of the Emori whom over across of the Yar'den from valley of Ar'non to mount of Cher'mon.

9 j
Tsidonim they call for Cher'mon Sir'yon and the Emori they call for him S'nir.

10 y
All of cities of the plain, and all of the Gil'ad, and all of the Bashan, to Sal'khah and to Edre'i, cities of being reigned of Og in the Bashan.

11 ay
For only Og, one reigning of the Bashan, he was left from remnant of the R'pha'im. Behold bed of him bed of iron. Not she in Rabah of sons of Amon? Nine cubits length of her and four cubits width of her by cubit of man.

12 by
And the land the this we occupied at the time the her from Aro'er that near valley of Ar'non, and being halved of mount of the Gil'ad and cities of him I gave to the R'uveni and to the Gadi;

13 gy
and remainder of the Gil'ad and all of the Bashan being reigned of Og I gave to being halved of branch of the M'nasheh, all of region of the Ar'gov of all of the Bashan the he; he is called land of R'pha'im.

14 dy
Ya'ir, son of M'nasheh, he took all of region of Ar'gov to border of the G'shuri and the Ma'akhati and he called them over name of him, the Bashan, Chavot Ya'ir, to the day the this.

15 hj
And to Makhir I gave the Gil'ad.

16 wj
And to the Ruveni and to the Gadi I gave from the Gil'ad and to valley of Ar'non, midst of the valley and border of, and to Yaboq the valley border of sons of Amon;

17 zy
and the Aravah, and the Yar'den, and border from Kineret, and to Sea of the Aravah, Sea the Salt, beneath slopes of the Pis'gah, at rising.

18 xy
And I charged you at the time the her, to say: 'Y'hovah, Elohim of you, he gave to the you the land the this to occupy her, ones being armed you cross before presences of brothers of you, sons of Yis'ra'el, all of sons of force.

19 jy
Only women of you, and one skipping of you, and livestock of you, I know that livestock being much to the you, let them sit in cities of you that I gave to the you;

20 k
until when he gives rest, Y'hovah, to brothers of you, as the you, and they occupy, also them, the land that Y'hovah, Elohim of you, giving to the them over across of the Yar'den, then you turn back each to being occupied of him that I gave to the you.

21 ak
And Y'hoshu'a I charged at the time the her, to say: 'Eyes of you the ones seeing all of what he did, Y'hovah, Elohim of you, to twos of the ones reigning the these thus he will do, Y'hovah, to all of the ones being reigned where you crossing to there.

22 bk
Not you fear them since Y'hovah, Elohim of you, he the one fighting for the you.

23 gk
And I sought favour to Y'hovah at the time the her, to say:

24 dk
'Adonay Y'hovah, you, you began to make see servant of you greatness of you and hand of you, the being strong, that who El in the heavens and in the earth who he does as ones being done of you and as ones being mighty of you?

25 hk
Let me cross now and let me see the land the being good that over across of the Yar'den the mount the being good the this and the L'vanon.'

26 wk
And he was cross, Y'hovah, with me for sake of you and not he hearkened ones to me. And he said, Y'hovah ones to me: 'Being much of the you not you do more to speak ones to me still over the being spoken the this.

27 zk
Go up to head of the Pis'gah and lift up eyes of you to west, and to north, and to south, and to rising, and see with eyes of you since not you will cross the Yar'den the this.

28 xk
And charge Y'hoshu'a and make strong him and make firm him since he, he will cross before presences of the people the this and he, he will make inherit them the land that you see.'

29 jk
And we sat in the valley what before Beyt P'or.

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