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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 30

1 a
And she saw, Rachel, that not she bore to Ya'aqov, and she envied, Rachel, over sister of her, and she said to Ya'aqov: 'Give to me sons, and if being not being dead I.'

2 b
And he was kindled, breathing hard of Ya'aqov, over Rachel, and he said: 'Being instead of Elohim I, whom he withheld from you being fruited of belly?'

3 g
And she said: 'Behold, maidservant of me, Bil'hah, go in ones to her, and let her bear over knees of me and I will build up, also me, from her.'

4 d
And she gave to him Bil'hah, handmaid of her, for woman, and he went in ones to her Ya'aqov.

5 h
And she conceived, Bil'hah, and she bore to Ya'aqov son.

6 w
And she said, Rachel: 'He vindicated me, Elohim, and indeed he hearkened at voice of me, and he gave to me son.' Over thus she called name of him Dan.

7 z
And she conceived again and she bore, Bil'hah, handmaid of Rachel, son second to Ya'aqov.

8 x
And she said, Rachel: 'Ones being wrestled of Elohim I wrestled with sister of me; indeed I was able.' And she called name of him Naph'tali.

9 j
And she saw, Le'ah, that she stood from to bear and she took Zil'pah, handmaid of her, and she gave her to Ya'aqov for woman.

10 y
And she bore, Zil'pah, handmaid of Le'ah, to Ya'aqov son.

11 ay
And she said, Le'ah: 'With troop.' And she called name of him Gad.

NOTE: Third word Qere: d'g-a'B ba gad he came in troop 935 (8804) 1409

12 by
And she bore, Zil'pah, handmaid of Le'ah, son second to Ya'aqov.

13 gy
And she said, Le'ah: 'In happiness of me, since they will pronounce happy me, daughters.' And she called name of him Asher.

14 dy
And he went, R'uven, in days of being reaped of wheats and he found mandrakes in the field and he made come in them to Le'ah, mother of him. And she said, Rachel, to Le'ah: 'Give now to me from mandrakes of son of you.'

15 hj
And she said to the her: 'Being little of to take you man of me and to take also mandrakes of son of me?' And she said, Rachel: 'Let him lay with you the night place of mandrakes of son of you.'

16 wj
And he came in, Ya'aqov, from the field in the evening, and she came out, Le'ah, to meet him, and she said: 'Ones to me you come in since to hire I hired you with mandrakes of son of me.' And he lay with her in the night he.

17 zy
And he hearkened, Elohim, to Le'ah and she conceived and she bore to Ya'aqov son fifth.

18 xy
And she said, Le'ah: 'He gave, Elohim, being earned of me when I gave handmaid of me to man of me.' And she called name of him Yisaskhar.

19 jy
And she conceived again, Le'ah, and she bore son sixth to Ya'aqov.

20 k
And she said, Le'ah: 'He conferred me, Elohim, me, being conferred being good. The time he will honour me, man of me, for I bore to him six sons.' And she called name of him Z'vulun.

21 ak
And being after of she bore daughter and she called name of her Dinah.

22 bk
And he remembered, Elohim, Rachel, and he hearkened ones to her, Elohim, and he opened womb of her.

23 gk
And she conceived and she bore son, and she said: 'He gathered, Elohim, being taunted of me.'

24 dk
And she called name of him Yoseph, to say: 'He made add, Y'hovah, to me son one being other.'

25 hk
And he was as when she bore, Rachel, Yoseph, and he said, Ya'aqov, to Lavan: 'Send off me and I will go to place of me and to land of me.'

26 wk
Give women of me and ones being born of me whom I served you over the them and I will go, indeed you, you know service of me how I served you.'

27 zk
And he said ones to me, Lavan: 'If now I found favour in eyes of you, I divined, and he blessed me, Y'hovah, over circumstance of you.'

28 xk
And he said: 'Specify being earned of you ones to me and I will give.'

29 jk
And he said ones to him: 'You, you know how I served you and how he was livestock of you with me,

30 l
Indeed being little of what he was to you before presences of me and he burst open to be much and he blessed, Y'hovah, you at foot of me. And now when will I do also I for house of me?'

31 al
And he said: 'What shall I give to you?' And he said, Ya'aqov: Not you give to me how and what if you do for me the being spoken the this I will go back, I will tend, sheep of you I will keep.

32 bl
Let me pass through all of flock of you the day to make turn aside from there any of sheep being speckled and being spotted, and every of sheep being dark among the lambs, and being spotted and being speckled among the goats, and they shall be being earned of me.

33 gl
And she will answer over me, righteousness of me, in day future when you come in over being earned of me before presences of you all how being not him being speckled and being spotted from the goats and being dark from the lambs being stolen he with me.'

34 dl
And he said, Lavan: 'Lo, oh let him be as being spoken of you.'

35 hl
And he made turn aside on the day the he the rams, the ones being streaked and the ones being spotted, and all of the goats, the ones being streaked and the ones being spotted, all of which being white on him and all of being dark among the lambs, and he gave in hand of sons of him.

36 wl
And he put being trod of three of days between him and between Ya'aqov; and Ya'aqov tending sheep of Lavan, the ones being left.

37 zl
And he took to him, Ya'aqov, rod of poplar, one being moist, and almond and plane, and he peeled in the them ones being peeled, ones being white, making stripped the being white that on the rods.

38 xl
And he put the rods that he peeled in the troughs in ones being drunk of the waters where they came in, the sheep, to drink at right before the sheep; and they came in heat when to come in them to drink.

39 jl
And they mated, the sheep, at the rods, and they bore, the sheep, ones being streaked, ones being speckled, and ones being spotted.

40 m
And the lambs he made separate, Ya'aqov, and he gave presences of the sheep to being streaked and all of being dark among sheep of Lavan and he made for him flocks at alone him and not he put them near sheep of Lavan.

41 am
And he was with all of to be in heat of the sheep, the ones being strong, and he put, Ya'aqov, the rods before eyes of the sheep in the troughs to mate them by the rods.

42 bm
And when to be weak, the sheep, not he put, and he was the ones being weak to Lavan and the ones being strong to Ya'aqov.

NOTE: The last letter of the first word @ is a majuscule @

43 gm
And he broke forth, the man, very, very, and he was to him sheep, ones being many, and maidservants, and servants, and camels, and donkeys.

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