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1 a
Thus he made see me, Adonay Y'hovah, and behold, basket of summer.

2 b
And he said: 'What you seeing, Amos?' And I said: 'Basket of summer.' And he said, Y'hovah, ones to me: 'He will come in the end to people of me, Yis'ra'el, not I will do again still to pass for him.'

3 g
And they will make howling, ones being sung of temple, in the day the he, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah, being much the corpse in every of place he will make cast down, be silent.

4 d
Hear this the ones trampling on being needy and to make cease ones being afflicted of earth,

5 h
to say: 'When he passes the new moon, and we sell broken grain, and the sabbath, and we open grain to make small eyphah, and to make great sheqel, and to make crooked scales of deceit,

6 w
to buy with the silver, ones being poor, and being needy on account of sandals, and being fallen of grain we will sell.'

7 z
He swore, Y'hovah, over being risen up of Ya'aqov: 'Not I will forget to the perpetuity all of ones being done of them.'

8 x
Over this not she will tremble, the earth, and he will mourn, every of one sitting on the her? And she will rise like the river, all of her, and she will be agitated and she will sink like river of Mits'rayim.

9 j
And he will be in the day the he, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah, and I will make go in, the sun, at the middays and I will make dark to the earth in day of light.

10 y
And I will overthrow ones being celebrated of you to mourning, and all of ones being sung of you to lamentation, and I will make go up on all of loins sackcloth, and on every of head being bald, and I will set her like mourning of only one, and end of her like day of being bitter.

11 ay
Behold days, ones coming in, being declared of Adonay Y'hovah, and I will send famine in the earth, not famine for the bread and not being thirsty for the waters, indeed rather to hear ones being spoken of Y'hovah.

12 by
And they will stagger from sea to sea, and from north and to rising, they will go to and from to seek being spoken of Y'hovah and not they will find.

13 gy
In the day the he they will faint, the virgins, the ones being beautiful, and the ones being chosen, with the being thirsty.

14 dy
The ones swearing over being guilty of Shom'ron and they say 'Being alive elohim of us Dan and ones being alive being trod of B'er Shava'. And they will fall and not they will rise still.

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