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1 a
a'b.v-t;K.l;mW uMal'kat Sh'va 4436 7614 2di9#3
h'[.m'v shom.a Shom'ah 8085 (8804) iy13#1
[;mev-t,a Et Shema 853 8088 ys23#5
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#1
aAb'T;w va.ta.vo vaTavo 935 (8799) 2di9#1
tAS;n.l l'Nasot 5254 (8763)
homol.v-t,a Et Sh'lomoh 853 8010 2di9#2
tAdyix.b v'Chidot 2420
i~;l'vWryiB biY'rushalaim 3389
liy;x.B b.kha.yil b'Chayil 2428 2di13#3
deb'k kha.ved Khaved 3515 te38#5
doa.m m.od M'od 3966
~yiL;m.gW uG'malim 1581 2di14#14
~yia.fon nos.eem Nos'im 5375 (8802) br37#25
~yim'f.B B'sarim 1314 2di16#14
b'h'z.w v'Zahav 2091
bor'l la.rov laRov 7230
!,b,a.w v.e.ven v'Even 68 2di9#9
h'r'q.y y.ka.ra Y'qarah 3368 2di9#9
aAb'T;w va.ta.vo vaTavo 935 (8799) 2di23#12
homol.v-l,a El Sh'lomoh 413 8010
reB;d.T;w vat.da.ber vaT'daber 1696 (8762) es8#3
AMi[ Imo 5973
tea et Et 853
r,v]a-l'K kol-a.sher Kol Asher 3605 834
h'y'h ha.ya Hayah 1961 (8804)
H'b'b.l-~i[ Im L'vavah 5973 3824 :

And one reigning of Sh'va she heard being heard of Sh'lomoh and she went in to test Sh'lomoh with riddles in Y'rushalaim with force being heavy very, and camels, ones bearing spices and gold to the being much, and stone being esteemed, and she went in to Sh'lomoh and she spoke with him all of what he was with heart of her.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#1-2

The Queen of Sh'va was the descendant of Mosheh. See bm12#1

2 b
H'l-deG;Y;w va.ya.ged-la vaYaged Lah 5046 (8686) 0 2di34#18
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#3
'hy,r'b.D-l'K-t,a Et Kol D'vareiha 853 3605 1697
~'l.[,n-aol.w v.lo-ne.lam v'Lo Ne'lam 3808 5956 (8738)
r'b'D da.var Davar 1697
homol.Vim miSh'lomoh 8010
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
aol lo Lo 3808
dyiGih hi.geed Higid 5046 (8689) es3#4
H'l la Lah 0 :

And he made clear to the her, Sh'lomoh, all of ones being spoken of her and not he was concealed being spoken from Sh'lomoh that not he made clear to the her.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#3

3 g
a,reT;w vaTere 7200 (8799)
a'b.v-t;K.l;m Mal'kat Sh'va 4436 7614 2di9#9
tea et Et 853
t;m.k'x khokh.mat Chokh'mat 2451 mi14#8
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#9
tiy;B;h.w v'haBayit 1004 2di34#8
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
h'n'B he built 1129 (8804) :

And she saw, one reigning of Sh'va, wisdom of Sh'lomoh, and the house that he built,

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#4

4 d
l;k]a;mW uMa'akhal 3978 1me10#5
An'x.luv Shul'chano 7979 1me10#5
b;vAmW uMoshav 4186 sh12#40
wy'd'b][ Avadayv 5650
d;m][;mW uMa'amad 4612 1me10#5
wy't.r'v.m m.shor.tav M'shor'tayv 8334 (8764) es2#2
~,hyevWB.l;mW u.mal.bu.she.hem uMal'busheyhem 4403 2di9#4
wy'q.v;mW u.mash.kav uMash'qayv 8248 (8688)
~,hyevWB.l;mW u.mal.bu.she.hem uMal'busheyhem 4403 2di9#4
At'Yil][;w vaAliyato 5944
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
h,l][;y ya.a.le Ya'aleh 5927 (8799)
tyeB bet Beyt 1004
h'woh.y Y'hovah 3068
h'y'h-aol.w v.lo-ha.ya v'Lo Hayah 3808 1961 (8804)
dA[ od Od 5750
H'B ba Bah 0
;xWr ru.akh Ru'ach 7307 :

and being eaten of table of him, and being seated of servants of him, and being made stand of ones attending of him, and ones being wrapped on of them, and ones giving drink of him, and ones being wrapped on of them, and one going up of him that he went up house of Y'hovah; and not he was still with the her spirit.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#5

5 h
r,maoT;w vaTo'mer 559 (8799)
%,l,M;h-l,a El haMelekh 413 4428
t,m/a e.met Emet 571 2di15#3
r'b'D;h ha.da.var haDavar 1697 2di11#4
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
yiT.[;m'v Shama'ti 8085 (8804) 2di9#6
yic.r;a.B b'Ar'tsi 776
^y,r'b.D-l;[ Al D'vareikha 5921 1697 nk9#8
^,t'm.k'x-l;a.w v'Al Chokh'matekha 408 2451 2di9#6:

And she said to the one reigning: 'Being true the being spoken that I heard in land of me over ones being spoken of you and over wisdom of you,

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#6

6 w
yiT.n;m/a,h-aol.w v'Lo He'eman'ti 3808 539 (8689)
~, l'Div'reyhem 1697
yita'B-r,v]a-d;[ ad-a.sher-ba.tee Ad Asher Bati 5704 834 935 (8804)
h'ny,a.riT;w vaTir'einah 7200 (8799)
y;nye[ e.nay Eynay 5869
heNih.w v'Hineh 2009
aol lo Lo 3808
yil-d;Guh hu.gad-lee Hugad Li 5704 0
yic]x kha.tsee Chatsi 2677 nk3#9
tyiB.r;m mar.beet Mar'bit 4768 2di30#18
^,t'm.k'x Chokh'matekha 2451 2di9#7
'T.p;s'y ya.saf.ta Yasaph'ta 3254 (8804)
h'[Wm.V;h-l;[ Al haSh'mu'ah 5921 8052 yi51#46
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
yiT.[;m'v Shama'ti 8085 (8804) 2di34#27:

and not I believed about ones being spoken of them until when I came in and they saw, eyes of me, and behold not he made known to me being halved of being increased of wisdom of you, you did more over the being heard that I heard.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#7

7 z
yer.v;a Ash'rey 835 iy5#17
^y,v'n]a Anasheikha 582 1me10#8
yer.v;a.w v'Ash'rey 835 mi8#32
^y,d'b][ Avadeikha 5650 2di34#16
h,Lea e.le Eleh 428['h haOm'dim 5975 (8802)
^y,n'p.l l.fa.nei.kha l'Phaneikha 6440
dyim't ta.meed Tamid 8548
~yi[.mov.w v.shom.eem v'Shom'im 8085 (8802)
^,t'm.k'x-t,a Et Chokh'matekha 853 2451 yk28#7:

Ones being blessed, men of you, and ones being blessed, servants of you, these, the ones standing before presences of you continuously, and ones hearing wisdom of you.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#8

8 x
yih.y y.hee Y'hi 1961 (8799)
h'woh.y Y'hovah 3068
^y,hol/a e.lo.hei.kha Eloheikha 430
%Wr'B ba.rukh Barukh 1288 (8803)
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
#ep'x kha.fets Chaphets 2654 (8804) es2#14
^.B b.kha b'Kha 0
^.Tit.l l.tit.kha l'Tit'kha 5414 (8800) sho15#12
Aa.siK-l;[ al-kis.o Al Kis'o 5921 3678 2di18#9
%,l,m.l l'Melekh 4428 2di9#8
h'woh.y;l laY'hovah 3068
^y,hol/a e.lo.hei.kha Eloheikha 430
t;b]h;a.B b.a.ha.vat b'Ahavat 160 1me10#9
^y,hol/a e.lo.hei.kha Eloheikha 430
lea'r.fiy-t,a et-yis.ra.el Et Yis'ra'el 853 3478
Adyim][;h.l l'Ha'amido 5975 (8687) ez2#68
~'lA[.l l.o.lam l'Olam 5769
!eTiY;w va.yi.ten vaYiten 5414 (8799)
~,hyel][ a.le.hem Aleyhem 5921
%,l,m.l l'Melekh 4428 2di24#23
tAf][;l la.a.sot laAsot 6213 (8800) 2di20#32
j'P.vim mish.pat Mish'pat 4941 2di19#6
h'q'd.cW uts.da.ka uTs'daqah 6666 :

Let him be Y'hovah, Elohim of you, being praised who he was pleased with you to give you on throne of him for one reigning for Y'hovah, Elohim of you, in being loved of Yis'ra'el to make stand him to everlasting. And he gave ones over them for one reigning to do being judged and being right.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#9

9 j
!eTiT;w va.ti.ten vaTiten 5414 (8799)
%,l,M;l laMelekh 4428 2di9#9
h'aem me.a Me'ah 3967 2di11#1
~yir.f,[.w v'Es'rim 6242 2di20#31
r;KiK ki.kar Kikar 3603 2di27#5
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#10
~yim'f.bW uV'sarim 1314 2di9#24
heB.r;h Har'beh 7235 (8687)
doa.m m.od M'od 3966
!,b,a.w v.e.ven v'Even 68 2di9#10
h'r'q.y y.ka.ra Y'qarah 3368 2di9#10
aol.w v.lo v'Lo 3808
h'y'h ha.ya Hayah 1961 (8804)
~,foB;K kaBosem 1314 *
aWh;h haHu 1931
h'n.t'n-r,v]a Asher Not'nah 834 5414 (8804) te67#7
a'b.v-t;K.l;m Mal'kat Sh'va 4436 7614 1me10#4 2di9#12
%,l,M;l laMelekh 4428 2di9#21
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#10:

And she gave to the one reigning hundred and twenties round of gold, and spices to be much very, and stone being esteemed. Not he was like the spice the he that she gave, one reigning of Sh'va, to the one reigning, Sh'lomoh.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#10

10 y
~;g.w v.gam v'Gam 1571
yed.b;[ Av'dey 5650
~'ryix khee.ram Chiram 2438 2sh5#11
yed.b;[.w v'Av'dey 5650
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#12
Wayibeh-r,v]a a.sher-he.vee.u Asher Hevi'u 834 935 (8689)
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#13
ryipAaem me.o.feer meOphir 211 1me10#11
Wayibeh he.vee.u Hevi'u 935 (8689)
yec][ a.tse Atsey 6086 2di9#11
~yiMWG.l;a Al'gumim 418
!,b,a.w v.e.ven v'Even 68 iy28#2
h'r'q.y y.ka.ra Y'qarah 3368 :

And also servants of Chiram and servants of Sh'lomoh, who they made come in gold from Ophir, they made come in woods of Al'gumim and stone being esteemed.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#11

11 ay
f;[;Y;w vaYa'as 6213 (8799)
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
yec][-t,a et-a.tse Et Atsey 853 6086 ez3#7
~yiMWG.l;a'h haAl'gumim 418
tALis.m M'silot 4546 te84#6
h'woh.y-tyeb.l l'Veyt Y'hovah 1004 3068
tyeb.lW ul'Veyt 1004
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
tAroNik.w v'Khinorot 3658 1me10#12
~yil'b.nW uN'valim 5035 1me10#12
~yir'V;l la.sha.reem laSharim 7891 (8802) 1me10#12
Wa.rin-aol.w v.lo-nir.u v'Lo Nir'u 3808 7200 (8738) sh2#12
~eh'k kha.hem khaHem 1992 *
~yin'p.l l.fa.neem l'Phanim 6440
#,r,a.B b.e.rets b'Erets 776
h'dWh.y Y'hudah 3063 :

And he made, the one reigning, woods of the Al'gumim courses for house of Y'hovah and for house of the one reigning, and strings and N'valim for the ones singing, and not they were seen like the them before ones being present in land of Y'hudah.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#12

12 by
%,l,M;h.w v'haMelekh 4428
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#15
!;t'n na.tan Natan 5414 (8804)
a'b.v-t;K.l;m.l l'Mal'kat Sh'va 4436 7614 1me10#13 iy1#15
H'c.p,x-l'K-t,a et-kol-khef.tsa Et Kol Cheph'tsah 853 3605 2656 1me10#13
r,v]a a.sher Asher 834
h'l'a'v Sha'alah 7592 (8804)
d;b.Lim mil.vad miL'vad 905 2di17#19
h'ayibeh-r,v]a a.sher-he.vee.a Asher Hevi'ah 834 935 (8689) es5#12
%,l,M;h-l,a El haMelekh 413 4428
%op]h;T;w va.ta.ha.fokh vaTahaphokh 2015 (8799)
%,leT;w va.te.lekh vaTelekh 3212 (8799) 2di21#13
H'c.r;a.l Ar'tsah 776
ayih hee Hi 1931
'hy,d'b][;w vaAvadeiha 5650 :

And the one reigning, Sh'lomoh, he gave to one reigning of Sh'va all of making pleased of her that she asked from apart of what she made come in to the one reigning. And she turned about and she went to land of her, she and servants of her.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#13

13 gy
yih.y;w vay.hee vaY'hi 1961 (8799)
l;q.vim mish.kal Mish'qal 4948 ez8#30
b'h'Z;h haZahav 2091
a'B-r,v]a a.sher-ba Asher Ba 834 935 (8804)
homol.vil liSh'lomoh 8010
h'n'v.B b'Shanah 8141 2di9#24
t'x,a e.khat Echat 259 ys5#10
vev shesh Shesh 8337
tAaem me.ot Me'ot 3967 2di9#15
~yiviv.w v.shi.sheem v'Shishim 8346 2di11#21
vev'w va.shesh vaShesh 8337
yer.KiK Kikrey 3603 2me5#5
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#14:

And he was being weighed of the gold that he came in to Sh'lomoh in year one six of hundreds and sixties and six rounds of gold;

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#14

14 dy
d;b.l l.vad l'Vad 905 ez1#6
yev.n;aem meAn'shey 589 br39#11
~yir'T;h ha.ta.reem haTarim 8446 (8802)
~yir]xoS;h.w v'haSocharim 5503 * (8802)
~yiayib.m m.vee.eem M'vi'im 935 (8688) 2di9#14
yek.l;m-l'k.w v.khol-mal.khe v'Khol Mal'khey 3605 4428
b;r][ a.rav Arav 6152 yk27#21
tAx;pW u.fa.khot uPhachot 6346 1me10#15
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776
~yiayib.m m.vee.eem M'vi'im 935 (8688) 2di9#24
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#15
@,s,K'w vaKeseph 3701
homol.vil liSh'lomoh 8010 :

at being apart of from men of the ones exploring, and the ones travelling round, ones making come in, and all of ones reigning of Arav, and ones governing of the land, ones making come in gold and the silver to Sh'lomoh.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#15

15 hj
f;[;Y;w vaYa'as 6213 (8799)
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#20
~iy'ta'm ma.ta.yim Ma'tayim 3967 2di14#7
h'nic Tsinah 6793 2di14#8
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#16
jWx'v sha.khut Shachut 7820 (8803)
vev shesh Shesh 8337
tAaem me.ot Me'ot 3967 2di9#16
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091
jWx'v sha.khut Shachut 7820 (8803)
h,l][;y ya.a.le Ya'aleh 5927 (8799)
h'NiC;h-l;[ Al haTsinah 5921 6793 1sh17#7
t'x,a'h ha.e.khat haEchat 259 2di9#16:

And he made, the one reigning Sh'lomoh, two hundreds shield of gold being beaten: six of hundreds gold being beaten he went up on the shield the one;

16 wj
tAaem-vol.vW ush.losh-me.ot uSh'losh Me'ot 7969 3967 da8#14
~yiNig'm Maginim 4043 2di26#14
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#17
jWx'v sha.khut Shachut 7820 (8803)
vol.v sh.losh Sh'losh 7969
tAaem me.ot Me'ot 3967
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091
h,l][;y ya.a.le Ya'aleh 5927 (8799)
l;[ al Al 5921
!eg'M;h haMagen 4043
t'x,a'h ha.e.khat haEchat 259 sh25#12
~en.TiY;w va.yit.nem vaYit'nem 5414 (8799)
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
tyeb.B b'Veyt 1004 2di10#19
r;[;y Ya'ar 3293 2di9#20
!An'b.L;h haL'vanon 3844 2di9#20:

and three of hundreds shields, gold being beaten, three of hundreds gold he went up on the shield the one, and he gave them, the one reigning, in house of forest of the L'vanon.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#17

17 zy
f;[;Y;w vaYa'as 6213 (8799)
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
!ev-aeSiK Kise Shen 3678 8127 iy39#28
lAd'G ga.dol Gadol 1419
WheP;c.y;w vaY'tsapehu 6823 (8762) sh37#2
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#20
rAh'j ta.hor Tahor 2889 2di30#17:

And he made, the one reigning, seat of ivory being great and he overlaid him gold being pure.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#18

18 xy
vev.w v.shesh v'Shesh 8337
tAl][;m ma.a.lot Ma'alot 4609 nk12#37
aeSiK;l laKise 3678
v,b,k.w v.khe.vesh v'Khevesh 3534
b'h'Z;B baZahav 2091 ez1#6
aeSiK;l laKise 3678
~yiz'x\a'm mo.o.kha.zeem Mo'ochazim 270 (8716)
tAd'y.w v'Yadot 3027 *
h,Zim mi.ze miZeh 2088
h,ZimW u.mi.ze umiZeh 2088 2di9#19
~Aq.m-l;[ al-m.kom Al M'qom 5921 4725 es4#3
t,b'V;h haShavet 7675 (8800) 1me10#19
~iy;n.vW uSh'nayim 8147
tAy'r]a a.ra.yot Arayot 738 2di9#19[ om.deem Om'dim 5975 (8802) 2di9#19
l,cea e.tsel Etsel 681
tAd'Y;h haYadot 3027 nk11#1:

And six ones going up to the throne, and footstool with the gold to the throne ones fastening, and sides from this and from this at place of the to sit, and two lions ones standing beside the sides.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#19

19 jy
~yen.vW ush.nem uSh'neym 8147
r'f'[ a.sar Asar 6240
tAy'r]a a.ra.yot Arayot 738 shi4#8[ om.deem Om'dim 5975 (8802) 2di10#6
~'v sham Sham 8033
vev-l;[ al-shesh Al Shesh 5921 8337
tAl][;M;h haMa'alot 4609 nk3#15
h,Zim mi.ze miZeh 2088
h,ZimW u.mi.ze umiZeh 2088 yk45#7
h'f][;n-aol Lo Na'asah 3808 6213 (8738)
!ek khen Khen 3651
h'k'l.m;m-l'k.l l'Khol Mam'lakhah 3605 4467 2di13#5:

And two ten lions, ones standing there on six of the ones going up, from this and from this, not he was made thus for any of being reigned.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#20

20 k
lok.w v.khol v'Khol 3605
yel.K k.le K'ley 3627 2di9#20
heq.v;m Mash'qeh 4945 nk1#11
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#20
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#20
lok.w v.khol v'Khol 3605
yel.K k.le K'ley 3627 2di9#24
r;[;y-tyeB Beyt Ya'ar 1004 3293 te50#10
!An'b.L;h haL'vanon 3844 ez3#7
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#21
rWg's sa.gur Sagur 5462 (8803) iy41#7
!yea en Eyn 369
@,s,K ke.sef Keseph 3701
b'v.x,n nekh.shav Nech'shav 2803 (8737) ys2#22
yemyiB biY'mey 3117 2di13#20
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#22
h' liM'umah 3972 1me10#21:

And all of articles of giving drink of the one reigning, Sh'lomoh, gold and all of articles of house of forest of the L'vanon gold being pure, being no silver, not being esteemed in days of Sh'lomoh for how and what.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#21

21 ak
tAYin\\a-yiK Ki Oniyot 3588 591 2di9#21
%,l,M;l laMelekh 4428 2di12#2
tAk.loh hol.khot Hol'khot 1980 (8802)
vyiv.r;T tar.sheesh Tar'shish 8659 2di9#21
~i[ im Im 5973
yed.b;[ Av'dey 5650
~'rWx khu.ram Churam 2361 2di2#2
t;x;a a.khat Achat 259 2di22#2
vol'v.l l.sha.losh l'Shalosh 7969
~yin'v sha.neem Shanim 8141
h'naAb'T Tavo'nah 935 (8799)
tAYin\\a Oniyot 591 2di20#36
vyiv.r;T tar.sheesh Tar'shish 8659 2di20#36
tAa.fon nos.ot Nos'ot 5375 * (8802)
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di9#24
@,s,K'w vaKeseph 3701
~yiB;h.n,v shen.ha.beem Shen'habim 8143 1me10#22
~yipAq.w v.ko.feem v'Qophim 6971 *
~yiYiKWt.w v'Tukiyim 8500 * :

For ships of the one reigning ones going Tar'shish with servants of Churam one of three years they came in, ships of Tar'shish, ones bearing gold and silver, ivories, and apes, and baboons.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#22

22 bk
l;D.giY;w va.yig.dal vaYig'dal 1431 (8799) ei4#6
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#23
loKim mi.kol miKol 3605
yek.l;m mal.khe Mal'khey 4428
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776
r,v[.l l.o.sher l'Osher 6239 1me10#23
h'm.k'x.w v'Chokh'mah 2451 mi10#23:

And he was great, the one reigning Sh'lomoh, from all of ones reigning of the earth of being accumulated and wisdom.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#23

23 gk
lok.w v.khol v'Khol 3605
yek.l;m mal.khe Mal'khey 4428
#,r'a'h ha.a.rets haArets 776
~yiv.q;b.m m.vak.sheem M'vaq'shim 1245 (8764) mi29#26
yen.P-t,a Et P'ney 854 6440
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#29
;[om.Vil liSh'mo'a 8085 (8800) nk1#6
At'm.k'x-t,a Et Chokh'mato 853 2451 1me5#14
!;t'n-r,v]a a.sher-na.tan Asher Natan 834 5414 (8804)
~yihol/a'h ho.e.lo.heem hoElohim 430
ABil.B b'Libo 3820 es6#6:

And all of ones reigning of the earth ones seeking presences of Sh'lomoh to hear wisdom of him that he gave, the Elohim, in heart of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#24

24 dk
~eh.w v.hem v'Hem 1992
~yiayib.m m.vee.eem M'vi'im 935 (8688) 2di17#11
vyia eesh Ish 376
At'x.nim Min'chato 4503 br4#4
yel.K k.le K'ley 3627 2di24#14
@,s,k khe.sef Kheseph 3701
yel.kW ukh.le uKh'ley 3627
b'h'z za.hav Zahav 2091 2di13#8
tAm'l.fW uS'lamot 8008 yh9#5
q,ven ne.shek Nesheq 5402 ys22#8
~yim'f.bW uV'samim 1314 sh35#8
~yisWs su.seem Susim 5483 2di9#25
~yid'r.pW uf.ra.deem uPh'radim 6505 yk27#14
h'n'v-r;b.d D'var Shanah 1697 8141
h'n'v.B b'Shanah 8141 2di24#5:

And them ones making go in each being given of him, articles of silver and articles of gold, and garments of being equipped, and spices, horses, and mules, being spoken of year by year.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#25

25 hk
yih.y;w vay.hee vaY'hi 1961 (8799)
homol.vil liSh'lomoh 8010
t;['B.r;a Ar'ba'at 702
~yip'l]a Alaphim 505
tAy.rua ur.yot Ur'yot 723 *
~yisWs su.seem Susim 5483 2di9#28
tAb'K.r;mW u.mar.ka.vot uMar'kavot 4818 2di14#8
r'f'[-~yen.vW ush.nem-a.sar uSh'neym Asar 8147 6240 2di29#17
@,l,a e.lef Eleph 505
~yiv'r'P pa.ra.sheem Parashim 6571 2di12#3
~exyiN;Y;w va.ya.nee.khem vaYanichem 3240 (8686)
yer'[.B b'Arey 5892
b,k,r'h haRekhev 7393 2di18#30
%,l,M;h-~i[.w v'Im haMelekh 5973 4428 2di24#16
i~;l'vWryiB biY'rushalaim 3389 :

And he was to Sh'lomoh four of thousands stalls of horses and being riddens and two ten thousand horsemen, and he placed them in cities of the being ridden and with the one reigning in Y'rushalaim.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me10#26

26 wk
yih.y;w vay.hee vaY'hi 1961 (8799)
levAm mo.shel Moshel 4910 (8802) 2di20#6
~yik'l.M;h-l'k.B b'Khol haM'lakhim 3605 4428 2di16#11
r'h'N;h-!im Min haNahar 4480 5104 ez8#15
#,r,a-d;[.w v'Ad Erets 5704 776
~yiT.vil.P p.lish.teem P'lish'tim 6430
d;[.w v'Ad 5704
lWb.G g.vul G'vul 1366 te78#54
~iy'r.cim mits.ra.yim Mits'rayim 4714 :

And he was ruling over all of the ones reigning from the being flowed to land of P'lish'tim and to border of Mits'rayim.

27 zk
!eTiY;w va.yi.ten vaYiten 5414 (8799)
%,l,M;h haMelekh 4428
@,s,K;h-t,a Et haKeseph 853 3701
i~;l'vWryiB biY'rushalaim 3389
~yin'b]a'K koAvanim 68 1me10#27
tea.w v'Et 853
~yiz'r]a'h ha.a.ra.zeem haArazim 730 1me10#27
!;t'n na.tan Natan 5414 (8804)
~yim.qiV;K ka.shik.meem kaShiqmim 8256
h'lep.V;B-r,v]a Asher baSh'phelah 834 8219
bor'l la.rov laRov 7230 :

And he gave, the one reigning, the silver in Y'rushalaim as the stones, and the cedars he gave as the sycamores that in the lowland for abundance.

NOTE: Parallel passages: 1me10#27 and 2di1#15

28 xk
~yiayicAmW uMotsi'im 3318 (8688)
~yisWs su.seem Susim 5483 qo10#7
~iy'r.ciMim mi.mits.ra.yim miMits'rayim 4714
homol.vil liSh'lomoh 8010
tAc'r]a'h-l'KimW u.mi.kol-ha.a.ra.tsot umiKol haAratsot 3605 776 2di34#9 2di12#8:

And ones making come out horses from Mits'rayim to Sh'lomoh and from all of the lands.

29 jk
r'a.vW uSh'ar 7605
yer.biD Div'rey 1697
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#30
~yinovair'h ha.ri.sho.neem haRishonim 7223
~yinAr]x;a'h.w v'haAcharonim 314 2di12#15
aol]h ha.lo haLo 3808 2di12#15
~eh hem Hem 1992
~yibWt.K k.tu.veem K'tuvim 3789 (8803) 2di12#15
yer.biD-l;[ Al Div'rey 5921 1697
!;t'n na.tan Natan 5416
ayib'N;h haNavi 5030
t;aWb.n-l;a.w v'Al N'vu'at 408 5016
h'Yix]a a.khi.ya Achiyah 281 1me11#29
yinAlyiV;h ha.shee.lo.nee haShiloni 7888
tAz]x;bW uvaChazot 2378 *
YD.[,y Yedo 3260 *
h,zox;h ha.kho.ze haChozeh 2374 2di12#15
~'[.b'r'y-l;[ Al Yarov'am 5921 3379
j'b.n-!,B ben-n.vat Ben N'vat 1121 5028 :

And rest of ones being spoken of Sh'lomoh, the ones being first and the ones being last, not them ones being written on ones being spoken of Natan, the prophet, and on prophecy of Achiyah, the Shiloni, and in the ones being gazed at of Yedo, the one gazing at over Yarov'am, son of N'vat?

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me11#41

30 l
%ol.miY;w va.yim.lokh vaYim'lokh 4427 (8799) 2di9#31
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di9#31
i~'l'vWryiw viY'rushalaim 3389
lea'r.fiy-l'K-l;[ al-kol-yis.ra.el Al Kol Yis'ra'el 5921 3605 3478
~yi['B.r;a Ar'ba'im 705 2di12#13
h'n'v Shanah 8141 :

And he reigned, Sh'lomoh, in Y'rushalaim over all of Yis'ra'el forties year.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me11#42

31 al
b;K.viy;w va.yish.kav vaYish'kav 7901 (8799) 2di12#16
homol.v Sh'lomoh 8010 2di10#2
wy'tob]a-~i[ im-a.vo.tav Im Avotayv 5973 1
Whur.B.qiY;w vaYiq'b'ruhu 6912 (8799) 2di16#14
ryi[.B b.eer b'Ir 5892
dyiw'd da.veed David 1732 2di10#16
wyib'a a.veev Aviv 1
%ol.miY;w va.yim.lokh vaYim'lokh 4427 (8799) 2di10#17
~'[.b;x.r R'chav'am 7346 2di10#1
An.B B'no 1121
wy'T.x;T takh.tav Tach'tayv 8478 :

And he lay down, Sh'lomoh, with fathers of him, and they buried him in city of David, father of him, and he reigned, R'chav'am, son of him, ones being instead of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me11#43




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