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1 a
And he lay down, Y'hoshaphat, with fathers of him, and he was buried with fathers of him in city of David, and he reigned, Y'horam, son of him, ones being instead of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 1me22#51

2 b
And to him brothers, sons Y'hoshaphat: Azar'yah, and Y'chiel, and Z'khar'yahu, and Mikhael, and Sh'phat'yahu; all of these sons Y'hoshaphat, one reigning of Yis'ra'el.

3 g
And he gave to the them, father of them, ones being given, ones being many, of silver and of gold, and of ones being choice, with cities of ones being fortified in Y'hudah, and the being reigned he gave to Y'horam for he the one being firstborn.

4 d

5 h
Son of thirties and twos year, Y'horam, when to reign him and eight years he reigned in Y'rushalaim.

NOTE: Parallel passages: 2me8#17 and 2di21#20

6 w

7 z
And not he was willing, Y'hovah, to destroy house of David for sake of the covenant that he cut for David, and as how he said to give to him lamp and to sons of him all of the days.

8 x
In days of him they transgressed, Edom, from under hand of Y'hudah, and they made reign ones over them one reigning.

9 j
And he passed, Y'horam, with ones commanding of him, and all of the being ridden with him; and he rose night and he struck Edom, the one going around about of ones about him, and ones commanding of the being ridden.

10 y

11 ay

12 by
And he came in to him writing from Eliyahu, the prophet, to say: 'Thus he says, Y'hovah, Elohim of David, father of you, place of that not you went in ones being trod of Y'hoshaphat, father of you, and in ones being trod of Asa, one reigning of Y'hudah,

13 gy
and you went in being trod of ones reigning of Yis'ra'el and you made commit adultery Y'hudah and ones sitting of Y'rushalaim, as to be prostitutes of house of Ach'av, and also brothers of you, house of father of you, the ones being good from you, you killed.

14 dy
Behold, Y'hovah, striking striking being great on people of you, and on sons of you, and on women of you, and on all of being laid up of you.

15 hj

16 wj

17 zy
And they went up on Y'hudah and they broke into her and they took captive all of the being collected, the being found in house of the one reigning, and also sons of him and women of him and not he was left son, except only Y'ho'achaz, being small of sons of him.

18 xy
And ones being after of all of this he struck him, Y'hovah, in bowels of him of sickness of being no being mended.

19 jy
And he was at days from days, and at time of to go out the days twos they went out, bowels of him, with sickness of him, and he died in diseases, ones being great, and not they made for him, people of him, being burned as being burned of fathers of him.

20 k
Son of thirties and twos he was when to reign him and eight years he reigned in Y'rushalaim. And he went with not being desired and they buried him in city of David but not in ones being buried of the ones reigning.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2me8#17 and 2di21#5




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