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leaWm.v 2 SH'MU'EL 2 SAMUEL 10

1 a
And he was ones being after of thus and he died, one reigning of sons of Amon, and he reigned Chanun, son of him, ones being instead of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#1

2 b
And he said, David: "I will do kindness with Chanun, son of Nachash, as how he did, father of him, with me kindness." And he sent, David, to comfort him by hand of servants of him over father of him, and they went in, servants of David, land of sons of Amon.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#2

3 g
And they said, ones commanding of sons of Amon, to Chanun, ones being lord of them: 'Honouring David father of you in eyes of you when he sent to you ones comforting? Not on account of to penetrate the city and to walk along her and to overthrow her he sent, David, servants of him ones to you?'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#3

4 d
And he took, Chanun, servants of David and he shaved being halved of beard of them, and he cut garments of them in the middle upto ones being seat of them, and he sent off them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#4

5 h
And they made clear to David and he sent to meet them for they were, the men, ones being humiliated very. And he said, the one reigning: 'Sit in Y'recho until he grows, beard of you, and you turn back.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#5

6 w
And they saw, sons of Amon, that they were odious with David, and they sent, sons of Amon, and they hired Aram, house of R'khov, and Aram Tsova, twenties thousand on foot, and one reigning of Ma'akhah thousand man, and man of Tov twos ten thousand man.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#6

7 z
And he heard, David, and he sent Yo'av and all of the being amassed, the ones being mighty.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#8

8 x
And they went forth, sons of Amon, and they arrayed being fought entrance of the gate, and Aram, Tsova, and R'chov, and Ish Tov, and Ma'akhah, at alone them in the field.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#9

9 j
And he saw, Yo'av, that she was ones before him presences of the being fought, from ones being face and from being rear and he chose from all of ones being chosen of Yis'ra'el and he arrayed to meet Aram.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#10

10 y
And remainder of the people he gave in hand of Av'shay, brother of him, and he arrayed to meet sons of Amon.

11 ay
And he said: 'If she is strong, Aram, from me then you will be for me for being set free and if sons of Amon they are strong from you then I will come to make free for the you.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#12

12 by
Be strong and let us withstand on behalf of people of us and on behalf of cities of Elohim of us, and Y'hovah let him do the being good in eyes of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#13

13 gy
And he came near, Yo'av, and the people whom with him, to the being fought with Aram, and they fled from presences of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#14

14 dy
And sons of Amon they saw that he fled, Aram, and they fled from presences of Avishay, and they went in the city. And he turned back, Yo'av, from on sons of Amon and he went in Y'rushalaim.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#15

15 hj
And he saw, Aram, that he was stricken before presences of Yis'ra'el, and they were gathered together.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#16

16 wj
And he sent, Hadad'ezer, and he made go out Aram, whom from across of the being flowed, and they went in Cheylam, and Shovakh, one commanding of being amassed of Hadad'ezer before presences of them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#16

17 zy
And he was made clear to David, and he gathered all of Yis'ra'el, and he crossed the Yar'den, and he went in to Chelam, and they arrayed, Aram, to meet David, and they fought with him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#17

18 xy
And he fled, Aram, from presences of Yis'ra'el, and he killed, David, from Aram seven hundreds being ridden and forties thousand horsemen, and Shovakh, one commanding of being amassed of him, he struck and he died there.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#18

19 jy
And they saw, all of the ones reigning, servants of Hadad'ezer that they were stricken before presences of Yis'ra'el, and they made peace with Yis'ra'el and they served them. And they were afraid Aram to make free still sons of Amon.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1di19#19

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