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leaWm.v 2 SH'MU'EL 2 SAMUEL 11

1 a
And he was at being turned back of the year, at time of to go out the ones reigning, and he sent, David, Yo'av and servants of him with him, and all of Yis'ra'el, and they spoiled sons of Amon, and they besieged on Rabah, and David sitting in Y'rushalaim.

2 b
And he was at time of the evening and he rose, David, from on being laid down of him, and he traversed on roof of house of the one reigning, and he saw woman washing from on the roof, and the woman being good of being seen very.

3 g
And he sent, David, and he enquired about the woman, and he said: 'Not this Bat Sheva, daughter of Eli'am, woman of Uriyah, the Chiti?'

4 d
And he sent, David, ones being delegated and he took her, and she came in ones to him, and he lay with her. And she, being cleansed from being unclean of her, and she turned back to house of her.

5 h
And she conceived, the woman, and she sent and she made clear to David, and she said: 'Having conceived I.'

6 w
And he sent, David, to Yo'av, and he said: 'Send ones to me Uriyah, the Chiti.' And he sent, Yo'av, Uriyah to David.

7 z
And he went in, Uriyah, ones to him, and he asked, David about being peaceful of Yo'av, and about being peaceful of the people, and about being peaceful of the being fought.

8 x
And he said, David, to Uriyah: 'Go down to house of you and wash feet of you.' And he went forth, Uriyah, from house of the one reigning and she went forth ones being after of him being taken up of the one reigning.

9 j
And he lay down, Uriyah, opening of house of the one reigning with all of servants of lords of him, and not he went down to house of him.

10 y
And he was made clear to David, to say: 'Not he went down, Uriyah, to house of him. And he said, David, to Uriyah: 'Not from being trod you coming in? What reason not you went down to house of you?'

11 ay
And he said, Uriyah, to David: 'The chest, and Yis'ra'el, and Y'hudah, ones sitting in the booths, and lord of me, Yo'av, and servants of lord of me, on surfaces of the field, ones encamping, and I, I go in to house of me to eat and to drink, and to lie down with woman of me! Being alive of you and being alive of soul of you, not I will do the being spoken the this.'

12 by
And he said, David to Uriyah: 'Sit at the this also the day and tomorrow I will let go you.' And he sat, Uriyah, in Y'rushalaim in the day the he and from morrow.

13 gy
And he called to him, David, and he ate before presences of him, and he drank, and he made drunk him. And he went forth in the evening to lie on being laid of him with servants of lords of him, and to house of him not he went down.

14 dy
And he was in the morning and he wrote, David, one being recorded to Yo'av, and he sent by hand of Uriyah.

15 hj
And he wrote in the being recorded, to say: 'Give Uriyah to what before presences of the being fought, the being strong, and you turn back from ones being after of him and let him be struck and he shall die.'

16 wj
And he was when to keep, Yo'av, at the city and he gave Uriyah to the place where he knew that men of force there.

17 zy
And they came forth, men of the city, and they fought Yo'av, and he fell from the people, from servants of David, and he died also Uriyah, the Chiti.

18 xy
And he sent, Yo'av, and he made known to David all of ones being spoken of the being fought.

19 jy
And he charged the one being delegated, to say: 'As to finish you all of ones being spoken of the being fought to speak to the one reigning,

20 k
and he is if she goes up, being hot of the one reigning, and he says to you: What reason you drew near to the city to fight? Not you know that they shoot from on the being walled?

21 ak
Who he struck Avimelekh, son of Y'rubeshet? Not woman she threw ones on him piece of millstone from on the being walled and he died in Tevets? For the what you went near to the being walled? And you said also servant of you, Uriyah, the Chiti, he died.

22 bk
And he went, the one being delegated, and he went in and he made clear to David all of what he sent him, Yo'av.

23 gk
And he said, the one being delegated, to David: 'Indeed they were strong ones on us, the men, and they went forth ones to us the field and we were ones on them upto opening of the gate.

24 dk
And they shot, the ones shooting, to servant of you from on the being walled, and they killed from servants of the one reigning, and also servant of you, Uriyah, the Chiti, he is dead.

25 hk
And he said, David, to the one being delegated: 'Thus you say to Yo'av: Not let him be broken in eyes of you the being spoken the this, for as the that and as the this, she consumes, the sword. Make strong being fought of you to the city and tear down her. And make strong him.

26 wk
And she heard, woman of Uriyah, that he died, man of her, and she mourned over lord of her.

27 zk
And he passed, the mourning, and he sent, David, and he gathered her to house of him, and she was to him for woman and she bore to him son. And he was evil, the being spoken that he did, David, in eyes of Y'hovah.

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