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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 49

1 a
And he called, Ya'aqov, to sons of him, and he said: 'Gather, and I will make clear to the you what he will meet you in end of the days.

2 b
Gather and listen, sons of Ya'aqov, and listen to Yis'ra'el, father of you.

3 g
R'uven, firstborn of me, you strength of me and first of vigour of me, excelling of being lifted up and excelling of being strong.

4 d
Being unstable as the waters not you will excel since you went up ones being laid down of father of you; then you defiled; being spread of me he went up.

5 h
Shim'on and Levi brothers, articles of being violent swords of them.

6 w
In council of them not let her go in, soul of me, in being assembled of them not let her join, honour of me, for in breathing hard of them they killed man and in self will of them they hamstrung ox.

7 z
Being cursed breathing hard of them since being strong and being cross of them since she was severe, I will divide them in Ya'aqov, and I will scatter them in Yis'ra'el.

8 x
Y'hudah, you, they will praise you, brothers of you; hand of you on neck of ones being hostile of you; they will bow down to you, sons of father of you.

9 j
Cub of lion Y'hudah from being torn son of me you go up, he bows, he lies like lion and as one roaring, who will he make rise him?

10 y
Not he will turn aside, sceptre, from Y'hudah, and one enacting from between feet of him, until when he comes in, Shiloh, and to him obedience of peoples.

11 ay
Binding to the vine colt of him and to the choice vine son of me, she-ass of him; he will wash in the wine being wrapped on of him and in blood of grapes vesture of him.

12 by
Being dark of eyes from wine and and being white of teeth from milk.

13 gy
Z'vulun at shore of seas he will reside, and he at shore of ships and extremity of him near Tsidon.

14 dy
Yisaskhar donkey strong boned lying between the pens.

15 hj
and he will see resting indeed being good and the land that she is agreeable, and he will turn shoulder of him to bear and he will be at being levied serving.

16 wj
Dan he will judge people of him as one of branches of Yis'ra'el.

17 zy
And he will be Dan serpent ones on of being trod, adder ones on of being travelled, the one biting heels of horse, and he will fall, one riding of him, backward.

18 xy
For being set free of you I look for Y'hovah.

19 jy
Gad, raider, they will attack him, and he, he will attack rear.

20 k
From Asher being fat food of him, and he, he will give ones making delighted of one reigning.

21 ak
Naph'tali hind being set free, the one giving ones being said of beauty.

22 bk
Son fruiting Yoseph, son fruiting ones being near of spring; daughters she will step ones over of wall.

23 gk
And they will make bitter him, and they will shoot, and they will hate him, ones being lord of arrows;

24 dk
and she will sit in being continuous, bow of him, and they will be nimble arms of hands of him from hands of one being mighty of Ya'aqov from there tending stone of Yis'ra'el.

25 hk
from El of father of you, and he will help you, and Shaday, and he will bless you, blessings of heavens from over blessings of deep lying beneath blessings of breasts and womb.

26 wk
Blessings of father of you they are strong over blessings of ones conceiving of me to limit of hills of everlasting; they are on head of Yoseph and on crown of one being consecrated of brothers of him.

27 zk
Bin'yamin wolf he will tear in the morning he will eat prey and at the evening he will divide being stripped.

28 xk
All of these branches of Yis'ra'el, twos ten, and this what he said to the them, father of them, when he blessed them, each whose as blessing of him he blessed them.

29 jk
And the charged them, and he said ones to them: 'I being gathered to people of me, bury me with fathers of me at the cave that in field of Eph'ron, the Chiti,

30 l
in the cave that in field of the Makh'pelah, that near presences of Mam're in land of K'na'an, that he bought, Av'raham, the field from Eph'ron, the Chiti, for being held of being buried.'

31 al
At there they buried Av'raham and Sarah, woman of him; at there they buried Yits'chaq and Riv'qah, woman of him, and at there I buried Le'ah.

32 bl
Livestock of the field and the cave that in him from sons of Chet.

33 gl
And he finished, Ya'aqov, to charge sons of him, and he gathered feet of him to the bed, and he expired, and he was gathered to peoples of him.

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