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~yik'l.m 1 M'LAKHIM 1 KINGS 12

1 a

2 b
And he was as to hear, Yarov'am, son of N'vat, and he still he in Mits'rayim where he fled from presences of the one reigning, Sh'lomoh, and he sat, Yavov'am, in Mits'rayim.

3 g
and they sent and they called to him. And he came in, Yarov'am, and all of being assembled of Yis'ra'el, and they spoke to R'chav'am, to say:

4 d
Father of you he made hard, yoke of us, and you now make light from service of father of you, the being hard, and from yoke of him that he gave on us and we will serve you.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#4

5 h

6 w

7 z
And they spoke to him to say: 'If the day you will be servant of the people the this, and you will serve them, and you answer them, and you speak to them ones being spoken, ones being good, then they will be for you servants all of the days.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#7

8 x
And he forsook being advised of the ones being elder that they advised him, and he consulted the ones being born whom they grew with him, whom the ones standing before presences of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#8

9 j
And he said ones to them: 'What you ones advising, and we make go back being spoken the people the this that they spoke ones to me, to say: Make light from the yoke that he gave, father of you, ones on us.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#9

10 y
And they spoke ones to him, the boys, whom they grew with him, to say: 'Thus you say to the people the this whom they spoke ones to you, to say: Father of you he made heavy yoke of us, and you make light from ones on us. Thus you speak ones to them: One being little of me he is thick from loins of father of me.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#10

11 ay
And now, father of me, he laid ones on you yoke, being heavy, and I, I will make add on yoke of you. Father of me he chastened you with the whips, and I, I will chasten you with the scorpions.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#11

12 by
And he came in, Yarov'am and all of the people, to R'chav'am on the day the third as how he spoke, the one reigning, to say: 'Come back to me on the day the third.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#12

13 gy
And he answered, the one reigning, the people being hard, and he forsook being advised of the ones being elder that they advised him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#13

14 dy
And he spoke ones to them as being advised of the ones being born, to say: 'Father of me he made heavy yoke of you, and I, I will make add on yoke of you. Father of me he chastened you with the whips and I, I will chasten you with the scorpions.'

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#14

15 hj
And not he hearkened, the one reigning to the people for she was turning about from with Y'hovah for sake of to make rise being spoken of him that he spoke, Y'hovah, by hand of Achiyah, the Shiloni, to Yarov'am, son of N'vat.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#15

16 wj
And he saw, all of Yis'ra'el, that not he hearkened, the one reigning, ones to them, and they made turn back, the people, the one reigning being spoken, to say: 'What to the us being apportioned with David and not being inherited with son of Yishay? To tents of you Yis'ra'el, now see house of you David.' And he went, Yis'ra'el, to tents of him.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#16

17 zy
And sons of Yis'ra'el, the ones sitting in cities of Y'hudah, and he reigned ones over them R'chav'am.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#17

18 xy
And he sent, the one reigning R'chav'am, Adoram whom over the being levied, and they stoned, all of Yis'ra'el, on him stone, and he died. And the one reigning R'chav'am, he was alert to go up on the chariot to flee Y'rushalaim.

NOTE: Parallel passage: 2di10#18

19 jy
And they rebelled, Yis'ra'el, on house of David upto the day the this.

20 k

21 ak
And he came in, R'chav'am, Y'rushalaim and he made assemble all of house of Y'hudah and branch of Bin'yamin, hundred and eighties thousand being chosen doing being fought to fight with house of Yis'ra'el to make go back the being reigned to R'chav'am, son of Sh'lomoh.

22 bk

23 gk

24 dk
Thus he says, Y'hovah: 'Not you go up and not you fight with brothers of you, sons of Yis'ra'el, turn back each to house of him, since from with me he was, the being spoken the this.' And they hearkened being spoken of Y'hovah and they turned back to go as being spoken of Y'hovah.

25 hk
And he built, Yarov'am, Sh'khem in mount of Eph'rayim, and he sat in the her; and he went forth from there and he built P'nu'el.

26 wk
And he said, Yarov'am, in heart of him: Now she will turn back the being reigned to house of David,

27 zk
If he goes up, the people the this, to make ones being slaughtered in house of Y'hovah, in Y'rushalaim, then he will turn back, heart of the people the this, to lords of them, to R'cjhav'am, one reigning of Y'hudah, and they will kill me, and they will turn back to R'chav'am, one reigning of Y'hudah.

28 xk
And he consulted, the one reigning, and he made twos of calves of gold, and he said to them: 'Being much for the you from to go up Y'rushalaim, behold Elohim of you Yis'ra'el whom they made come up you from land of Mits'rayim.'

29 jk

30 l

31 al
And he made house of ones being high, and he made priests from ones being extent of the people, who not they were from sons of Levi.

32 bl
And he made, Yarov'am, being celebrated in the month the one being eighth, on five ten day of the month, like the being celebrated that in Y'hudah, and he made go up on the altar. Thus he did in Beyt El to offer slaughter to the calves that he made, and he made stand in Beyt El priests of the heights that he made.

33 gl
And he made go up on the altar that he made in Beyt El on the five ten day in the month the eighth, in the month that he devised from heart of him, and he made being celebrated for sons of Yis'ra'el, and he made go up on the altar to make smoke.

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