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tyivaer.B B'RE'SHIT GENESIS 15

1 a
Being after of the ones being spoken the these he was, being spoken of Y'hovah, to Av'ram in the being gazed at to say: 'Not you fear Av'ram I shield for the you being earned of you to be much very.'

2 b
And he said, Av'ram: 'Adonay Y'hovah, what will you give to me? And I going childless, and son of being held of house of me, he, Dameseq Eli'ezer.'

3 g
And he said, Av'ram: 'Lo, to me not you gave seed, and behold, son of house of me occupying with me.'

4 d
And behold, being spoken of Y'hovah, ones to him to say: 'Not he will occupy of you this, indeed rather whom he comes forth from bowels of you, he, he will occupy of you.'

5 h
And he made go out him to the outside, and he said: 'Look now to the heaven and count the stars if you are able to count them.' And he said to him: 'Thus he will be seed of you.'

6 w
And he believed in Y'hovah, and he accounted her to him righteousness.

7 z
And he said ones to him: 'I Y'hovah, whom I made come out you from Ur of Kas'dim to give to you the land the this to occupy her.'

8 x
And he said: 'Adonay Y'hovah, by the what will I know that I will occupy her?'

9 j
And he said ones to him: 'Take for me heifer, one being three, and goat, one being three, and ram, one being three, and turtledove, and one being nestling.'

10 y
And he took to him all of these, and he divided them in the middle, and he set each part of him to meet being associated of him, and the bird not he divided.

11 ay
And he came down, the one swooping, on the carcasses, and he made shoo them, Av'ram.

12 by
And he was the sun to go in and deep sleep she fell on Av'ram and behold, terror, being dark being great, falling ones on him.

13 gy
And he said to Av'ram: 'To know you know that one being sojourner he will be, seed of you, in land not of the them, and they will serve them, and they will afflict them, four hundreds of year,

NOTE: The day was 15th Nisan, the first day of unleavened bread. See br18#10

The 400 years began with the birth of Yits'chaq. See br21#2

14 dy
and also, the nation that they serve, judging I, and ones being after of thus they will go out with being laid up being great.

15 hj
And you, you will go in to fathers of you in being peaceful. You will be buried when being aged being good.

16 wj
And generation fourth they will turn back to here, for not being full iniquity of the Emori upto to here.

17 zy
And he was the sun she went in, and being dark he was, and behold firepot, cloud, and torch of fire, that he passed between the pieces the these.

18 xy
In the day, the he, he cut Y'hovah, with Av'ram covenant to say: 'To seed of you I give the land, the this, from being flowed of Mits'rayim to the being flowed, the being great, being flowed of P'rat,

NOTE: The year was 2028 and Av'ram was 80 years old as he was born in 1948 after Adam.

The day was 15th Nisan, the first day of unleavened bread. See br18#10

19 jy
the Qeyni, and the Q'nizi, and the Qad'moni,

20 k
and the Chiti, and the P'rizi, and the R'pha'im,

21 ak
and the Emori, and the K'na'ani, and the Gir'gashi, and the Y'vusi.'

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