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leaWm.v 1 SH'MU'EL 1 SAMUEL 27

1 a
And he said, David, to heart of him: 'Now I will be swept away day one by hand of Sha'ul, being not for me being good, rather I will escape to land of P'lish'tim and he will desist from me, Sha'ul, to seek me still in all of border of Yis'ra'el, and I will escape from hand of him.'

2 b
And he rose, David, and he crossed, he and six hundreds of man who with him, to Akhich, son of Ma'okh, one reigning of Gat.

3 g
And he sat, David, with Akhish in Gat, he and men of him, each and house of him, David and twos of women of him, Achino'am, the Yiz'r'elit, and Avigayil, woman of Naval, the Kar'm'lit.

4 d
And he was made clear to Sha'ul that he fled, David, Gat, and not he repeated still to seek him.

5 h
And he said David to Akhish: 'If now I found favour in eyes of you let them give to me place in one of cities of the field and let me sit there, and for the what he sits. servant of you, in city of the being reigned with you?'

6 w

7 z
And he was being counted of the days that he sat David in field of P'lish'tim days and four months.

8 x
And he went up, David and men of him, and they spread out before the G'shuri, and the Giz'ri, and the Amaleqi, since to here ones sitting of the land that from old to come in you Shur and to land of Mits'rayim.

9 j
And he struck, David, the land, and not he let live man and woman, and he took sheep, and ox, and donkeys, and camels, and garments. And he turned back and he went in to Akhish.

10 y
And he said, Akhish: 'Whither you raided the day?' And he said, David: 'On south of Y'hudah and on south of the Y'rach'm'eli, and to south of the Qeyni.'

11 ay
And man and woman not he let live, David, to make come in Gat, to say lest they make clear ones over us to say: 'Thus he did, David, and thus being judged of him all of the days that he sat in field of Ph'lish'tim.'

12 by
And he believed, Akhish, in David, to say: 'To be odious he is odious with people of him, with Yis'ra'el, and he will be to me for servant everlasting.'

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