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1 a
And she lifted up, all of the community, and they gave voice of them, and they wept, the people, in the night the he.

2 b
And they grumbled over Mosheh, and over Aharon, all of sons of Yis'ra'el, and they said ones to them, all of the community: 'If only we died in land of Mits'rayim or in the wilderness the this. If only we died.'

3 g
'And for the what Y'hovah making go in us to the land the this to fall by the sword, women of us, and one skipping of us he will be for the being seized? Not being good for the us to turn back to Mits'rayim?'

4 d
And they said each to brother of him: 'Let us give head and let us turn back to Mits'rayim.'

5 h
And he fell, Mosheh, and Aharon, on faces of them before presences of all of being assembled of community of sons of Yis'ra'el.

6 w
And Y'hoshu'a, son of Nun, and Khalev, son of Y'phuneh, from the ones meandering the land, they rent ones covering of them.

7 z
And they said to all of community of sons of Yis'ra'el, to say: 'The land where we crossed in the her to meander her being good, the land, very, very.

8 x
If he is pleased with the us, Y'hovah, then he will make go in us to the land the this, and he will give her to the us, land where she flowing of milk and honey.

9 j
Only against Y'hovah not you rebel and you not you fear the people of the land. Indeed bread of us them, he turned aside shade of them from ones over them and Y'hovah with us. Not you fear them.'

10 y
And they said, all of the community, to stone them with the stones. And glory of Y'hovah he appeared in tent of being appointed to all of sons of Yis'ra'el.

11 ay
And he said, Y'hovah, to Mosheh: 'Until when will they scorn me, the people the this, and until when not they will trust in me, with all of the signs that I did in midst of him?

12 by
I will strike him with the pestilence and I will disinherit him and I will make you for nation being great and being vast from him.'

NOTE: See bm12#1 for reference to Mosheh marrying an Ethiopian princess through whom Y'hovah was able to raise up a nation for Mosheh.

13 gy
And he said, Mosheh, to Y'hovah: 'And they will hear, Mits'rayim, that you made come up by power of you the people the this from midst of him;

14 dy
And they will say to one sitting of the land the this they heard that you, Y'hovah, in midst of the people the this that eye by eye he was seen you Y'hovah, and cloud of you standing ones over them, and in pillar of cloud you going before presences of them by day, and in pillar of fire night.

15 hj
And you make die the people the this as man one and they will say, the nations, whom they heard being heard of you, to say:

16 wj
'From not to be able, Y'hovah, to make go in the people, the this, to the land that he swore to them, and he slaughtered them in the wilderness.'

17 zy
And now let him be magnified now strength of Y'hovah as how you spoke, to say:

18 xy
Y'hovah being slow of ones breathing hard and being much of kindness, bearing iniquity and being transgressed and to acquit not he will acquit, punishing iniquity of fathers on sons, on ones being third and on ones being fourth.

19 jy
Forgive now to the iniquity of the people the this as being great of mercy of you as how you lifted up for the people the this from Mits'rayim and to here.

20 k
And he said, Y'hovah: 'I forgive as being spoken of you.

21 ak
And nevertheless being alive I, and he will be filled glory of Y'hovah all of the earth.

22 bk
Indeed all of the men, the ones seeing glory of me and signs of me that I did in Mits'rayim and in the wilderness, and they tested me this ten times and not they hearkened at voice of me;

23 gk
not they shall see the land that I swore to fathers of them, and all of ones scorning me not they shall see her;

24 dk
and servant of me, Khalev, being consequence of she is spirit, one being other with him, and he is full ones being after of me, and I will make go in him to the land where he went in to there, and seed of him, he will make occupy her.

25 hk
And the Amaleqi and the K'na'ani sitting in the valley; tomorrow turn and uproot for the you the wilderness being trod of Yam Suph.'

26 wk
And he spoke, Y'hovah, to Mosheh, and to Aharon, to say:

27 zk
Until when of the community the being evil the this whom them ones grumbling ones over me; ones being grumbled of sons of Yis'ra'el, whom them ones grumbling ones over me I heard.

28 xk
Say ones to them: Being alive I, being declared of Y'hovah, if not as how you spoke in ears of me thus I will do to the you:

29 jk
In the wilderness the this they will fall, corpses of you and all of ones being numbered of you by all of being counted of you from son of twenties year and above whom you grumbled ones over me.

30 l
Not you, you go in to the land that I lifted hand of me to make reside you in the her; indeed rather Kalev, son of Y'phuneh, and Y'hoshu'a, son of Nun.

31 al
And one skipping of you, whom you said for the being seized he will be, and I will make go in them and they will know the land that you rejected over the her.

32 bl
And corpses of you, you, they will fall in the wilderness the this.

33 gl
And sons of you they will be ones tending in the wilderness forties year, and they will bear harlotries of you until to be finished corpses of you in the wilderness.

34 dl
By being counted of the days that you meandered the land forties day, day for the year, day for the year you will bear iniquities of you forties year and you will know aversion of me.

35 hl
I Y'hovah I spoke, if not this I will do to all of the community, the being evil, the this, the ones being assembled ones on me, in the wilderness the this they will be finished and there they will die.

36 wl
And the men, whom he sent, Mosheh, to meander the land, and they came back and they made grumble ones over him all of the being assembled to make go being whispered over the land.

37 zl
And they died, the men, ones making come forth being whispered of the land, being evil, with the striking before presences of Y'hovah.

38 xl
And Y'hoshu'a, son of Nun, and Khalev, son of Y'phuneh, they lived from the men the them the ones going to meander the land.

39 jl
And he spoke, Mosheh, the ones being spoken the these to all of sons of Yis'ra'el, and they mourned, the people, very.

40 m
And they rose early in the morning and they went up to head of the mount, to say: 'Behold we, and we will go up to the place that he said, Y'hovah; indeed we sinned.'

41 am
And he said, Mosheh: 'For the what this? You ones crossing mouth of Y'hovah, and she, not she will prosper.

42 bm
Not you go up for being not Y'hovah in midst of you and not you will be struck before presences of ones being hostile of you.

43 gm
For the Amaleqi and the K'na'ani there before presences of you and you will fall by the sword, for over thus you turned back from ones being after of Y'hovah and not he will be, Y'hovah, with you.

44 dm
And they were heedless to go up to head of the mount. And chest of covenant of Y'hovah and Mosheh not they withdrew from midst of the being encamped.

45 hm
And he came down, the Amaleqi and the K'na'ani, the one sitting in the mount the he, and they struck them and they beat them upto the Chor'mah.

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