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leaWm.v 2 SH'MU'EL 2 SAMUEL 2

1 a
And he was ones being after of thus and he asked, David, with Y'hovah, to say: 'Shall I go up in one of cities of Y'hudah?' And he said, Y'hovah, ones to him: 'Go up.' And he said, David: 'To where shall I go up?' And he said: 'To Chev'ron.'

2 b
And he went up there, David, and also twos of women of him, Achino'am, the Yiz'r'elit, and Avigayil, woman of Naval, the Kar'm'li.

3 g
And men of him whom with him he made go up, David, each and house of him, and they sat in cities of Chev'ron.

4 d
And they came in, men of Y'hudah, and they anointed there David for one reigning over house of Y'hudah. And they made clear to David to say: 'Men of Yaveysh, Gil'ad, whom they buried Sha'ul.'

5 h
And he sent, David, ones being delegated to men of Yaveysh, Gil'ad, and he said ones to them: 'Ones being blessed you of Y'hovah that you did the being kind the this with ones being lord of you, with Sha'ul, and you buried him.

6 w
And now he will do, Y'hovah, with you being kind and being faithful, and also I, I will do with you the being good the this since you did the being spoken the this.

7 z
And now let them be strong, hands of you, and be for sons of force since he died, ones being lord of you, Sha'ul, and indeed I they anointed, house of Y'hudah, for one reigning ones over them.'

8 x
And Av'ner, son of Ner, one commanding of being amassed that of Sha'ul, he took Ish Boshet, son of Sha'ul, and he made cross him Machanayim;

9 j
and he made reign him about the Gil'ad, and about the Ashuri, and about Yiz'r'el, and over Eph'rayim, and over Bin'yamin, and over Yis'ra'el, all of him.

10 y
Son of forties year Ish Boshet, son of Sha'ul, when to reign him over Yis'ra'el, and twos years he reigned. Only house of Y'hudah they were ones being after of David.

11 ay
And he was being counted of the days that he was David one reigning in Chev'ron over house of Y'hudah seven years and six months.

12 by
And he went forth, Av'ner, son of Ner, and servants of Ish Boshet, son of Sha'ul, from Machanayim to Giv'on.

13 gy
And Yo'av, son of Ts'ruyah, and servants of David, they went forth and they met them near pool of Giv'on together; and they sat, these near the pool from this and these near the pool from this.

14 dy
And he said, Av'ner, to Yo'av: 'Let them rise now, the ones being young, and let them play before presences of us.' And he said, Yo'av: 'Let them rise.'

15 hj
And they rose and they crossed by being counted: twos ten of Bin'yamin and of Ish Boshet, son of Sha'ul, and twos ten from servants of David.

16 wj
And they made strong, each on head of being associated of him, and sword of him in side of being associated of him, and they fell together. And they called for the place the he: Chel'qat haTsurim that in Giv'on.

17 zy
And she was the being fought

18 xy
And they were there three sons of Ts'ruyah: Yo'av, and Avishay, and Asah'el; and Asah'el being swift on feet of him like one of the gazelles that in the field.

19 jy
And he pursued, Asah'el, ones being after of Av'ner, and not he turned to go on the right and on the left from ones being after of Av'ner.

20 k
And he turned, Av'ner, ones being after of him, and he said: 'You this Asah'el?' And he said: 'I.'

21 ak
And he said to him, Av'ner: 'Turn for you on right of you or on left of you and take hold for you one from the ones being young and take for you armour of him.' And not he was willing, Asah'el, to turn aside from ones being after of him.

22 bk
And he continued still, Av'ner, to say to Asah'el: 'Turn aside, for you, from ones being after of me! For the what I strike you to earth? And how will I lift faces of me, to Yo'av, brother of you?'

23 gk
And he refused to turn aside and he struck him, Av'ner, with ones being after of the spear, to the one being fifth, and he went out the spear from ones being after of him. And he fell there, and he died ones beneath of him. And he was every of the one coming in to the place where he fell there, Asah'el, and he died, and they stood.

24 dk
And they pursued, Yo'av and Avishay, ones being after of Av'ner, and the sun she went in, and them they went in to hill of Amah that near presences of Gi'ach, being trod of wilderness of Giv'on.

25 hk
And they were gathered, sons of Bin'yamin, ones being after of Av'ner, and they were for being bound one; and they stood on head of hill one.

26 wk
And he called, Av'ner, to Yo'av, and he said: 'To perpetuity will she consume sword? Not you know that being bitter she will be at the latter? And until when not you say to the people to turn back from ones being after of brothers of them?'

27 zk
And he said, Yo'av: 'Life of the Elohim that if not you spoke indeed then from the morning he will be taken up, the people, each from ones being after of brother of him.'

28 xk
And he blew, Yo'av, on the horn and they stood, all of the people, and not they pursued still ones being after of Yis'ra'el, and not they repeated still to fight.

29 jk
And Av'ner and men of him they went in the Aravah all of the night the he, and they crossed the Yar'den, and they went all of the Bit'ron, and they went in Machanayim.

30 l
And Yo'av he turned back from ones being after of Av'ner; and he gathered all of the people and they were lacked from servants of David nine ten man, and Asah'el.

31 al
And servants of David they struck from Bin'yamin and on men of Av'ner, three hundreds and sixties man they died.

32 bl
And they took up Asah'el and they buried him in being buried of father of him that Beyt Lachem. And they went all of the night, Yo'av and men of him, and he was light for the them in Chev'ron.

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