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1 a
And he came in, R'chav'am, Y'rushalaim, and he made assemble house of Y'hudah and Bin'yamin, hundred and eighties thousand being chosen doing being fought to fight with Yis'ra'el to make go back the being reigned to R'chav'am.

2 b
And he was being spoken of Y'hovah to Sh'ma'yahu, man of the Elohim, to say:

3 g
"Say to R'chav'am, son of Sh'lomoh, one reigning of Y'hudah, and to all of Yis'ra'el in Y'hudah and Bin'yamin, to say:

4 d
Thus he says, Y'hovah: 'Not you go up and not you fight with brothers of you. Go back each to house of him for from with me he was the being spoken the this.' And they obeyed ones being spoken of Y'hovah and they went back from to go against Yarov'am.

5 h
And he sat, R'chav'am, in Y'rushalaim and he built cities of being fortified in Y'hudah.

6 w
And he built Beyt Lechem, and Eytam, and T'qo'a,

7 z
and Beyt Tsur, and Sokho, and Adulam,

8 x
and Gat, and Mareshah, and Ziph;

9 j
and Adorayim, and Lakhish, and Azeqah;

10 y
and Tsor'ah, and Ayalon, and Chev'ron, that in Y'hudah and in Bin'yamin cities of ones being fortified.

11 ay
And he made strong the ones being fortified, and he gave in the them ones being leader, and ones being stored of being eaten, and oil, and wine.

12 by
And in every of city and city shields and spears and he made strong them to be much very. And they were to him Y'hudah and Bin'yamin.

13 gy
And the priests and the L'viyim that in all of Yis'ra'el they were stationed near him from all of border of them

14 dy
For they left, the L'viyim, ones being outer of them and being held of them and they went to Y'hudah and to Y'rushalaim, for he made pushed aside them, Yarov'am and sons of him, from to be priest to Y'hovah;

15 hj
And he made stand for him priests for the heights and for the goats and for the calves that he made.

16 wj
And ones being after of them from all of branches of Yis'ra'el, the ones giving heart of them to seek Y'hovah, Elohim of Yis'ra'el, they came in Y'rushalaim to slaughter to Y'hovah, Elohim of fathers of them.

17 zy
And they made strong being reigned of Y'hudah, and they made secure R'chav'am, son of Sh'lomoh, for years three; indeed they walked in being trod of David and Sh'lomoh for years three.

18 xy
And he took for him, R'chav'am, woman, Machalat, daughter of Y'rimot, son of David, Avihayil, daughter of Eli'av, son of Yishay.

19 jy
And she bore to him sons: Y'ush, and Sh'maryah, and Zaham.

20 k
And ones being after of her he took Ma'akhah, daughter of Av'shalom, and she bore to him Aviyah, and Atay, and Ziza, and Sh'lomit.

21 ak
And he loved, R'chav'am, Ma'akhah, daughter of Av'shalom, from all of women of him and concubines of him. Indeed women eight ten he supported and concubines sixties, and he fathered twenties and eight sons and sixty daughters.

22 bk
And he made stand for head, R'chav'am, Aviyah, son of Ma'akhah, for leader over brothers of him for to make reign him.

23 gk
And he discerned and he dispersed from all of sons of him to all of lands of Y'hudah and Bin'yamin, to all cities of the ones being fortified, and he gave to the them the sustenance to the abundance, and he asked multitude of women.




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