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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 48

1 a
And he was, ones being after of the ones being spoken the these, and he said to Yoseph: 'Behold, father of you grieving.' And he took twos of sons of him with him, M'nasheh and Eph'rayim.

2 b
And he made clear to Ya'aqov, and he said: 'Behold, son of you, Yoseph, he came in ones to you.' And he strengthened himself, Yis'ra'el, and he sat on the bed.

3 g
And he said, Ya'aqov, to Yoseph: 'El Shaday he appeared to me at Luz in land of K'na'an and he blessed me;

4 d
and he said ones to me: 'Behold I making fruitful you, and I will increase you, and I will give you for being assembled of peoples, and I will give the land the this to seed of you, ones being after of you, being held of everlasting.'

5 h
And now, twos of sons of you, the ones being born of you in land of Mits'rayim, before to come in me ones to you at Mits'rayim, to me them, Eph'rayim and M'nasheh, as R'uven and Shim'on they are to me.

6 w
And being born of you, whom you beget ones being after of them, of you they will be on name brothers of them they will be called among being inherited of them.

7 z
And I, when to come in me from Padan, she died ones on me, Rachel, in land of K'na'an, on the being trod when still being much of land to go in to Eph'rat, and I buried her there on being trod of Eph'rat, she Beyt Lachem.

8 x
And he saw, Yis'ra'el, sons of Yoseph, and he said: 'Who these?'

9 j
And he said, Yoseph, to father of him: 'Sons of me them, whom he gave to me, Elohim, at the here.' And he said: 'Take them now ones to me and I will bless them.'

10 y
And eyes of Yis'ra'el they were dim from age, not he was able to see, and he made come near them ones to him, and he kissed to the them and he embraced to the them.

11 ay
And he said, Yis'ra'el, to Yoseph: 'To see presences of you not I judged, and behold he made see me, Elohim, also seed of you.'

12 by
And he made go forth, Yoseph, them from with knees of him, and he bowed at faces of him to land.

13 gy
And he took, Yoseph, twos of them, Eph'rayim on right of him from left of Yis'ra'el, and M'nasheh on left of him from right of Yis'ra'el, and he made come near ones to him.

14 dy
And he sent, Yis'ra'el, right of him and he put on head of Eph'rayim, and he the younger, and left of him on head of M'nasheh, he crossed hands of him though M'nasheh the being firstborn.

15 hj
And he blessed Yoseph, and he said: 'the Elohim, whom they went, fathers of me, before presences of him, Av'raham, and Yits'chaq, the Elohim, the one tending me from continuing me upto the day the this,

16 wj
the one being delegated, the one redeeming me from all of being evil, he will bless the ones being young, and he will be called on the them name of me and name of fathers of me, Av'raham, and Yits'chaq, and they will increase to be many in midst of the land.

17 zy
And he saw, Yoseph, that he put, father of him, hand of right of him on head of Eph'rayim, and he was evil in eyes of him, and he grasped hand of father of him to make turn aside her from on head of Eph'rayim on head of M'nasheh.

18 xy
And he said, Yoseph, to father of him: 'Not so, father of me, for this the one being firstborn, put right of you on head of him.'

19 jy
And he refused, father of him, and he said: 'I know, son of me, I know, also he, he will be for people, and also he, he will be magnified, and nevertheless brother of him, the one being little, he will be magnified from him, and seed of him he will be being full of the nations.

20 k
And he blessed them in the day the he, to say: 'In you he blesses, Yis'ra'el, to say: Let him set you, Elohim, as Eph'rayim, and as M'nasheh.' And he put Eph'rayim before presences of M'nasheh.

21 ak
And he said, Yis'ra'el, to Yoseph: 'Behold, I being dead and he will be Elohim with you, and he will make turn back you to land of fathers of you,

22 bk
and I, I give to you shoulder of one over brothers of you, which I took from hand of the Emori with sword of me and with bow of me.'

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