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leaWm.v 1 SH'MU'EL 1 SAMUEL 7

1 a
And they came in, men of Qir'yat Y'arim, and they made go up chest of Y'hovah, and they made go in him to house of Avinadav at the Giv'ah, and El'azar, son of him, they consecrated to keep chest of Y'hovah.

2 b
And he was from day to sit, the chest, in Qir'yat Y'arim, and they were much, the days, and they were twenties year and they mourned, all of house of Yis'ra'el, ones being after of Y'hovah.

3 g
And he said, Sh'mu'el, to all of house of Yis'ra'el, to say: 'If with all of heart of you, you, ones turning back to Y'hovah, make turn aside elohim of the being foreign, from midst of you, and the Ash'tarot, and make firm heart of you to Y'hovah, and serve him, at alone him, and he will snatch away you from hand of P'lish'tim.'

4 d
And they removed, sons of Yis'ra'el, the B'alim and the Ashtarot, and they served Y'hovah, at alone him.

5 h
And he said, Sh'mu'el: 'Gather all of Yis'ra'el to the Mits'pah and I will pray on behalf of you to Y'hovah.'

6 w
And they were assembled at the Mits'pah and they drew waters, and they poured out before presences of Y'hovah, and they fasted in the day the he, and they said there: 'We sinned against Y'hovah.' And he judged, Sh'mu'el, sons of Yis'ra'el at the Mits'pah.

7 z
And they heard, P'lish'tim, that they gathered, sons of Yis'ra'el, at the Mits'pah, and they went up tyrants of P'lish'tim, to Yis'ra'el. And they heard, sons of Yis'ra'el, and they were afraid from presences of P'lish'tim.

8 x
And they said, sons of Yis'ra'el, to Sh'mu'el: 'Not you be silent from us from to cry to Y'hovah, Elohim of us, and let him make free us from hand of P'lish'tim.'

9 j
And he took, Sh'mu'el, lamb of milk one, and he made go up him, being made go up, being entire to Y'hovah; and he cried out, Sh'mu'el, to Y'hovah on behalf of Yis'ra'el, and he answered him, Y'hovah.

10 y
And he was, Sh'mu'el, making go up the being made go up, and P'lish'tim they came near to the being fought with Yis'ra'el, and he thundered, Y'hovah, with voice, being great in the day the he over P'lish'tim, and he routed them, and they were struck before presences of Yis'ra'el.

11 ay
And they went, men of Yis'ra'el, from the Mits'pah and they pursued P'lish'tim, and they struck them to from Tachat to Beyt Kar.

12 by
And he took, Sh'mu'el, stone one and he put between the Mits'pah and between the Shen, and he called name of her 'Stone of the Azer.' And he said upto to here he helped us, Y'hovah.'

13 gy
And they were subdued, the P'lish'tim, and not they did more still to come in over border of Yis'ra'el. And he was hand of Y'hovah on the P'lish'tim all of days of Sh'mu'el.

14 dy
And they turned back, the cities that they took, P'lish'tim, from Yis'ra'el, to Yis'ra'el, from Eq'ron and upto Gat, and border of them he snatched away, Yis'ra'el, from hand of P'lish'tim. And he was being peaceful between Yis'ra'el and between the Emori.

15 hj
And he judged, Sh'mu'el, Yis'ra'el all of days of ones being alive of him.

16 wj
And he went from ones being needed of year by year, and he circled around Beyt El, and the Gil'gal, and the Mits'pah, and he judged Yis'ra'el all of the places the these.

17 zy
And being turned back of him to the Ramah since there house of him, and there he judged Yis'ra'el, and he built there altar to Y'hovah.

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