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1 a
These the ones being spoken that he spoke, Mosheh, to all of Yis'ra'el over across of the Yar'den, in the wilderness, in the plain what before Suph, between Paran and between Tophel, and Lavan, and Chatserot, and Di Zahav,

2 b
one ten day from Chorev being trod of mount of Se'ir to Qadesh Bar'ne'a.

3 g
And he was in forties year, in one ten month, on one of the month, he spoke, Mosheh, to sons of Yis'ra'el as all of how he charged, Y'hovah, him, ones to them,

4 d
ones being after of to strike him Sichon, one reigning of the Emori, who sitting in Chesh'bon, and Og, one reigning of the Bashan, who sitting in Ash'tarot, in Ed're'i,

5 h
over across of the Yar'den, in land of Mo'av, he began, Mosheh; he made plain the being instructed the this, to say:

6 w
Y'hovah, Elohim of us, he spoke ones to us in Chorev, to say: 'Being much for the you to sit in the mount the this,

7 z
turn, and uproot for the you, and go in mount of the Emori, and to all of ones being resident of him in the plain, in the mount, and in the lowland, and in the Negev, and in coast of the sea, land of the K'na'ani, and the L'vanon, to the being flowed the being great, being flowed of P'rat.

8 x
See, I give before presences of you the land, go in, occupy the land that he swore, Y'hovah, to fathers of you, to Av'raham, to Yits'chaq, and to Ya'aqov, to give to the them and to seed of them, ones being after of them.'

9 j
And I said ones to you, at the time the her, to say: 'Not I am able, at alone me, to lift up you.

10 y
Y'hovah, Elohim of you, he made increased you, and behold you the day as stars of the heavens to be many.

11 ay
Y'hovah, Elohim of fathers of you, let him make add ones to you, as the you thousand times, and let him bless you as how he spoke to the you.

12 by
How will I lift, at alone me, weariness of you, and burden of you, and being contended of you?

13 gy
Give for the you men, ones being wise, and ones discerning, and ones being known, of branches of you and I will set them at heads of you.'

14 dy
And you answered me and you said: 'Being good the being spoken that you spoke to do.'

15 hj
'And I took heads of branches of you, men ones being wise and ones being known, and I gave them heads ones over you, ones commanding of thousands, and ones commanding of hundreds, and ones commanding of fifties, and ones commanding of tens, and ones judging of branches of you.

16 wj
And I charged ones judging of you at the time the her, to say to hear between brothers of you, and you judge being right between man and between brother of him and between one being sojourner of him.

17 zy
Not you regard faces in the being judged as the being little as the being great you hear, not you fear from presences of man for the being judged of Elohim he, and the being spoken that he is hard from you you make approach ones to me and I will hear him.'

18 xy
And I charged you at the time the her all of the ones being spoken that you do.

19 jy
And we uprooted from Chorev and we went all of the wilderness, the being great and the being awesome the he, where you saw being trod of mount of the Emori, as how he charged, Elohim of us, us, and we came in to Qadesh Bar'ne'a.

20 k
And I said ones to you: 'You go in to mount of the Emori that Y'hovah, Elohim of us, giving to the us.

21 ak
See he gave, Y'hovah, Elohim of you, before presences of you the land; go up occupy as how he spoke, Y'hovah, Elohim of fathers of you, to the you; not you fear and not you be dismayed.'

22 bk
And you came near ones to me, all of you, and you said: 'Let us send men before presences of us, and let them dig out for the us the land, and let them make turn back us being spoken, the being trod that we go up in the her, and the cities that we come in ones to them.'

23 gk
And he was good in eyes of me the being spoken, and I took from you twos ten men, each one of the branch,

24 dk
and they turned, and they went up to the mount, and they went in to valley of Esh'kol, and they walked along her.

25 hk
And they took in hand of them from being fruited of the land and they made come down ones to us, and they made turn back us being spoken, and they said: 'Being good the land that Y'hovah, Elohim of us, giving to the us.'

26 wk
And not you were willing to go up, and you disobeyed mouth of Y'hovah, Elohim of you;

27 zk
And you murmured in tents of you and you said: 'In being hated of Y'hovah, us, he made come forth us from land of Mits'rayim to give us in hand of the Emori to destroy us.

28 xk
To where we ones going up brothers of us they made melt heart of us, to say: People, being great and being high from us, cities, ones being great and ones being fortified in the heavens; and also sons of Anaqim we saw there.'

29 jk
And I said ones to you: 'Not you tremble and not you fear from them;

30 l
Y'hovah, Elohim of you, the one going before presences of you, he, he will fight for the you as all of how he did with you in Mits'rayim before eyes of you;

31 al
and in the wilderness where you saw how he lifted you, Y'hovah, Elohim of you, as how he lifts, man, son of him, in all of the being trod where you went to to go in you to the place the this.

32 bl
And over the being spoken the this being not you ones trusting in Y'hovah, Elohim of you,

33 gl
the one going before presences of you in the being trod to meander for the you place to encamp you, with the fire of night to make see you on the being trod where you go in the her and with the cloud by day.'

34 dl
And he heard, Y'hovah, sound of ones being spoken of you and he cracked off, and he swore, to say:

35 hl
'Not he will see man among the men the these, the generation the being evil the this, the land the being good that I swore to give to fathers of you,

36 wl
except Kalev, son of Y'phuneh, he, he will see her, and to him I will give the land where he trod on the her, and to sons of him, because that he was full ones being after of Y'hovah.'

37 zl
Also with me he breathed hard, Y'hovah, over circumstance of you, to say: Also you not you will go in there;

38 xl
Y'hoshu'a, son of Nun, the one standing before presences of you, he, he will go in to there; him make strong, since he, he will make inherit her Yis'ra'el.

39 jl
And one skipping of you whom you said for the being seized he will be and sons of you whom not they know the day being good and being evil, them, they will go in to there and to the them I will give her and them, they will occupy her.

40 m
And you turn for the you and uproot to the wilderness being trod of Yam Suph.'

41 am
And you answered and you said ones to me: We sinned to Y'hovah. We, we will go up and we will fight as all of how he charged us, Y'hovah, Elohim of us. And you girded, each articles of being fought of him, and you made naught to go up to the mount.

42 bm
And he said, Y'hovah, ones to me: Say to the them: 'Not you go up and not you fight indeed being not me in midst of you, and not you will be struck before presences of ones being hostile of you.'

43 gm
And I spoke ones to you and not you listened, and you disobeyed mouth of Y'hovah, and you were presumptuous, and you went up to the mount.

44 dm
And they went forth, the Emori, the one sitting in the mount the he, to meet you, and they pursued you as how they do, the bees, and they beat you in Se'ir upto Chor'mah.

45 hm
And you turned back and you wept before presences of Y'hovah, and not he hearkened, Y'hovah, at voice of you, and not he gave ear ones over you,

46 wm
and you sat in Qadesh days, ones being many, as the days that you sat.

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