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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 43

1 a
And the famine being heavy on the earth.

2 b
And he was as when they finished to eat the broken grain that they made come in from Mits'rayim, and he said ones to them: 'Turn back, buy for the us little of being eaten.'

3 g
And he said ones to them, Y'hudah, to say: 'To testify he testified with the us, the man, to say: Not you will see presences of me except brother of you with you.

4 d
If being you sending brother of us with us we will go down and we will buy for you being eaten,

5 h
and if being not you sending, not we will go down, since the man he said ones to us: Not you will see faces of me except brother of you with you.'

6 w
And he said, Yis'ra'el: 'For the what you were evil to me to make clear to the man being still of the you brother?'

7 z
And they said: 'To ask he asked, the man, of the us, and of being born of us, to say: Being still father of you being alive? Being of the you brother?' And we made clear to him by mouth, the ones being spoken the these, to know we knew that he will say: Make come down brother of you?'

8 x
And he said, Y'hudah, to Yis'ra'el, father of him: 'Send the one being young with me, and let us rise and let us go, and let us live and not let us die, also we, also you, also one skipping of us.

9 j
I, I will be surety for him, from hand of me you seek him, if not I make come in him ones to you, and I place him before presences of you, then I sin to you all of the days.

10 y
Indeed if not we delayed indeed now we turned back this two times.'

11 ay
And he said ones to them, Yis'ra'el, father of them: 'If thus then this do, take from being plucked of the land in vessels of you and make go down to the man being offered, being little of balm and being little of honey, spice and the myrrh, pistachio nuts and almonds;

12 by
And silver being second take in hand of you, and the silver, the being taken back in mouth of ones being stretched out of you, you make go back in hand of you, perhaps being mistake he,

13 gy
and brother of you take and rise, turn back to the man,

14 dy
and El Shaday let him give to the you ones being compassionate before presences of the man, and he send to the you brother of you being other and Bin'yamin, and I, as when I am bereaved, I am bereaved.'

15 hj
And they took, the men, the being offered the this and double of silver they took in hand of them and Bin'yamin, and they rose and they went down Mits'rayim; and they stood before presences of Yoseph.

16 wj
And he saw, Yoseph, with them Bin'yamin, and he said to whom over house of him: 'Make come in the men to the house, and slaughter being slaughtered and make ready since with me they will eat, the men, at the middays.'

17 zy
And he did, the man, as how he said, Yoseph, and he made go in, the man, the men to house of Yoseph.

18 xy
And they were afraid, the men, when they were brought in house of Yoseph, and they said: 'Over being spoken of the silver, the turning back in ones being stretched out of us in the beginning, we ones being brought in to roll ones on us and to throw ones on us, and to take us for servants and donkeys of us.

19 jy
And they went near to the man whom over house of Yoseph and they spoke ones to him, opening of the house,

20 k
and they said: 'Oh lord of me, to come down we came down in the beginning to buy being eaten,

21 ak
and he was when we came to the lodging that we opened ones being stretched out of us and behold, silver of each in mouth of one being stretched out of him, silver of us by being weighed of him, and we made turn back him in hand of us;

22 bk
and silver, being other, we made come down in hand of us to buy being eaten. Not we know whom he put silver of us in ones being stretched out of us.'

23 gk
And he said: 'Peace to the you, not you fear, Elohim of you, and Elohim of father of you, he gave to the you being hidden in being stretched out of you, silver of you he came in ones to me.' And he made go out ones to them Shim'on.

24 dk
And he made come in, the man, the men to house of Yoseph, and he gave waters and they washed feet of them, and he gave fodder to donkeys of them.

25 hk
And they made ready the being offered upto to come in Yoseph at the middays for they heard that there they will eat bread.

26 wk
And he came in, Yoseph, to the house, and they made go in to him the being offered that in hand of them to the house, and they bowed to him to earth.

27 zk
And he asked of the them about being peaceful, and he said: 'Being peaceful father of you, the one being old, whom you said being still he being alive?'

28 xk
And they said: 'Being peaceful for servant of you, for father of us, being still he being alive.' And they bent and they bowed.

29 jk
And he lifted eyes of him and he saw Bin'yamin, brother of him, son of mother of him, and he said: 'This brother of you the little that you said ones to me?' And he said: 'Elohim, let him favour you, son of me.'

30 l
And he was swift, Yoseph, since they were hot, ones being compassionate of him, to brother of him, and he desired to weep, and he went in to the being enclosed, and he wept at there.

31 al
And he washed faces of him and he went forth and he restrained himself, and he said: 'Set bread.'

32 bl
And they set for him, at alone him, and for the them, at alone them, and for the Mits'rim, the ones eating with him, at alone them, for not they were able, the Mits'rim, to eat with the Iv'rim, bread, for being loathesome she for Mits'rayim.

33 gl
And they sat before presences of him, the one being firstborn as birthright of him, and the one being small as being small of him, and they marvelled, the men, each to being associated of him.

34 dl
And he took up ones being taken up from presences of him ones to them, and she was increased being taken up of Bin'yamin from ones being taken up of all of them, five times, and they drank and they were drunk with him.

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