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~yik'l.m 2 M'LAKHIM 2 KINGS 19

1 a
And he was as to hear, the one reigning, Chiz'qiyahu, that he tore garments of him and he covered himself with the sackcloth, and he went in house of Y'hovah.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#1

2 b
And he sent Elyaqim, whom over the house, and Shevna, the one recording, and ones being elder of the priests, ones being covered with the sackcloths, to Y'sha'yahu, the prophet, son of Amots.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#2

3 g
And they said to him: 'Thus he said, Chiz'qiyahu: Day of cramping and rebuke and contempt the day the this, for they come in sons to breaking forth but power being not to bring forth.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#3

4 d
Perhaps he will hear Y'hovah, Elohim of you, all of ones being spoken of Rav Shaqeh, whom he sent him, one reigning of Ashur, lords of him, to taunt Elohim, being alive, and he will reprove over the ones being spoken that he heard, Y'hovah, Elohim of you, thus you take up being prayed on behalf of the being left, the being found.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#4

5 h
And they came in, servants of the one reigning, Chiz'qiyahu, to Y'sha'yahu.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#5

6 w
And he said to the them, Y'sha'yahu: 'Thus you say to lords of you: Thus he says, Y'hovah, not you fear from presences of the ones being spoken that you heard, that they blasphemed, ones being young of one reigning of Ashur, me.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#6

7 z
Behold I giving in him spirit, and he will hear being heard, and he will turn back to land of him, and I will make fall him by the sword in land of him.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#7

8 x
And he went back, Rav Shaqeh, and he found one reigning of Ashur fighting against Liv'nah when he heard that he uprooted from Lakhish.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#8

9 j
And he heard about Tir'haqah, one reigning of Kush, to say: 'Behold, he went forth to fight with you.' And he went back, and he sent ones being delegated to Chiz'qiyahu, to say:

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#9

10 y
'Thus you say to Chiz'qiyahu, one reigning of Y'hudah, to say: 'Not let him deceive you, Elohim of you, whom you trusting in him, to say: "Not she will be given, Y'rushalaim, in hand one reigning of Ashur."

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#10

11 ay
Behold you, you heard what they did, ones reigning of Ashur, to all of the lands, to exterminate them, and you, you will be snatched away?

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#11

12 by
Did they deliver them, elohim of the nations, whom they spoiled, fathers of me, Gozan, and Charan, and Retseph, and sons of Eden, who in T'la'sar?

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#12

13 gy
Where he, one reigning of Chamat, and one reigning of Ar'pad, and one reigning of the city of S'phar'vayim, Hena, and Ivah?"

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#13

14 dy
And he took, Chiz'qiyahu, the ones being recorded from hand of the ones being delegated, and he called them, and he went up house of Y'hovah, and he spread out him, Chiz'qiyahu, before presences of Y'hovah.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#14

15 hj
And he prayed, Chiz'qiyahu, before presences of Y'hovah, and he said: "Y'hovah, Elohim of Yis'ra'el, sitting haK'ruvim, you he, the Elohim, at alone you, above all of ones being reigned of the earth, you, you made the heavens and the earth.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#15-16

16 wj
Incline, Y'hovah, ear of you, and hear, open, Y'hovah, eyes of you, and see, and hear ones being spoken Sancheriv, that he sent him to taunt Elohim, ones living of.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#17

17 zy
Truly Y'hovah, they made waste, ones reigning of Ashur, the nations and land of them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#18

18 xy
And they gave, elohim of them, at the fire; though not elohim, they, rather only being made of hands of man, wood and stone, and they destroyed them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#19

19 jy
And now, Y'hovah, Elohim of us, make free us now from hand of him, and let them know, all of ones being reigned of the earth, that you Y'hovah, Elohim, at alone you.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#20

20 k
And he sent, Y'sha'yahu, son of Amots, to Chiz'qiyahu, to say: "Thus he says, Y'hovah, Elohim of Yis'ra'el: "When you prayed to me about Sancheriv, one reigning of Ashur, I heard you.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#21

21 ak
This the being spoken that he spoke, Y'hovah, ones over him: 'He despised to you; she mocked to you virgin daughter of Tsiyon; ones being after of you, head she tosses, daughter of Y'rushalaim,

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#22

22 bk
whom you taunt, and you blasphemed, and against whom you made rise voice, and you lifted up, being high, eyes of you, against one being holy of Yis'ra'el.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#23

23 gk
by hand of ones being delegated of you, you taunt Y'hovah, and you said: 'With being much of being ridden of me, I, I will go up being high of mountains, recesses of L'vanon, and I will cut down height of cedars of him, choice pines of him, and I will go in lodging of end of him, forest of plantation of him.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#24

24 dk
I, I dug and I drank waters, ones being foreign, and I make dry with hollow of ones being paced of me all of brooks of Matsor.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#25

25 hk
Not you heard at from afar her I made at from days of old and I formed her? Now I made come in her and she is to be made crash heaps, ones being ruined, cities, ones being fortified.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#26

26 wk
And ones sitting of them ones being short of hand they are dismayed and they are ashamed, they are herb of field and green of being sprouted, grass of roofs and being scorched before presences of standing grain.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#27

27 zk
And to sit you, and to go out you, and to come in you, I know, and to excite you ones to me.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#28

28 xk
Because to excite you ones on me, and arrogance of you he came up in ears of me, then I will put hook of me in nose of you, and bit of me in lips of you, and I will make go back you on the being trod that you came in on the her.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#29

29 jk
And this for you the sign to eat the year self sowing and in the year the one being second self sprouting and in the year the third sow and reap and plant vines and eat being fruited of them.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#30

30 l
And she will again, being escaped of house of Y'hudah, the being left, being rooted at being below and she will make being fruited at being above.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#31

31 al
for from Y'rushalaim she will come forth, remnant and being escaped, from mount of Tsiyon, zeal of Y'hovah of ones being amassed she will do this.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#32

32 bl
For the so thus he says, Y'hovah, to one reigning of Ashur: 'Not he will come in to the city the this, and not he will shoot there arrow and not he will confront her shield, and not he will pour out ones on her being mounded up.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#33

33 gl
In the being trod that he comes in on her he will go back, and to the city the this not he will come in.' being declared of Y'hovah.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#34

34 dl
And I will shield to the city, the this, to make free her, for sake of me and for sake of David, servant of me.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#35

35 hl
And he was in the night the he and he went forth, one being delegated of Y'hovah, and he struck among being encamped of Ashur hundred eighties and five thousand. And they rose early in the morning and behold all of them corpses ones being dead.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#36

36 wl
And he uprooted and he went and he went back, San'cheriv, one reigning of Ashur, and he sat in Nin'veh.

NOTE: Parallel passage: ys37#37

37 zl
And he was he bowing down house of Nis'rokh, elohim of him, and Ad'ramelekh and Sa'etser, they struck him with the sword, and them, they escaped land of Ararat, and he reigned Esar Chadon, son of him, ones being instead of him.

NOTE: Parallel passages: 2di32#21 ys37#38

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