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~yik'l.m 2 M'LAKHIM 2 KINGS 5

1 a
And Na'aman, one commanding of being amassed of one reigning of Aram, he was man being great before presences of ones being lord of him, and one being lifted of faces since through him he gave, Y'hovah, being made free to Aram, and the man he was one being mighty of force, one being leprous.

2 b
And Aram they went forth ones raiding, and they took captive from land of Yis'ra'el maiden, one being little, and she was before presences of woman of Na'aman.

3 g
And she said to mistress of her: "If only lord of me before presences of the prophet who in Shom'ron, then he will gather in him from leprosy of him."

4 d
And he went in and he made clear to ones being lord of him, to say: 'As the this and as the this she spoke, the maiden, who from land of Yis'ra'el.'

5 h
And he said, one reigning of Aram: 'Go, go in, and I will send being recorded to one reigning of Yis'ra'el.' And he went, and he took in hand of him ten rounds of silver, and six of thousands gold, and ten changes of garments.

6 w
And he made go in the being recorded to one reigning of Yis'ra'el, to say: 'And now as to go in the being recorded the this to you, behold I will send to you Na'aman, servant of me, and you gather in him from leprosy of him.'

7 z
And he was as to call, one reigning of Yis'ra'el, the being recorded, and he tore clothes of him, and he said: 'Elohim I, to kill and to keep alive, that this sending to me to gather in man from leprosy of him? Rather indeed know now see that seeking occasion he to me.'

8 x
And he was as to hear, Elisha, man of the Elohim, that he tore, one reigning of Yis'ra'el, clothes of him, that he sent to the one reigning, to say: 'For the what you tore garments of you? Let him come in now ones to me and he will know indeed being prophet in Yis'ra'el.'

9 j
And he came in, Na'aman, with horses of him and with being ridden of him, and he stood entrance of the house to Elisha.

10 y
And he sent to him, Elisha, one being delegated, to say to go and you wash seven times in the Yar'den, and he will come back, flesh of you, to you and be clean.

11 ay
And he was enraged, Na'aman, and he went and he said: 'Behold, I say to you let him come out to come out and he stand and he call on name of Y'hovah, Elohim of him, and he wave hand of him to the place and he gather in the one being leprous.'

12 by
Not good Avanah and Phar'par ones being flowed of Dameseq from all of waters of Yis'ra'el? Not I wash in the them and I will be clean?' And he turned and he went in being hot.

13 gy
And they went near, servants of him, and they spoke to him, and they said: "Father of me, being spoken great the prophet he spoke to you. Not you do? And especially that he said to you wash and be clean."

14 dy
And he went down and he dipped in the Yar'den seven times as being spoken of man of the Elohim. And he went back, flesh of him, like flesh of one being young little, and he was clean.

15 hj
And he went back to man of the Elohim, he and all of being encamped of him, and he went in and he stood before presences of him, and he said: 'Behold now I know that being no elohim in all of the earth, rather only in Yis'ra'el. And now take now gift from servant of you.'

16 wj
And he said: 'Being alive Y'hovah, whom I stand before presences of him, not I will take.' And he pressed on him to take, and he refused.

17 zy
And he said, Na'aman: 'Since not, let him be given now to servant of you burden of being yoked of mules, ground, for not he will make again, servant of you, being made go up and being slaughtered to elohim, ones being other, rather only to Y'hovah.'

18 xy
To the being spoken the this let him forgive, Y'hovah, to servant of you, when to go in, lord of me, house of Rimon to bow at there, and he leaning on hand of me, and I bow house of Rimon when to bow me house of Rimon let him forgive now, Y'hovah, to servant of you for the being spoken the this.'

19 jy
And he said to him: 'Go at being peaceful.' And he went from with him being much of land.

20 k
And he said, Gechazi, one being young of Elisha, man of the Elohim: 'Behold he withheld, lord of me, Na'aman, the Arami the this, from to take from hand of him what he made come in. Life of Y'hovah, indeed rather I will run ones being after of him and I will take from with him how and what.'

21 ak
And he pursued, Gechazi, ones being after of Na'aman. And he saw, Na'aman, one running ones being after of him, and he fell from on the being ridden to meet him, and he said: 'Being peaceful?'

22 bk
And he said: 'Being peaceful, lord of me he sent me to say: Behold now this they came in to me, twos of ones being young from mount of Eph'rayim, from sons of the prophets, give now to the them round of silver and twos of ones being changed of garments.'

23 gk
And he said, Na'aman: 'Undertake, take two rounds, and he burst open with him, and he bound two rounds of silver in twos of bags and twos of ones being changed of garments and he gave to twos of ones being young of him and they took up before presences of him.

24 dk
And he came in to the stronghold and he took from hand of them and he deposited in the house, and he sent the men and they went.

25 hk
And he, he came in and he stood before ones being lord of him, and he said to him, Elishah: "From where Gechazi?" And he said: "Not he went, servant of you, to where and to where."

26 wk
And he said to him: 'Not heart of me he went as when he turned man from on being ridden of him to meet you? Time to take the silver and to take garments, and olives, and vines, and sheep, and ox, and servants, and maidservants?

27 zk
And leprosy of Na'aman she will cling on you and on seed of you to everlasting. And he went from before presences of him being leprous like the snow.

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