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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 31

1 a
And he heard ones being spoken of sons of Lavan, to say: 'He took, Ya'aqov, all of what of father of us and from what of father of us he made all of the glory the this.'

2 b
And he saw, Ya'aqov, presences of Lavan, and behold, being not him with him as how before formerly.

3 g
And he said, Y'hovah, to Ya'aqov: 'Turn back to land of fathers of you and to being born of you, and I will be with you.'

4 d
And he sent, Ya'aqov, and he called to Rachel and to Le'ah, the field to sheep of him.

5 h
And he said to the them: 'Seeing I presences of father of you that being not him to me as how before formerly, and Elohim of father of me he is with me,

6 w
and you, you know that with all of strength of me I served father of you;

7 z
and father of you he mocked on me and he changed being hired of me ten of ones being weighed and not he gave him, Elohim, to make evil with me.

8 x
If thus he said: 'Ones being speckled he will be being earned of you', then they bore, all of the sheep, ones being speckled; and if thus he said: 'Ones being streaked he will be being earned of you', then they bore, all of the sheep, ones being streaked;

9 j
and he snatched away, Elohim, livestock of father of you and he gave to me.

10 y
And he was at time to be in heat the flock and I lifted eyes of me and I saw in being dreamed and behold the rams, the ones mating over the flock, ones being streaked, ones being speckled, and ones being spotted.

11 ay
And he said ones to me, one being delegated of the Elohim, in dream: 'Ya'aqov.' And I said: 'Here I.'

12 by
And he said: 'Lift up now eyes of you and see all of the rams, the ones going up over the sheep, ones being streaked, ones being speckled, and ones being spotted, indeed I saw all of what Lavan doing to the you.

13 gy
I the El of Beyt El, where you anointed there being stationed, where you vowed to me there, being vowed. Now, rise, go out from the land the this and turn back to land of being born of you.'

14 dy
And she answered, Rachel and Le'ah, and they said to him: 'Being still to the us being apportioned of and being inherited in house of father of us?

15 hj
Not ones being foreign we are accounted to him? Indeed he sold us and he consumed, indeed to consume silver of us.

16 wj
Indeed all of the being accumulated that he snatched away, Elohim, from father of us to the us he and to sons of us. And now all of what he said, Elohim, ones to you do.'

17 zy
And he rose, Ya'aqov, and he lifted sons of him and women of him on the camels.

18 xy
And he lead all of stock of him, and all of being laid up of him, that he laid up, livestock, being acquired of him, that he laid up in Padan Aram, to go in to Yits'chaq, father of him, to land of K'na'an.

19 jy
And Lavan he went to shear sheep of him and she stole, Rachel, the T'raphim that of father of her.

20 k
And he stole, Ya'aqov, heart of Lavan, the Arami, over lacking of he made clear to him that fleeing he.

21 ak
And he fled, he and all of what of him. And he rose and he crossed the being flowed, and he set faces of him mount of the Gil'ad.

22 bk
And he was made clear to Lavan on the day the third that he fled Ya'aqov.

23 gk
And he took brothers of him with him and he pursued ones being after of him being trod of seven of days and he overtook him in mount of the Gil'ad.

24 dk
And he came in, Elohim, to Lavan, the Arami, in being dreamed of the night, and he said to him: 'Keep yourself to you lest you speak with Ya'aqov from being good to being evil.'

25 hk
And he overtook, Lavan, Ya'aqov, and Ya'aqov he pitched tent of him in the mount, and Lavan he pitched with brothers of him in mount of the Gil'ad.

26 wk
And he said, Lavan, to Ya'aqov: 'What you did? And you stole heart of me, and you lead away daughters of me as ones being captive of sword.

27 zk
For the what you hid to flee and you stole me, and not you made clear to me that I send off you with being brightened up and with ones being sung, with timbrel and with string?

28 xk
And not you allowed me to kiss to sons of me and to daughters of me. You, you were foolish to do.

29 jk
Being at power of hand of me to do with you being evil and Elohim of father of you last night he said ones to me, to say: 'Keep yourself to you from to speak with Ya'aqov from being good to being evil.'

30 l
And now to go you went for to long you longed for house of father of you. For the what you stole elohim of me?

31 al
And he answered, Ya'aqov, and he said to Lavan: 'Indeed I was afraid for I said perhaps you will seize daughters of you from with me.

32 bl
With whom you find elohim of you not let him live before brothers of us. Recognize for you what with me and take for the you.' And not he knew, Ya'aqov, that Rachel she stole them.

33 gl
And he went in, Lavan, in tent of Ya'aqov, and in tent of Le'ah, and in tent of twos of the maidservants, and not he found. And he went out from tent of Le'ah and he went in in tent of Rachel.

34 dl
And Rachel she took the T'raphim and she put them in saddle of the camel and she sat ones on them. And he felt, Lavan, all of the tent and not he found.

35 hl
And she said to father of her: 'Not let him be kindled in eyes of lord of me, since not I am able to rise from presences of you for being trod of women to me.' And he searched and not he found the T'raphim.

36 wl
And he was kindled of Ya'aqov and he contended with Lavan, and he answered, Ya'aqov, and he said to Lavan: 'What being transgressed of me? What being sinned of me that you hotly pursued ones being after of me?

37 zl
Indeed you felt all of articles of me, what you found from all of articles of house of you? Put thus before brothers of me and brothers of you and let them decide between twos of us.

38 xl
This twenties year I with you ewes of you and goats of you not they miscarried, and rams of sheep of you not I ate.

39 jl
Being torn not I made come in ones to you, I, I bore loss of her, from hand of me you sought her, being stolen day and being stolen night.

40 m
And he was by the day he consumed me being parched, and frost by the night, and he fled sleep of me from eyes of me.

41 am
This of me twenties year in house of you I served you four ten year over twos of daughters of you and six years over sheep of you and you changed being hired of me ten of ones being weighed.

42 bm
Ones if not of Elohim of father of me, Elohim of Av'raham, and being afraid of Yits'chaq, he was for me indeed now being empty you send off me, hardship of me and being toiled of palms of me he saw, Elohim, and he rebuked last night.

43 gm
And he answered, Lavan, and he said to Ya'aqov: 'The daughters, daughters of me, and the sons, sons of me, and the sheep, sheep of me, and all of what you tending of me he, and to daughters of me what I did to the these the day or to sons of them that they bore?

44 dm
and now, come let us cut covenant, I and the you, and let him be for one being witness between me and between you.

45 hm
And he took, Ya'aqov, stone and he raised her one being stationed.

46 wm
And he said, Ya'aqov, to brothers of him: 'Pick up stones.' And they took stones and they made heap. And they ate there by the heap.

47 zm
And he called for him, Lavan, 'Heap that of the being testified' and Ya'aqov he called for him 'Heap of being witness.'

48 xm
And he said, Lavan: 'The heap the this being witness between me and between you the day.' Over thus he called name of him 'Heap of being witness.'

49 jm
And the Mits'pah that he said he will watch, Y'hovah, between me and between you, since we are hidden each from being associated of him.

50 n
If you afflict daughters of me, and if you take women over daughters of me, being no man with us; see Elohim being witness between me and between you.

51 an
And he said Lavan to Ya'aqov: 'Behold the heap the this, and behold the being stationed that I cast between me and between you;

52 bn
being witness the heap the this and being witness the being stationed, indeed I not I will cross to you the heap the this, and indeed you not you cross to me the heap the this and the being stationed the this for being evil.'

53 gn
Elohim of Av'raham and Elohim of Nachor, let them judge ones between us, Elohim of father of them.' And he swore, Ya'aqov, by dread of father of him, Yits'chaq.

54 dn
And he slaughtered, Ya'aqov, being slaughtered in the mount, and he called to brothers of him to eat bread, and they ate bread and they lodged in the mount.

NOTE: Verse 55 in the English numeration is br32#1 in the Hebrew numeration

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