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~yik'l.m 2 M'LAKHIM 2 KINGS 6

1 a
And they said, sons of the prophets, to Elishah: 'Behold now, the place where we ones sitting there, before presences of you, making cramped from us,

2 b
let us go now to the Yar'den and let us take from there each beam one and let us make for the us there place for the branch there.' And he said: 'Go.'

3 g
And he said the one: 'Undertake now and come with servants of you.' And he said: 'I, I will come.'

4 d
And he went with them and they went in to the Yar'den and they cut the woods.

5 h
And he was the one making fall the beam and the iron he fell to the waters, and he cried out, and he said: 'Alas Adoni, and he being borrowed.'

6 w
And he said, man of the Elohim: 'Where he fell?' And he showed him the place, and he clipped tree and he threw down to there, and he made float the iron.

7 z
And he said: 'Make come up for you.' And he stretched out hand of him and he took him.

8 x
And one reigning of Aram he was fighting with Yis'ra'el, and he consulted with servants of him to say about place being definite, being certain, encampment of me.

9 j
And he sent, man of the Elohim, to one reigning of Yis'ra'el, to say: 'Keep yourself from to pass the place the this, for there Aram, ones having come down.'

10 y
And he sent, one reigning of Yis'ra'el, to the place where he said to him, man of the Elohim, and he made learn him, and he was kept there not one of and not twos.

11 ay
And he was enraged, heart of one reigning of Aram, over the being spoken the this, and he called to servants of him, and he said ones to them: 'Not you made known to me who from whom of us with one reigning of Yis'ra'el?'

12 by
And he said, one from servants of him: 'No, lord of me, the one reigning, indeed Elishah, the prophet, whom in Yis'ra'el, he made clear to one reigning of Yis'ra'el the ones being spoken that you speak in being enclosed of being laid down of you.'

13 gy
And he said: 'Go and see where thus he and I will send and I will capture him.' And he was made clear to him, to say: Behold in Dotan.

14 dy
And he sent to there horses and being ridden and force, being heavy, and they went in night and they encompassed about the city.

15 hj
And he rose early, one attending of man of the Elohim, to rise and he went out, and behold force encircling the city, and horse and being ridden. And he said, one being young of him, ones to him: 'Alas, lord of me, how will we do?'

16 wj
And he said: 'Not you fear, for ones being great whom with us from whom with them.'

17 zy
And he prayed, Elishah, and he said: 'Open now eyes of him and let him see.' And he opened, Y'hovah, eyes of the servant and he saw, and behold, the mount, he was full horses and being ridden of fire ones being around of Elisha.

18 xy
And they went down to him and he prayed, Elishah, to Y'hovah and he said: 'Strike now the nation the this with the ones making blind.' And he struck them with the ones making blind as being spoken of Elishah.

19 jy
And he said ones to them, Elishah: "Not this the being trod, and not this the city? Come ones being after of me and I will make go you to the man whom you look for." And he made go them to Shom'ron.

20 k
And he was as to go in them Shom'ron that he said, Elishah: 'Y'hovah, open eyes of these and let them see.' And he opened, Y'hovah, eyes of them and they saw, and behold, in midst of Shom'ron.

21 ak
And he said, one reigning of Yis'ra'el, to Elisha as to see him them: 'Shall I strike, I strike father of me?'

22 bk
And he said: 'Not you strike. Whom you took captive with sword of you and with bow of you, you striking? Put bread and waters before presences of them and let them eat and let them drink, and let them go to lords of them.'

23 gk
And he traded for the them being traded, being great; and they ate and they drank, and he sent off them, and they went to lords of them. And not they repeat still, raiders of Aram, to come in in land of Yis'ra'el.

24 dk
And he was ones being after of thus, and he gathered, Ben Hadad, one reigning of Aram, all of being encamped of him, and he went up and he besieged against Shom'ron.

25 hk
And he was famine great in Shom'ron, and behold ones laying siege against her until to be head of donkey with eighties silver and quarter the qav excrements of doves with five silver.

26 wk
And he was, one reigning of Yis'ra'el, crossing near the wall and woman she cried to him, to say: "Make free lord of me the one reigning."

27 zk
And he said: 'Not he makes free you, Y'hovah, from where I make free you? From the threshing floor or from the winepress?'

28 xk
And he said to the her, the one reigning: 'What of the you?' And she said: 'The woman the this she said ones to me: Give son of you and let us eat him the day, and son of me let us eat tomorrow.

29 jk
And we boiled son of me and we ate him. And I said ones to her on the day, the one being after: Give son of you and let us eat him. And she made hide son of her.'

30 l
And he was as to hear, the one reigning, ones being spoken of the woman, and he rent clothes of him. And he passing near the wall and he saw, the people, and behold the sackcloth on flesh of him from within.

31 al
And he said: "Thus let him do with me, Elohim, and thus let him do more if he stands, head of Elisha, son of Shaphat, on him the day."

32 bl
And Elishah sitting in house of him, and the ones being elder ones sitting with him, and he sent man from before presences of him when not yet he came in, the one being delegated, ones to him, and he, he said to the ones being elder: 'You see that he sent son of the one being assassin the this to remove head of me? See as to come in, the one being delegated, shut the door and you press him at the door. Not sound of feet of lords of him ones being after of him?'

33 gl
While he speaking with them, and behold, the one being delegated, coming down ones to him, and he said: 'Behold this the being evil from Y'hovah; why I wait for Y'hovah still?'

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