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leaWm.v 2 SH'MU'EL 2 SAMUEL 9

1 a
And he said, David: 'Rightly being still that he is left of house of Sha'ul and I wil do with him kindness on account of Y'honatan.'

2 b
And of house of Sha'ul servant and name of him Tsiva, and they called for him to David. And he said, the one reigning, to him: 'You Tsiva?' And he said: 'Servant of you.'

3 g
And he said, the one reigning: 'Being end still man to house of Sha'ul, and I will do with him kindness of Elohim?' And he said, Tsiva, to the one reigning: 'Still son of Y'honatan, being stricken

4 d
And he said to him, the one reigning: 'Where here he?' And he said, Tsiva, to the one reigning: 'Behold he house of Makhir, son of Ami'el, in Lo D'var.'

5 h
And he sent, the one reigning David, and he took him from house of Makhir, son of Ami'el, from Lo D'var.

6 w
And he came in, M'phivoshet, son of Y'honatan, son of Sha'ul, to David, and he fell on faces of him and he bowed. And he said, David: 'M'phivoshet.' And he said: 'Behold, servant of you.'

7 z
And he said to him, David: 'Not you fear since to do I will do with you kindness on account of Y'honatan, father of you, and I will make turn back to you all of field of Sha'ul, father of you; and you, you eat bread on table of me continually.'

8 x
And he bowed, and he said: 'Who servant of you that you turn to the dog, the one being dead, whom like me?'

9 j
And he called, the one reigning, to Tsiva, one being young of Sha'ul, and he said ones to him: 'All of what he was of Sha'ul and of all of house of him I give to son of lords of you.'

10 y
And you shall work for him the ground, you, and sons of you, and servants of you, and you make come in and he will be for son of lords of you bread and he will eat, and M'phivoshet, son of lords of you, he will eat continually bread at table of me.' And of Tsiva five ten sons and twenties servants.

11 ay
And he said, Tsiva, to the one reigning: 'As all of what he charged, lord of me, the one reigning, servant of him, thus he will do, servant of you, and M'phivoshet eating on table of me as one from sons of the one reigning.'

12 by
And to M'phivoshet son of little, and name of him Mikha; and all of being seated of house of Tsiva servants of M'phivoshet.

13 gy
And M'phivoshet sitting in Y'rushalaim; indeed on table of the one reigning continuously he eating; and he being lame twos of feet.

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