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1 a
And the serpent he was one being crafty from all of being alive of the field that he made, Y'hovah Elohim, and he said to the woman: 'Indeed, surely he said, Elohim, not you eat from every of tree of the garden?'

NOTE: There has been much postulation about when the temptation and fall happened. Some assume within a short space of time and others after 7 years. The truth is probably 30 years after the creation of Adam as a man is not considered spiritually mature until he is 30.
The importance of age 30 is shown with Yoseph becoming the Prime Minister in Mits'rayim after being released from prison. It is shown again with the temptation of Yeshua at age 30.
Age 30 for Adam also fits in respect to Satan taking control of planet earth for a period of six thousand years. The six thousand years will end in 2027 and Satan will be restrained for 1000 years.

2 b
And she said, the woman, to the serpent: 'From being fruited of tree of the garden we eat,

3 g
and from being fruited of the tree, that in midst of the garden, he said, Elohim: Not you eat from him and not you touch on him lest you die.'

NOTE: Chavah used human reasoning and added and modified to what was said in B're'shit2#17

'and from tree of the knowledge of being good and being evil not you eat from him, since in day to eat you from him to die you will die.'

Adam and Chavah died in the day that they took of the fruit of the tree of being good and being evil. A day is a thousand years in God's sight and Adam died at age 930, B're'shit5#5

4 d
And he said, the serpent, to the woman: 'Not to die you will die.

5 h
Indeed knowing, Elohim, that in day to eat you from him that they will be opened, eyes of you, and you will be like Elohim, ones knowing of being good and being evil.'

6 w
And she saw, the woman, indeed being good the tree for being eaten, and that being desirable he to the eyes, and being desirable the tree to be made circumspect, and she took from being fruited of him, and she ate, and she gave also to man of her with her, and he ate.

7 z
And they were opened, eyes of twos of them, and they knew that ones being naked them, and they sewed leaf of fig and they made for the them ones girding.

8 x
And they heard sound of Y'hovah, Elohim, traversing in the garden at wind of the day, and he hid, the man and woman of him, from presences of Y'hovah, Elohim, in midst of tree of the garden.

9 j
And he called, Y'hovah, Elohim, to the man, and he said to him: 'Where you?'

10 y
And he said: 'Sound of you I heard in the garden, and I was afraid, since being naked I, and I hid.'

11 ay
And he said: 'Who he made clear to you that being naked you? From the tree that I charged you to not to eat from him, you ate?'

12 by
And he said, the man: 'The woman, whom you gave with me, she, she gave to me from the tree, and I ate.'

13 gy
And he said, Y'hovah, Elohim, to the woman: 'What this you did?' And she said, the woman: 'The serpent he deceived me and I ate.'

14 dy
And he said, Y'hovah, to the serpent: 'Since you did this, being cursed you, from every of the beast, and from every of one being alive of the field, on belly of you you will go and dust you will eat, all of days of ones being alive of you;

15 hj
and enmity I set between you and between the woman and between seed of you and between seed of her, he, he will bruise you head, and you, you will bruise him heel.'

16 wj
To the woman he said: 'To make much I will make much hardship of you, and conception of you, in pain, you will bear sons, and to man of you being desired of you, and he, he will rule over the you.'

17 zy
And to Adam he said: 'Since you hearkened at voice of woman of you, and you ate from the tree that I charged you to say not you eat from him; being cursed the ground over crossing of you, in hardship you will eat her all of days of ones being alive of you,

18 xy
and thorn and thistle she will sprout for the you and you shall eat herb of the field.

19 jy
With trembling of nostrils of you you will eat bread until to turn back you to the ground, since from her you were taken, since dust you, and to dust you will turn back.'

NOTE: The false teaching of the dead going to heaven or hell is hereby dispelled. Adam was made from the dust of the ground and when he died he was buried in hell. Hell is an Olde English word which means hole in the ground. They used to bury their potatoes in hell.

Further the false teaching of an immortal soul is dispelled in B're'shit1#20-30 as the word soul applies to animals as well as humans and it means literally 'a breathing container'.

20 k
And he called, the man, name of woman of him, Chavah, for she, she was mother of all of being alive.

21 ak
And he made, Y'hovah Elohim, for Adam and for woman of him, tunics of hide, and he made wrapped on them.

22 bk
And he said, Y'hovah, Elohim: 'Lo, the man he is like one from us, to know being good and being evil, and now, lest he sends out hand of him and he takes also from tree of the ones being alive, and he eats, and he lives to everlasting.'

23 gk
And he sent off him, Y'hovah Elohim, from garden of Eden to work the ground where he was taken from there.

24 dk
And he cast out the man, and he made reside from east of garden of Eden, the K'ruvim, and flame of the sword, the one turning, to keep being trod of tree of the ones being alive.

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