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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 32

1 a
And he rose early, Lavan, in the morning and he kissed to sons of him and to daughters of him and he blessed them. And he went, and he turned back, Lavan, to place of him.

NOTE: Verse 1 is br31#55 in the English numeration

2 b
And Ya'aqov he went to being trod of him. And they met with him, ones being delegated of Elohim.

NOTE: Verse 2 is verse 1 in the English numeration

3 g
And he said, Ya'aqov, as when he saw them: 'Being encamped of Elohim this.' And he called name of the place the he 'Machanayim'.

NOTE: Verse 3 is verse 2 in the English numeration

4 d
And he sent, Ya'aqov, ones being delegated before presences of him to Esav, brother of him, to land of Se'ir, field of Edom.

NOTE: Verse 4 is verse 3 in the English numeration

5 h
And he charged them, to say: 'This you say to lord of me, to Esav: Thus he says, servant of you, Ya'aqov, with Lavan I sojourned and I tarried until now.

NOTE: Verse 5 is verse 4 in the English numeration

6 w
And he is of me, ox, and donkey, sheep, and servant, and handmaid, and I sent to make known to lord of me to find favour in eyes of you.

NOTE: Verse 6 is verse 5 in the English numeration

7 z
And they turned back, the ones being delegated, to Ya'aqov, to say: 'We went in to brother of you, to Esav, and indeed coming to meet you, and four hundreds of man with him.'

NOTE: Verse 7 is verse 6 in the English numeration

8 x
And he was afraid, Ya'aqov, very and he pressed to him, and he divided the people who with him and the sheep, and the ox, and the camels, to twos of ones being encamped.

NOTE: Verse 8 is verse 7 in the English numeration

9 j
And he said: 'If he comes in, Esav, to the being encamped the one and he strikes him, then he will be, the being encamped the one being left, for one being escaped.

NOTE: Verse 9 is verse 8 in the English numeration

10 y
And he said, Ya'aqov: 'Elohim of father of me, Av'raham, and Elohim of father of me, Yits'chaq, Y'hovah, the one saying ones to me to turn back to land of you and to being born of you, and I will deal well with you,

NOTE: Verse 10 is verse 9 in the English numeration

11 ay
I am small from all of the kindnesses and from all of the faithfulness that you did with servant of you, for with staff of me I crossed the Yar'den the this and now I am for twos of ones being encamped.

NOTE: Verse 11 is verse 10 in the English numeration

12 by
Snatch away me now from hand of brother of me, from hand of Esav, for fearing I him, lest he comes in and he strikes me, mother with sons.

NOTE: Verse 12 is verse 11 in the English numeration

13 gy
And you, you said: 'To treat well I will treat well with you, and I will make seed of you as sand of the sea that not he will be counted from being much.'

NOTE: Verse 13 is verse 12 in the English numeration

14 dy
And he stopped there in the night the he, and he took from the coming in in hand of him being offered to Esav, brother of him:

NOTE: Verse 14 is verse 13 in the English numeration

15 hj
she-goats two hundreds, he-goats twenties, ewes two hundreds, and rams twenties,

NOTE: Verse 15 is verse 14 in the English numeration

16 wj
camels, ones giving suck, and sons of them thirties, cows forties, and bulls ten, she-donkeys twenties, and foals ten.

NOTE: Verse 16 is verse 15 in the English numeration

17 zy
And he gave in hand of servants of him flock, flock at alone him, and he said to servants of him: 'Cross before presences of me, and space you set between flock and between flock.'

NOTE: Verse 17 is verse 16 in the English numeration

18 xy
And he charged the one being first, to say: 'When he meets you, Esav, brother of me, and he asks you, to say: Of whom you, and to where you go, and of whom these before presences of you?

NOTE: Verse 18 is verse 17 in the English numeration

19 jy
and you say of servant of you, of Ya'aqov, being offered she being sent to lord of me, to Esav, and behold also he ones being after of us.'

NOTE: Verse 19 is verse 18 in the English numeration

20 k
And he charged also the one being second, also the third, also all of the ones going, ones being after of the flocks, to say: 'As the being spoken the this you say to Esav when to find you him.'

NOTE: Verse 20 is verse 19 in the English numeration

21 ak
And you say also: 'Behold, servant of you, Ya'aqov, ones being after of us. Indeed he said I will pacify presences of him with the being offered, the ones going before presences of me, and ones being after of thus let me see presences of him, perhaps he will lift presences of me.

NOTE: Verse 21 is verse 20 in the English numeration

22 bk
And she passed, the being offered, before presences of him, and he, he stopped in the night the he among the being encamped.

NOTE: Verse 22 is verse 21 in the English numeration

23 gk
And he rose in the night he and he took twos of women of him, and twos of handmaids of him, and one ten ones being born of him, and he crossed crossing of Yaboq.

NOTE: Verse 23 is verse 22 in the English numeration

24 dk
And he took them and he made cross them the valley and he made cross what of him.

NOTE: Verse 24 is verse 23 in the English numeration

25 hk
And he was left, Ya'aqov, at alone him, and he wrestled, man, with him until to come up the dawn.

NOTE: Verse 25 is verse 24 in the English numeration

26 wk
And he saw that not he was able for him and he touched on hollow of thigh of him, and she was dislocated, hollow of thigh of Ya'aqov, when to wrestle him with him.

NOTE: Verse 26 is verse 25 in the English numeration

27 zk
And he said: 'Send away me for he came up, the dawn.' And he said: 'Not I will send away you except only you bless me.'

NOTE: Verse 27 is verse 26 in the English numeration

28 xk
And he said to him: 'What name of you.' And he said: 'Ya'aqov.'

NOTE: Verse 28 is verse 27 in the English numeration

29 jk
And he said: 'Not Ya'aqov let him be said name of you still only rather Yis'ra'el for you perservered with Elohim and with men and you prevailed.'

NOTE: Verse 29 is verse 28 in the English numeration

30 l
And he asked, Ya'aqov, and he said: 'Make known now name of you.' And he said: For the what this you ask about name of me?' And he blessed him there.

NOTE: Verse 30 is verse 29 in the English numeration

31 al
And he called, Ya'aqov, name of the place P'ni'el for I saw Elohim faces to faces and she was snatched away, soul of me.

NOTE: Verse 31 is verse 30 in the English numeration

32 bl
And he radiated to him, the sun, as when he crossed, P'nu'el, and he limping over thigh of him.

NOTE: Verse 32 is verse 31 in the English numeration

33 gl
Over thus not they eat, sons of Yis'ra'el, sinew of the tendon that on hollow of the thigh until the day the this, for he touched on hollow of thigh of Ya'aqov, on sinew of the tendon.

NOTE: Verse 33 is verse 32 in the English numeration

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