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1 a
And he was the people as ones complaining being evil in ears of Y'hovah, and he heard, Y'hovah, and he was kindled, breathing hard of him, and she burned over the them, fire of Y'hovah, and she consumed at end of the being encamped.

2 b
And he cried, the people, to Mosheh, and he prayed, Mosheh, to Y'hovah, and she subsided, the fire.

3 g
And he called name of the place the he: 'Tav'erah', since she burned over the them, fire of Y'hovah.

4 d
And the being gathered, whom in midst of him, they desired being desired, and they turned back and they wept indeed, sons of Yis'ra'el, and they said: 'Who he will make eat us flesh?

5 h
We remember the fish that we ate in Mits'rayim gratuitously, the cucumbers and the melons, the leek and the onions, and the garlics.

6 w
And now soul of us being dried, being not any except to the Man eyes of us.'

7 z
And the Man like seed of coriander he, and eye of him like eye of the resin.

8 x
They went about, the people, and they picked up and they ground in the handmills or they pounded in the mortar, and they boiled in the pot, and they made him cakes, and he was taste of him like taste of sap of the oil.

9 j
And when to come down, the dew, on the being encamped night, he came down, the Man, ones on him.

10 y
And he heard, Mosheh, the people weeping by families of him, each at entrance of tent of him, and he was kindled, breathing hard of Y'hovah, very, and in eyes of Mosheh being evil.

11 ay
And he said, Mosheh, to Y'hovah: 'For the what you do evil to servant of you? And for the what not I found favour in eyes of you to put burden of all of the people the this ones on me?

12 by
I, I conceived all of the people the this, or I, I begat him that you say ones to me: 'Lift him in bosom of you as how he lifts, the one supporting, the one suckling on the ground that you swore to fathers of him?

13 gy
From where to me flesh to give to all of the people the this? Indeed they weep ones on me, to say: 'Give to the us flesh and let us eat.'

14 dy
Not I am able, I, at alone me, to carry all of the people, the this, since being heavy from me,

15 hj
and if like the so you doing to me kill me now, to kill if I found favour in eyes of you and not I will see on being evil of me.'

16 wj
And he said, Y'hovah, to Mosheh: 'Gather to me seventies man from ones being elder of Yis'ra'el whom you know that they ones being elder of the people and ones officiating of him, and you take them to tent of being appointed and they shall be stationed there with you,

17 zy
and I will come down and I will speak with you there, and I will withdraw from the spirit that ones on you, and I will put ones on them, and they shall lift with you in being lifted of the people, and not you will lift, you, at being alone you.

18 xy
And to the people you say: 'Consecrate yourselves indeed tomorrow and you will eat flesh since you wept in ears of Y'hovah, to say: 'Who he will feed us flesh, since being good for the us in Mits'rayim?' And he will give, Y'hovah, to the you flesh and you will eat.

19 jy
Not day one you will eat, and not two days, and not five days, and not ten days, and not twenties day,

20 k
upto month of days, upto when he comes forth from nostril of you, and he is for the you for loathing, because that you spurned Y'hovah who in midst of you and you wept before presences of him, to say: 'For the what this we came forth from Mits'rayim?''

21 ak
And he said, Mosheh: 'Six hundreds of thousand on foot the people, whom I in midst of him, and you, you say flesh I will give to the them and they will eat month of days!

22 bk
Sheep and oxen he is slaughtered for the them, and will he suffice for the them? If all of fish of the sea he is gathered for the them, then will he suffice for the them?

23 gk
And he said, Y'hovah, to Mosheh: 'Hand of Y'hovah is she short? Now you will see will he befall you, being spoken of me, or not?'

24 dk
And he went forth, Mosheh, and he spoke to the people ones being spoken of Y'hovah, and he gathered seventies man from ones being elder of the people, and he made stand them ones being around about of the tent.

25 hk
And he came down, Y'hovah, in the cloud, and he spoke ones to him, and he withdrew from the spirit that ones on him and he gave on seventies man, the ones being elder. And he was as to rest ones on them, the spirit, and they prophesied, and not they did more.

26 wk
And they were left twos of men in the being encamped, name of the one El'dad and name of the one being second Meydad, and she rested ones on them the spirit. And them among the ones being written and not they went out to the tent. And they prophesied in the being encamped.

27 zk
And he ran, the one being young, and he made known to Mosheh, and he said: 'El'dad and Meydad ones prophesying in the being encamped.'

28 xk
And he answered, Y'hoshu'a, son of Nun, one attending Mosheh from ones being young of him, and he said: 'Lord of me, Mosheh, restrain them.'

29 jk
And he said to him, Mosheh: 'Being jealous you for me? And would that he give all of people, Y'hovah, propherts, and he give, Y'hovah, spirit of him ones on them.'

30 l
And he was gathered, Mosheh, to the being encamped, he and ones being elder of Yis'ra'el.

31 al
And wind he uprooted from Y'hovah and he drove quails from the sea, and he left near the being encamped as being trod of day thus and as being trod of day thus, ones being around about of the being encamped and as two cubits over surfaces of the land.

32 bl
And he rose, the people, all of the day the he and all of the night, and all of day of the morrow of, and they gathered the quail; the being least he gathered ten chomarim, and they spread for them to spread ones being around about of the being encamped.

33 gl
The flesh still he between teeth of them, not yet he was chewed, and breathing hard of Y'hovah he was kindled over the people, and he struck, Y'hovah, on the people being struck being much very.

34 dl
And he called name of the place the he 'Qiv'rot haTa'avah' since there they buried the people, the ones lusting.

35 hl
From Qiv'rot haTa'avah they uprooted, the people, Chatserot. And they were in Chatserot.

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