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1 a
And he was when he began, the man, to be many on surfaces of the ground, and daughters they were born to the them,

2 b
and they saw, sons of the Elohim, daughters of the man, that ones being good them, and they took for the them women from all of whom they chose.

NOTE: The theme of this chapter was begun in B're'shit 4#26. Here the so called 'sons of haElohim' did what was right in their own eyes.

3 g
And he said, Y'hovah: 'Not he will contend, spirit of me, with the man to everlasting, in to stray them, he flesh, and he will be days of him hundred and twenties year.'

NOTE: The Hebrew clearly shows that mankind was straying and that mankind was flesh. Here Y'hovah states categorically that he will allow a further 120 years and then the flooding.

4 d
The N'philim they were in the earth in the days the them, and also ones being after of thus.

When they went in, sons of the Elohim, to daughters of the man, and they bore to the them, them the ones being mighty who from antiquity men of the name.


NOTE: The N'philim means 'ones making fall' that is tyrants or bullies.

Sons of haElohim were the sons of the ones being mighty.

5 h
And he saw, Y'hovah, indeed being much being evil of the man on the earth and all of being formed of ones being devised of heart of him only being evil all of the day.

6 w
And he was grieved, Y'hovah, that he made the man on the earth and he hurt to heart of him.

7 z
And he said, Y'hovah: I will wipe out the man whom I created from on surfaces of the ground, from man to beast, to one gliding, and to one flying of the heavens, since I grieve that I made them.

8 x
And No'ach he found favour in eyes of Y'hovah.

9 j
These ones being brought forth of No'ach. No'ach man of righteousness, wholesome he was in generations of him. With the Elohim he walked No'ach.

10 y
And he fathered, No'ach, three sons, Shem, Cham and Yephet.

NOTE: Yephet was the eldest son as shown in br10#21 and this is further confirmed in br11#10

11 ay
And she was corrupt, the earth, before presences of the Elohim, and she was filled, the earth, being violent.

12 by
And he saw, Elohim, the earth and behold she was corrupt since he made corrupt, all of flesh, being trod of him on the earth.

13 gy
And he said, Elohim, to No'ach: 'End of all of flesh he will come in before presences of me, since she is filled, the earth, being violent from presences of them, and behold I making destroyed them with the earth.

14 dy
Make for you ark of woods of gopher, nests you make with the ark, and you cover her from within and from outside, with the pitch.

15 hj
And this how you make her: three of hundreds cubit length of the ark, fifties cubit width of her, and thirties cubit height of her.

16 wj
Being shined you make for the ark and to cubit you finish her from at being above, and opening of the ark, in side of her, you make, ones being below, ones being second, and ones being third, you make her.

17 zy
And I, behold I making come in the flooding of waters on the earth to destroy all of flesh that in him wind of ones being alive, from being under of the heavens, all of what on the earth, he will expire.

18 xy
And I will make rise covenant of me with you, and you go in to the ark, you, and sons of you, and woman of you, and women of sons of you, with you.

19 jy
And from every of the one being alive, from all of flesh, twos from all of you make come in to the ark to keep alive with you, male and female, they shall be.

20 k
From the one flying, to kind of him, and from the beast, to kind of him, from every of one gliding of the ground, to kind of him, twos from all of let them come in ones to you to keep alive.

21 ak
And you, take for you from all of being eaten that he is eaten, and you gather ones to you, and he will be for you, and for the them, for being eaten.

22 bk
And he did, No'ach, as all of what he charged him, Elohim, thus he did.

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