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leaWm.v 1 SH'MU'EL 1 SAMUEL 28

1 a
And he was in the days the them and they gathered, Ph'lish'tim, ones being encamped of them for the going forth to fight against Yis'ra'el, and he said, Akhish, to David: 'To know you know that with me you will go out among the being encamped, you and men of you.'

2 b
And he said, David, to Akhish: 'For the so, you, you know what he will do, servant of you.' And he said, Akhish, to David: 'For the so one keeping of head of me I will make you all of the days.'

3 g
And Sh'mu'el he died and they howled for him, all of Yis'ra'el, and they buried him in the Ramah, and in city of him. And Sha'ul he made turn aside the necromancers and the spiritists from the land.

4 d
And they were assembled, Ph'lish'tim, and they came in and they encamped in Shunem. And he gathered, Sha'ul, all of Yis'ra'el, and they encamped in the Gil'bo'a.

5 h
And he saw, Sha'ul, camp Ph'lish'tim, and he was afraid, and he shuddered, heart of him, very.

6 w
And he asked, Sha'ul, with Y'hovah, and not he answered him Y'hovah, also in the ones being dreamed also with the Urim also with the prophets.

7 z
And he said, Sha'ul, to servants of him: 'Search out for me woman of mistress of necromancy, and I will go ones to her and I will consult with the her.' And they said, servants of him, ones to him: 'Behold, woman of mistress of necromancy in Eyn Dor.

8 x
And he disguised himself, Sha'ul, and he wrapped on ones covering, ones being other, and he went, he and twos of men with him, and they went in to the woman night, and he said: 'Divine now for me with the familiar spirit and make come up for me whom I say ones to you.'

NOTE: Qere for sixteenth word -yims'q

9 j
And she said, the woman, ones to him: 'Behold you, you know what he did, Sha'ul, when he made cut off the necromancers and the spiritists from the land; and for the what you laying snare over soul of me to kill me?'

10 y
And he swore to the her, Sha'ul, on Y'hovah, to say: 'Being alive Y'hovah, not he will befall you iniquity over the being spoken the this.'

11 ay
And she said, the woman: 'Whom shall I make come up for the you?' And he said: 'Sh'mu'el make come up to me.'

12 by
And she saw, the woman, Sh'mu'el and she cried out with voice, being great, and she said, the woman, to Sha'ul, to say: 'For the what you deceived me? And you Sha'ul.'

13 gy
And he said to the her, the one reigning: 'Not you fear, rather what you see?' And she said, the woman, to Sha'ul: 'Elohim I see ones coming up from the earth.'

14 dy
And he said to the her: 'What shape of him?' And she said: 'Man, one being old, coming up and he wrapping robe.' And he knew, Sha'ul that Sh'mu'el he, and he bent nostrils to earth and he bowed.

15 hj
And he said, Sh'mu'el, to Sha'ul: 'For the what you disturbed me, to make come up me?' And he said, Sha'ul: 'He is cramped of me very and P'lish'tim ones fighting with me and Elohim he turned aside from ones over me and not he answers me still, also by hand of the prophets, also in the ones being dreamed, and I called to you to make known me what I shall do.'

16 wj
And he said, Sh'mu'el: 'And for the what you ask me? And Y'hovah he turned aside from ones on you and he is enemy of you.

17 zy
And he did, Y'hovah, to him as how he spoke by hand of me and he tore, Y'hovah the being reigned from hand of you and he gave her to being associated of you, to David.

18 xy
As how not you hearkened at voice of Y'hovah and not you did being kindled of breathing hard of him with Amaleq over thus the being spoken the this he did to you, Y'hovah, the day the this.

19 jy
And he will give, Y'hovah, also Yis'ra'el with you in hand of P'lish'tim and tomorrow you and sons of you with me, also being encamped of Yis'ra'el he will give, Y'hovah, in hand of P'lish'tim.'

20 k
And he was swift, Sha'ul, and he fell being full of height of him to earth, and he feared, very, from ones being spoken of Sh'mu'el, indeed strength not he was in him since not he ate bread all of the day and all of the night.

21 ak
And she came in, the woman, to Sha'ul, and she saw that he was terrified very, and she said ones to him: 'Behold, she hearkened, handmaid of you, at voice of you, and I put soul of me in palm of me and I heard ones being spoken of you that you spoke ones to me.

22 bk
And now, hearken now also you at voice of handmaid of you, and let me put before presences of you morsel of bread and eat and let him be in you strength when you go on the being trod.'

23 gk
And he refused, and he said: 'Not I will eat.' And they broke through with him, servants of him and also the woman. And he hearkened at voice of them. And he rose from the earth and he sat on the bed.

24 dk
And of the woman calf of stall in the house, and she was swift and she slaughtered him; and she took meal and she kneaded and she baked him ones being unleavened.

25 hk
And she made come near to presences of Sha'ul and to presences of servants of him, and they ate, and they rose, and they went in the night the he.

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