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1 a
And he went up, Mosheh, from plains of Mo'av to mount of N'vo, head of the Pis'gah that near presences of Y'recho, and he showed him, Y'hovah, all of the land, the Gil'ad upto Dan;

2 b
and all of Naph'tali, and land of Eph'rayim and M'nasheh, and all of land of Y'hudah upto the sea, the one being last;

3 g
and the Negev, and the round, valley of Y'recho, city of the palms upto Tso'ar.

4 d
And he said, Y'hovah, to him: 'This the land that I swore to Av'raham, to Yits'chaq, and to Ya'aqov, to say: To seed of you I will give her. I made see you with eyes of you and to there not you will cross.'

5 h
And he died there, Mosheh, servant of Y'hovah, in land of Mo'av over mouth of Y'hovah.

6 w
And he buried him in the valley in land of Mo'av what before house of P'or, and not he knows, man, being buried of him to the day the this.

7 z
And Mosheh son of hundred and twenties year at death of him; not she was dim eye of him and not he fled vigour of him.

8 x
And they wept, sons of Yis'ra'el, Mosheh on plains of Mo'av thirties day; and they were completed days of weeping, mourning of Mosheh.

9 j
And Y'hoshu'a, son of Nun, being full of spirit of wisdom since he laid, Mosheh, hands of him ones on him; and they hearkened ones to him, sons of Yis'ra'el, and they did as how he charged, Y'hovah, Mosheh.

10 y
And not he rose, prophet, again in Yis'ra'el like Mosheh whom he knew him, Y'hovah, presences to presences;

11 ay
of all of the signs and the ones being bright that he sent him, Y'hovah, to do in land of Mits'rayim, to Phar'oh and to all of servants of him and to all of land of him;

12 by
and of all of the hand, the being strong, and of all of the being awesome, the being great, that he did, Mosheh, before eyes of all of Yis'ra'el.

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