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1 a
And at the time the her he will stand, Mikha'el, the one commanding, the one being great, the one standing over sons of people of you, time of cramping that not she was from to be nation until the time the her, and at the time the her he will be delivered people of you, every of the one being found being written in the being recorded;

2 b
and ones being many, from ones being asleep of ground of dust, they will awake, these to ones being alive of everlasting, and these to ones being taunted, to aversion everlasting;

3 g
and the ones having insight they will shine as being bright of the expanse, and ones turning to righteousness of the ones being many as the stars to forever and ever;

4 d
and you, Daniyel, shut up the ones being spoken and seal up the being recorded until time of end, they will go to and fro ones being many, and she will grow great the knowledge.

5 h
And I saw, I Daniyel, and behold twos ones being after, ones standing, one at here at lip of the river, and one at here at lip of the river,

6 w
and he said, the man being wrapped of the linens, who from being above to waters of the river: 'Until when end of the ones being wonderful?'

7 z
And I heard the man wearing the linens, who from being above of the waters of the river, and he made rise right of him and left of him to the heavens, and he swore on ones being alive of the everlasting that at being appointed of ones being appointed and half, and as to finish to dash to pieces hand of people being set apart, they will be finished all of these.

8 x
And I, I heard, and not I understood and I said: 'Adoni, what end of these?'

9 j
And he said: 'Go, Daniyel, since ones being shut up and ones being sealed, the ones being spoken, until time of end.

10 y
They will be purified, and they will be made white, and they will be refined, ones being many; and they will act wickedly, ones being wicked, and not they will discern all of ones being wicked, and the ones having insight they will discern.

11 ay
And from time he is turned aside, the one being continual, and to give one being detestable, one desolating, days thousand two hundreds and nineties.

12 by
Blessednesses of the one waiting and he attains to days thousand three of hundreds thirties and five.

13 gy
And you go to the end and you will rest and you will stand for lot of you at end of the days.

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