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leaWm.v 1 SH'MU'EL 1 SAMUEL 12

1 a
And he said, Sh'mu'el, to all of Yis'ra'el: "Behold I have hearkened at voice of you to all of that you said to me and I made reign ones over you one reigning,

2 b
and now, behold the one reigning walking before presences of you, and I, I am old and I am aged, and sons of me, behold them with you, and I, I walked before presences of you from ones being young of me until the day the this,

3 g
behold I, answer over me before Y'hovah and before one being anointed of him, ox whose I took? And donkey whose I took? And whom I oppressed? And whom I crushed? And from hand of whom I took bribe and I hid eyes of me over him? And I will make go back to the you.'

4 d
And they said: 'Not you oppressed us, and not you crushed us, and not you took from hand of man how or what.'

5 h
And he said ones to them: 'One being witness Y'hovah over the you and one being witness being anointed of him the day the this indeed not you found in hand of me how or what.' And he said: 'One being witness.'

6 w
And he said, Sh'mu'el, to the people: 'Y'hovah, who he made Mosheh and Aharon and who he made go up fathers of you from land of Mits'rayim

7 z
And now be stationed and I will plead with you before presences of Y'hovah all of ones being righteous of Y'hovah that he did with you and fathers of you.

8 x
As when he went in, Ya'aqov, Mits'rayim and they cried out, fathers of you, to Y'hovah, and he sent, Y'hovah, Mosheh and Aharon and they made come out fathers of you from Mits'rayim and they made sit them in the place the this;

9 j
and they forgot Y'hovah, Elohim of them, and he sold them in hand of Sis'ra, one commanding of being amassed of Chatsor and in hand of P'lish'tim and in hand of one reigning of Mo'av, and they fought with the them.

10 y
And they cried to Y'hovah, and they said: 'We sinned for we forsook Y'hovah and we served the B'alim and the Ash'tarot and now snatch away us from hand of ones being hostile of us and we will serve you.'

11 ay
And he sent, Y'hovah, Y'ruba'al, and B'dan, and Yiph'tach, and Sh'mu'el, and he snatched away you from hand of ones being hostile of you from being around about and you sat being secure.

12 by
And you saw that Nachash, one reigning of sons of Amon, he came in ones on you and you said to me: 'No, indeed one reigning let him reign over us', and Y'hovah, Elohim of you, one reigning of you.

13 gy
And now behold the one reigning whom you chose, whom you asked, and behold he gave, Y'hovah, ones over you one reigning.

14 dy
If you fear Y'hovah and you serve him and you hearken at voice of him and not you disobey mouth of Y'hovah and you are, also you and also the one reigning whom he reigns ones over you being after of Y'hovah, Elohim of you;

15 hj
And if not you hearken at voice of Y'hovah, and you disobey mouth of Y'hovah, then she will be, hand of Y'hovah, on the you and on fathers of you.

16 wj
Also now be stationed and see the being spoken the being great the this that Y'hovah doing before eyes of you.

17 zy
Not being reaped of wheats the day? I will call to Y'hovah and let him give sounds and rain and know and see indeed being evil of you being much what you did in eyes of Y'hovah to ask for the you one reigning.

18 xy
And he called, Sh'mu'el, to Y'hovah, and he gave, Y'hovah, sounds and rain in the day the he, and he feared all of the people, very, Y'hovah and Sh'mu'el.

19 jy
And they said, all of the people, to Sh'mu'el: 'Pray on behalf of servants of you to Y'hovah, Elohim of you, and not we die, for we added on all of ones being sinned of us being evil to ask for the us one reigning.'

20 k
And he said, Sh'mu'el, to the people: 'Not you fear, you, you did all of the being evil the this, only not you turn aside from ones being after of Y'hovah and you serve Y'hovah with all of heart of you;

21 ak
And not you turn aside indeed ones being after of the being waste that not they do good and not they deliver since being waste them.

22 bk
Indeed not he will forsake, Y'hovah, people of him on account of name of him, the being great, since he undertook, Y'hovah, to make you for him for people.

23 gk
Also I being profane to me from to sin to Y'hovah from to desist to pray on behalf of you and I will teach you over being trod, the being good and the being right.

24 dk
Only fear Y'hovah and you serve him with truth in all of heart of you; indeed see how he made great with you.

25 hk
And if to do evil you do evil, indeed you, indeed one reigning of you, you will be swept away.

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