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1 a
And he called, Mosheh, to all of Yis'ra'el and he said ones to them: 'You, you saw all of what he did, Y'hovah, before eyes of you in land of Mits'rayim, to Par'oh, and to all of servants of him, and to all of land of him;

NOTE: Verse 1 is verse 2 in the English numeration

2 b
the trials, the ones being great, that they saw, eyes of you, the signs and the ones being bright, the ones being great, the them;

NOTE: Verse 2 is verse 3 in the English numeration

3 g
and not he gave, Y'hovah, to the you heart to know, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, upto the day the this.

NOTE: Verse 3 is verse 4 in the English numeration

4 d
And I made go you forties year in the wilderness, not they wore out garments of you from ones on you, and sandal of you not she wore out from on foot of you.

NOTE: Verse 4 is verse 5 in the English numeration

5 h
Bread not you ate, and wine and liquor not you drank, for sake of you know that I Y'hovah, Elohim of you.

NOTE: Verse 5 is verse 6 in the English numeration

6 w
And you came in to the place the this, and he came out, Sichon, one reigning of Chesh'bon, and Og, one reigning of the Bashan, to meet us at the being fought; and we struck them.

NOTE: Verse 6 is verse 7 in the English numeration

7 z
And we took land of them and we gave her for being inherited to the R'uveni and to the Gadi, and to being halved of branch of the M'nashi.

NOTE: Verse 7 is verse 8 in the English numeration

8 x
And you keep ones being spoken of the covenant the this, and you do them, for sake of you will make succeed all of what you do.

NOTE: Verse 8 is verse 9 in the English numeration

9 j
You, ones being stationed the day, all of you, before presences of Y'hovah, Elohim of you, heads of you, branches of you, ones being elder of you, and ones officiating of you, every of man of Yis'ra'el,

NOTE: Verse 9 is verse 10 in the English numeration

10 y
one skipping of you, women of you, and one being sojourner of you, whom in midst of ones being encamped of you, from one cutting of woods of you to one drawing of waters of you;

NOTE: Verse 10 is verse 11 in the English numeration

11 ay
to pass you in covenant of Y'hovah, Elohim of you, and in oath of him that Y'hovah, Elohim of you, cutting with you the day;

NOTE: Verse 11 is verse 12 in the English numeration

12 by
for sake of to make stand you, the day, for him for people, and he, he will be for you for Elohim, as how he spoke to the you, and as how he swore to fathers of you, to Av'raham, to Yits'chaq, and to Ya'aqov.

NOTE: Verse 12 is verse 13 in the English numeration

13 gy
And not with you, for only you, I cutting the covenant the this, and the oath the this;

NOTE: Verse 13 is verse 14 in the English numeration

14 dy
Indeed who being him here with us standing the day, before presences of Y'hovah, Elohim of us, and who being not him here with us the day.

NOTE: Verse 14 is verse 15 in the English numeration

15 hj
Indeed you, you know how we sat in land of Mits'rayim, and how we passed in midst of the nations that you passed;

NOTE: Verse 15 is verse 16 in the English numeration

16 wj
and you saw ones being detestable of them, and idols of them, wood and stone, silver and gold, that with them.

NOTE: Verse 16 is verse 17 in the English numeration

17 zy
Lest being among the you man or woman, or family, or branch, that heart of him turning the day from with Y'hovah, Elohim of us, to go to serve elohim of the nations the them, lest being among the you being rooted fruiting gall and wormwood;

NOTE: Verse 17 is verse 18 in the English numeration

18 xy
and he is when to hear him ones being spoken of the oath the this and he blesses himself in heart of him to say: 'Being peaceful he will be for me for in stubbornness of heart of me I will go for sake of to sweep away the being watered with the being thirsty';

NOTE: Verse 18 is verse 19 in the English numeration

19 jy
not he will be willing, Y'hovah, to forgive to him for then he will smoke nostril of Y'hovah, and zeal of him on the man the he, and she will lay on him, every of the oath, the being written in the being recorded the this, and he will wipe, Y'hovah, name of him from beneath of the heavens;

NOTE: Verse 19 is verse 20 in the English numeration

20 k
and he will make separate him, Y'hovah, for being evil from all of branches of Yis'ra'el, as all of oaths of the covenant, the being written in being recorded of the being instructed the this.

NOTE: Verse 20 is verse 21 in the English numeration

21 ak
And he will say, the generation, the one being after sons of you, whom they stand from ones being after of you, and the alien who he comes in from land at being afar, and they see ones being struck of the land the her and diseases of her that he afflicted, Y'hovah, on the her;

NOTE: Verse 21 is verse 22 in the English numeration

22 bk
Brimstone and salt being burned, all of land of her, not she will be sown, and not she will make sprout, and not he will come up in the her any of herb, as being overthrown of S'dom and Amorah, Ad'mah, and Ts'voyim, that he overthrew, Y'hovah, in breathing hard of him and in being hot of him;

NOTE: Verse 22 is verse 23 in the English numeration

23 gk
And they will say all of the nations: 'Over what he did, Y'hovah, like the so to the land the this? What making kindled the breathing hard, the being great, the this?'

NOTE: Verse 23 is verse 24 in the English numeration

24 dk
And they will say: 'Over that they left covenant of Y'hovah, Elohim of fathers of them, that he cut with them, when to make come out him them from land of Mits'rayim;

NOTE: Verse 24 is verse 25 in the English numeration

25 hk
and they went and they served elohim, ones being other, and they bowed to the them, elohim that not they knew them, and not he apportioned to the them;

NOTE: Verse 25 is verse 26 in the English numeration

26 wk
and he was kindled, breathing hard of Y'hovah, over the land the her, to make come in ones on her every of the cursing, the being written in the being recorded the this;

NOTE: Verse 26 is verse 27 in the English numeration

27 zk
And he plucked up them, Y'hovah, from on ground of them, in breathing hard and in being hot, and with being cracked off, being great, and he threw down them to land being other as the day the this.'

NOTE: Verse 27 is verse 28 in the English numeration

28 xk
The ones being hidden of Y'hovah, Elohim of us, and the ones being uncovered to the us, and to sons of us to everlasting, to do all of ones being spoken of the being instructed the this.

NOTE: Verse 28 is verse 29 in the English numeration

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