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~yik'l.m 1 M'LAKHIM 1 KINGS 5

1 a
And Sh'lomoh he was ruling in all of the ones being reigned from the being flowed, land of P'lish'tim and to border of Mits'rayim, ones making come near being offered and ones serving Sh'lomoh all of days of ones being alive of him.

NOTE: Verse 1 is 1me4#21 in the English numeration

2 b
And he was food of Sh'lomoh for day one thirties kor of flour and sixties kor of meal;

NOTE: Verse 2 is 1me4#22 in the English numeration

3 g
ten ox, ones being fat, and twenties ox, ones being grazed, and hundred sheep at being apart of from deer, and roebuck, and fallow deer, and fowl, ones being fattened.

NOTE: Verse 3 is 1me4#23 in the English numeration

4 d
For he ruling over all of across of the being flowed from Tiph'sach and upto Azah, over all of ones reigning of across of the being flowed, and being peaceful he was to him from all of sides of him, from being around about.

NOTE: Verse 4 is 1me4#24 in the English numeration

5 h
And he sat, Y'hudah and Yis'ra'el, at the being secure, each being under of vine of him, and being under of fig of him, from Dan and to B'er Shava, all of days of Sh'lomoh.

NOTE: Verse 5 is 1me4#25 in the English numeration

6 w
And he was to Sh'lomoh forties thousand stalls of horses for being ridden of him and twos ten thousand horsemen.

NOTE: Verse 6 is 1me4#26 in the English numeration

7 z
And they maintained, the ones being stationed the these, the one reigning, Sh'lomoh, and every of the one approaching to table of the one reigning, Sh'lomoh, each month of him not they left lacking being spoken.

NOTE: Verse 7 is 1me4#27 in the English numeration

8 x
And the barleys and the straw for the horses and for the steed they made come in to the place where he was there each as being judged of him.

NOTE: Verse 8 is 1me4#28 in the English numeration

9 j
And he gave, Elohim, wisdom to Sh'lomoh and understanding to be much very, and breadth of heart as the sand that on lip of the sea.

NOTE: Verse 9 is 1me4#29 in the English numeration

10 y
And she was increased, wisdom of Sh'lomoh, from wisdom of all of sons of east, and from all of wisdom of Mits'rayim.

NOTE: Verse 10 is 1me4#30 in the English numeration

11 ay
And he was wise from every of the man from Eytan, the Ez'rachi, and Heyman, and Khal'kol, and Dar'da, sons of Machol. And he was name of him in all of the nations being around about.

NOTE: Verse 11 is 1me4#31 in the English numeration

12 by
And he spoke three of thousands proverb; and he was being sung of him five and thousand.

NOTE: Verse 12 is 1me4#32 in the English numeration

13 gy
And he spoke over the trees, from the cedar that in the L'vanon and to the hyssop that going forth in the wall. And he spoke over the beast, and over the one flying, and over the one being glider, and over the fishes.

NOTE: Verse 13 is 1me4#33 in the English numeration

14 dy
And they came in from all of the peoples to hear wisdom of Sh'lomoh, from all of ones reigning of the earth whom they heard wisdom of him.

NOTE: Verse 14 is 1me4#34 in the English numeration

15 hj
And he sent, Chiram, one reigning of Tsor, servants of him to Sh'lomoh for he heard that him they anointed for one reigning place of father of him for loving he was, Chiram, of David all of the days.

NOTE: Verse 15 is verse 1 in the English numeration

16 wj
And he sent, Sh'lomoh, to Chiram, to say:

NOTE: Verse 16 is verse 2 in the English numeration

17 zy
'You, you know David, father of me, that not he was able to build house for name of Y'hovah, Elohim of him, from presences of the being fought that they surrounded him until to give, Y'hovah, them beneath soles of feet of me.

NOTE: Verse 17 is verse 3 in the English numeration

18 xy
And now he made rest, Y'hovah, Elohim of me, for me from being around about, being no adversary and being no impinging of evil.

NOTE: Verse 18 is verse 4 in the English numeration

19 jy
And behold I saying to build house to name of Y'hovah, Elohim of me, as how he said, Y'hovah, to David, father of me, to say: Son of you, who I will give, ones being place of you, throne of you, he, he will build the house for name of me.

NOTE: Verse 19 is verse 5 in the English numeration

20 k
And now charge and let them cut for me cedars from the L'vanon, and servants of me let them be with servants of you and hire of servants of you let me give to you as all of what you say, since you, you know that being not among the us man knowing to cut down timbers like the Tsidonim.'

NOTE: Verse 20 is verse 6 in the English numeration

21 ak
And he was as to hear, Chiram, ones being spoken of Sh'lomoh and he brightened up very, and he said: 'Being praised Y'hovah the day that he gave to David son being wise over the people the being many the this.'

NOTE: Verse 21 is verse 7 in the English numeration

22 bk
And he sent, Chiram, to Sh'lomoh, to say: 'I heard what you sent ones to me. I, I will do all of making pleased of you with the woods of cedars and with the woods of pines.

NOTE: Verse 22 is verse 8 in the English numeration

23 gk
Servants of me they will make come down from the L'vanon to sea and I, I will put them ones being floated by the sea to the place where you send ones to me and I will disperse them there, and you, you take up. And you, you do making pleased of me to give bread house of me.'

NOTE: Verse 23 is verse 9 in the English numeration

24 dk
And he was, Chirom, giving to Sh'lomoh woods of cedars and woods of pines, all of making pleased of him.

NOTE: Verse 24 is verse 10 in the English numeration

25 hk
And Sh'lomoh he gave to Chiram twenties thousand kor of wheats being eaten of house of him, and twenties kor of oil being beaten; thus he gave, Sh'lomoh, to Chiram year on year.

NOTE: Verse 25 is verse 11 in the English numeration

26 wk
And Y'hovah he gave wisdom to Sh'lomoh as how he spoke to him; and he was peace between Chiram and between Sh'lomoh; and they cut covenant twos of them.

NOTE: Verse 26 is verse 12 in the English numeration

27 zk
And he made go up, the one reigning, Sh'lomoh, being levied from all of Yis'ra'el, and he was the being levied thirties thousand man.

NOTE: Verse 27 is verse 13 in the English numeration

28 xk
And he sent them to L'vanon ten thousands by the month ones being changed, month they were in the L'vanon, two months at house of him; and Adoniram over the burden.

NOTE: Verse 28 is verse 14 in the English numeration

29 jk
And he was of Sh'lomoh seventies thousand carrying bearing and eighties thousand hewing in the mount.

NOTE: Verse 29 is verse 15 in the English numeration

30 l
at being apart of from ones commanding of the ones being stationed of Sh'lomoh who over the being delegated three of thousands and three of hundreds, the ones ruling over the people, the ones working on the being delegated.

NOTE: Verse 30 is verse 16 in the English numeration

31 al
And he charged, the one reigning, and they made uproot stones, ones being great, stones, ones being glorious, to found the house, stones of being cut.

NOTE: Verse 31 is verse 17 in the English numeration

32 bl
And they carved, ones building of Sh'lomoh and ones building of Chirom and the Giv'lim, and they made ready the timbers and the stones to build the house.

NOTE: Verse 32 is verse 18 in the English numeration

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