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leaWm.v 2 SH'MU'EL 2 SAMUEL 16

1 a
And David he passed little of from the head, and behold, Tsiva', one being young of M'phivoshet, to meet him and being yoked of donkeys, ones being bound, and ones on them two hundreds bread, and hundred raisin cakes, and hundred summer, and skin of wine.

2 b
And he said, the one reigning, to Tsiva: 'What these to the you?' And he said, Tsiva: 'The donkeys for house of the one reigning to ride, and the bread and the summer to eat, the ones being young, and the wine to drink the one being weary in the wilderness.'

3 g
And he said, the one reigning: 'And where son of lords of you?' And he said, Tsiva', to the one reigning: 'Behold, sitting in Y'rushalaim. Indeed he said the day they will make turn back to me, house of Yis'ra'el, being reigned of father of me.'

4 d
And he said, the one reigning, to Tsiva: 'Behold for you all of what of M'phivoshet.' And he said, Tsiva: 'I bow down, I found favour in eyes of you, lord of me the one reigning.'

5 h
And he went in, the one reigning David, to Bachurim, and behold from there man sitting from family of house of Sha'ul, and name of him Shim'i, son of Gera, going forth to go forth and cursing.

6 w
And he stoned with the stones, David and all of servants of the one reigning, David, and all of the people and all of the ones being mighty from right of him and from left of him.

7 z
And thus he said, Shim'i, when to curse him: 'Go forth, go forth, man of the bloods and man the one being without value;

8 x
he made turn back ones on you, Y'hovah, all of bloods of house of Sha'ul, who you reigned ones being instead of him, and he gave, Y'hovah, the being reigned in hand of Av'shalom, son of you, and behold you in being evil of you since man of bloods you.'

9 j
And he said, Avishay, son of Ts'ruyah, to the one reigning: 'For the what he curses the dog the one being dead the this? Lord of me, the one reigning, let me cross now and let me make turn aside head of him.'

10 y
And he said, the one reigning: 'What to me and to the you sons of Ts'ruyah? Indeed let him curse, and indeed Y'hovah he said to him: 'Curse David.' And who he will say what reason you did thus?

11 ay
And he said, David, to Avishay and to all of servants of him: 'Behold son of me, who he came forth from bowels of me, seeking soul of me, and indeed that now son of the Y'mini. Leave to him and let him curse since he said to him, Y'hovah.

12 by
Perhaps he will see, Y'hovah, on being afflicted of me, and he will make turn back, Y'hovah, to me being good instead of being cursed of him the day the this.'

13 gy
And he went, David and men of him, on the being trod.
And Shim'i going on side of the mount at parallel of him to go and he cursed and he stoned with the stones at parallel of him and he made dust with the dust.


14 dy
And he came in, the one reigning and all of the people whom with him, ones being exhausted, and he took breath there.

15 hj
And Av'shalom and all of the people, man of Yis'ra'el, they came in Y'rushalaim, and Achitophel with him.

16 wj
And he was as when he came in, Chushay, the Ar'ki, being associated of David, to Av'shalom, and he said, Chushay, to Av'shalom: 'Let him live the one reigning, let him live the one reigning.'

17 zy
And he said, Av'shalom, to Chushay: 'This kindness of you with being associated of you, for the what not you went with being associated of you?'

18 xy
And he said, Chushay, to Av'shalom: 'No, indeed whom he chose, Y'hovah, and the people the this, and all of man of Yis'ra'el, to him I will be and with him I will sit.

19 jy
And the one being second to whom I, I serve? Not before presences of son of him as how I served before presences of father of you? Thus I will be before presences of you.'

20 k
And he said, Av'shalom, to Achitophel: 'Give for the you being advised what we shall do.'

21 ak
And he said, Achitophel, to Av'shalom: 'Go in to concubines of father of you whom he left to keep the house and he will hear, all of Yis'ra'el, that you are odious with father of you, and they will be strong hands of all of whom with you.'

22 bk
And they spread for Av'shalom the tent on the roof, and he went in, Av'shalom, to concubines of father of him before eyes of all of Yis'ra'el.

23 gk
And being advised of Achitophel that he advised in the days the them as how he enquires (man) over being spoken of the Elohim; thus all of being advised of Achitophel, also of David, also of Av'shalom.

NOTE: Qere adds ninth word vyia

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