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1 a
And they came in, sons of Yis'ra'el, all of the community, wilderness of Tsin in the month the one being first, and they sat, the people, in Qadesh; and she died there, Mir'yam, and she was buried there.

2 b
And not he was waters for the community, and they were assembled over Mosheh and over Aharon,

3 g
and he contended, the people, with Mosheh, and they said, to say: ' And if only we expired when to expire brothers of us before presences of Y'hovah,

4 d
and for the what you made come in being assembled of Y'hovah to the wilderness the this to die there, us and beast of us?

5 h
And for the what you made come up us from Mits'rayim to make come in us to the place the being evil the this? Not being place of seed, and fig, and vine, and pomegranate, and waters being not to drink.'

6 w
And he went in, Mosheh and Aharon, from presences of the being assembled to opening of tent of being appointed, and they fell on faces of them, and he appeared, glory of Y'hovah, ones to them.

7 z
And he spoke, Y'hovah, to Mosheh, to say:

8 x
'Take the staff and make assemble the community, you and Aharon, brother of you, and you speak to the rock before eyes of them and he will give waters of him, and you will make come forth for the them waters from the rock, and you make drink the community and beast of them.'

9 j
And he took, Mosheh, the staff from before presences of Y'hovah as how he charged him.

10 y
And they made assemble, Mosheh and Aharon, the being assembled at presences of the rock, and he said to the them: 'Listen now, the ones being bitter, from the rock the this shall we make come forth for the you waters?'

11 ay
And he made high, Mosheh, hand of him, and he struck the rock with staff of him two times, and they came forth waters, ones being many, and she drank, the community, and beast of them.

12 by
And he said, Y'hovah, to Mosheh and to Aharon: 'Because not you believed in me to regard as holy me before eyes of sons of Yis'ra'el for the so not you will make go in the being assembled the this to the land that I will give to the them.'

13 gy
Them waters of contention where they contended, sons of Yis'ra'el, with Y'hovah and he was holy among the them.

14 dy
And he sent, Mosheh, ones being delegated from Qadesh to one reigning of Edom: 'Thus he says, brother of you Yis'ra'el, you, you know all of the hardship that she met us;

15 hj
and they went down, fathers of us, to Mits'rayim and we sat in Mits'rayim days, ones being many, and they made spoil of the us, Mits'rayim, and of fathers of us;

16 wj
and we cried to Y'hovah, and he heard voice of us and he sent one being delegated and he made come forth us from Mits'rayim, and behold, we in Qadesh, city of end of border of you.

17 zy
Let us pass now in land of you, not we will pass in field and in vine and not we will drink waters of well, being trod of the one reigning we will go not we will spread out right and left until when we pass border of you.'

18 xy
And he said ones to him, Edom: 'Not you pass in me lest with the sword I go to meet you.'

19 jy
And they said ones to him, sons of Yis'ra'el: 'On the highway we will go and if waters of you we drink, I and livestocks of me, then I will give being sold of them, only being not being spoken on feet of me I will pass.'

20 k
And he said: 'Not you pass.' And he went out, Edom, to meet him with people being heavy and with hand being strong.

21 ak
And he refused, Edom, to give Yis'ra'el to pass in border of him; and he turned, Yis'ra'el from ones near him.

22 bk
And they uprooted from Qadesh, and they went in, sons of Yis'ra'el, all of the community, Hor, the mount.

23 gk
And he said, Y'hovah, to Mosheh and Aharon in Hor, the mount on border of land of Edom, to say:

24 dk
He will be gathered, Aharon, to peoples of him indeed not he will go in to the land that I gave to sons of Yis'ra'el, over that you you disobeyed mouth of me at waters of M'rivah.

25 hk
Take Aharon and El'azar, son of him, and make go up them Hor, the mount.

26 wk
And strip off Aharon garments of him and you make wrapped on them El'azar, son of him, and Aharon he will be gathered and he will die there.

27 zk
And he did, Mosheh, as how he charged, Y'hovah, and they went up to Hor, the mount, before eyes of all of the community.

28 xk
And he made strip off Mosheh Aharon ones covering of him and he made wrapped on them El'azar, son of him. And he died, Aharon, there on head of the mount. And he went down, Mosheh and El'azar, from the mount.

29 jk
And they saw, all of the community, that he expired Aharon. And they wept Aharon thirties day all of house of Yis'ra'el.

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