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1 a
And he reigned, Y'hoshaphat, son of him, ones being instead of him. And he strengthened himself against Yis'ra'el.

2 b
And he gave force in all of cities of Y'hudah, the ones being fortified, and he gave ones being stationed in land of Y'hudah and in cities of Eph'rayim that he captured, Asa, father of him.

3 g
And he was, Y'hovah, with Y'hoshaphat for he went in ones being trod of David, father of him, the ones being first, and not he sought haB'alim;

4 d
for to Elohim of father of him he sought and in ones being charged of him he went and not as being done of Yis'ra'el.

5 h
And he made stand, Y'hovah, the being reigned by hand of him, and they gave, all of Y'hudah, being offered to Y'hoshaphat, and he was to him being accumulated and glory to the being much.

6 w
And he was high, heart of him, over ones being trod of Y'hovah, and moreover he made turn aside the ones being high and the Asherim from Y'hudah.

7 z
And in year of three to reign him he sent to ones commanding of him, to Ben Chayil, and to Ovad'yah, and to Z'khar'yah, and to N'tan'el, and to Mikhayahu, to teach in cities of Y'hudah;

8 x
and with them the L'viyim, Sh'ma'yahu, and N'tan'yahu, and Z'vad'yahu, and Asah'el, and Sh'miramot, and Y'honatan, and Adoniyahu, and Toviyahu, and Tov Adoniyah, the L'viyim, and with them Elishama', and Y'horam, the priests.

9 j
And they taught in Y'hudah, and with them being recorded of being instructed of Y'hovah, and they encompassed through all of cities of Y'hudah and they taught among the people.

10 y
And he was dread of Y'hovah on all of ones being reigned of the lands that ones being around about of Y"hudah, and not they fought with Y'hoshaphat.

11 ay
And from P'lish'tim, ones making come in to Y'hoshaphat being offered and silver of burden, also the Ar'vim, ones making come in to him sheep, rams seven of thousands and seven of hundreds, and male-goats seven of thousands and seven hundreds.

12 by
And he was, Y'hoshaphat, going and being great upto to being over, and he built in Y'hudah fortresses and cities of stores.

13 gy
And being delegated being much he was of him in cities of Y'hudah, and men of being fought ones being mighty of force in Y'rushalaim.

14 dy
And these being visited of them by house of fathers of them, ones commanding of thousands: Ad'nah, the one commanding, and with him ones being mighty of force three hundreds thousand;

15 hj
and at hand of him Y'hochanan, the one commanding, and with him two hundreds and eighties thousand;

16 wj
and at hand of him Amas'yah, son of Zikh'ri, the one being impelled to Y'hovah, and with him two hundreds thousand being mighty of force;

17 zy
and from Bin'yamin ones being mighty of force El'yada, and with him ones fastening up of bow and shield two hundreds thousand;

18 xy
and at hand of him Y'hozavad and with him hundred and eighties thousand ones being armed of being amassed.

19 jy
These the ones attending the one reigning from apart of whom he gave, the one reigning, in cities of the being fortified in all of Y'hudah.




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