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1 a
Adam, Shet, Enosh,

2 b
Qeynan, Mahalal'el, Yared,

3 g
Chanokh, M'tushelach, Lamekh,

4 d
No'ach, Shem, Cham, and Yephet,

5 h
sons of Yephet: Gomer and Magog, and Maday, and Yavan, and Tuval, and Meshekh, and Tiras.

6 w
And sons of Gomer: Ash'kanaz, and Diphat, and Togar'mah.

7 z
And sons of Yavan: Elishah, and Tar'shishah, Kitim, and Rodanim.

8 x
sons of Cham: Kush, and Mits'rayim, Put, and K'na'an.

9 j
And sons of Khush: S'va, and Chavilah, and Sav'ta, and Ra'ma, and Sav't'kha; and sons of Ra'mah: Sh'va and D'dan.

10 y
And Khush he fathered Nim'rod, he, he began to be one being mighty in the earth.

11 ay
And Mits'rayim he fathered Ludim, and Anamim, and L'havim, and Naph'tuchim,

12 by
and Pat'rusim, and Kas'luchim, whom they came forth from there P'lish'tim and Kaph'torim.

13 gy
And K'na'an he fathered Tsidon, firstborn of him, and Chet,

14 dy
and the Y'vusi, and the Emori, and the Gir'gashi,

15 hj
and the Chivi, and the Ar'qi, and the Sini,

16 wj
and the Ar'vadi, and the Ts'mari, and the Chamati.

17 zy
Sons of Shem: Eylam, and Ashur, and Ar'pakh'shad, and Lud, and Aram, and Uts, and Chul, and Geter, and Meshekh,

18 xy
And Ar'pakh'shad he fathered Shelach, and Shelach he fathered Ever.

19 jy
And to Ever he was born twos of sons, name of the one Peleg, since in days of him she was split, the earth; and name of brother of him Yoq'tan.

NOTE: Parallel passage br10#25

20 k
And Yoq'tan he fathered Al'modad, and Shaleph, and Chatsar'mavet, and Yarach,

21 ak
and Hadoram, and Uzal, and Diq'lah,

22 bk
and Eyval, and Avima'el, and Sh'va,

23 gk
and Ophir, and Chavilah, and Yovav, all of these sons of Yoq'tan.

24 dk
Shem, Ar'pakh'shad, Shalach

25 hk
Ever, Peleg, R'u,

26 wk
S'rug, Nachor, Terach,

27 zk
Av'ram, he Av'raham.

28 xk
sons of Av'raham: Yits'chaq and Yish'ma'el.

29 jk
These ones being brought forth of them: Firstborn of Yish'ma'el: N'vayot, and Qedar, and Ad'b'el, and Miv'sam,

30 l
Mish'ma, and Dumah, Masa, Chadad, and Teyma

31 al
Y'tur, Naphish, and Qed'mah, these them sons of Yish'ma'el.

32 bl
And sons of Q'turah, concubine of Av'raham, she bore Zim'ran, and Yoq'shan, and M'dan, and Mid'yan, and Yish'baq, and Shu'ach. And sons of Yaq'shan: Sh'va and D'dan.

33 gl
And sons of Mid'yan: Eyphah, and Ephah, and Chanokh, and Avida, and El'da'ah. all of these sons of Q'turah.

34 dl
And he fathered, Av'raham, Yits'chaq. Sons of Yits'chaq: Esav and Yis'ra'el.

35 hl
Sons of Esav: Eliphaz, R'u'el, and Y'ush, and Ya'lam, and Qorach.

36 wl
Sons of Eliphaz: Teyman, and Omar, Ts'phi, Ga'tam, Q'naz, and Tim'na, and Amaleq.

37 zl
Sons of R'u'el: Nachat, Zerach, Shamah, and Mizah.

38 xl
And sons of Se'ir: Lotan, and Shoval, and Tsiv'on, and Anah, and Dishon, and Etser, and Dishan.

39 jl
And sons of Lotan: Chori, and Homam, and sister of Lotan, Tim'na.

40 m
Sons of Shoval: Al'yan, and Manachat, and Eyval, Sh'phi, and Onam. And sons of Tsiv'on: Ayah and Anah.

41 am
Sons of Anah: Dishon. And sons of Dishon: Cham'ran, and Esh'ban, and Yit'ran, and Kh'ran.

NOTE: Chamran is called Chemdan 2533 in br36#26

42 bm
Sons of Etser: Bil'han, and Za'avan, Ya'aqan. And sons of Dishon: Uts and Aran.

43 gm
And these the ones reigning whom they reigned in land of Edom before presences of to reign one reigning of sons of Yis'ra'el: Bela, son of B'or, and name of city of him Din'havah.

44 dm
And he died, Bela, and he reigned ones being instead of him, Yovav, son of Zerach, from Bots'rah.

45 hm
And he died, Yovav, and he reigned ones being instead of him Chusham from land of the Teymani.

46 wm
And he died, Chusham, and he reigned ones being instead of him, Hadad, son of B'dad, the one striking of Mid'yan in field of Mo'av, and name of city of him Avit.

47 zm
And he died, Hadad, and he reigned ones being instead of him Sam'lah, from Mas'reqah.

48 xm
And he died, Sam'lah, and he reigned ones being instead of him Sha'ul from R'chovot the being flowed.

49 jm
And he died, Sha'ul, and he reigned ones being instead of him Ba'al Chanan, son of Akh'bor.

50 n
And he died, Ba'al Chanan, and he reigned ones being instead of him Hadad, and name of city of him Pa'i, and name of woman of him M'heytav'el, daughter of Mat'red, daughter of Mey Zahav.

51 an
And he died, Hadad. And they were ones being chief of Edom: Chief Tim'na, chief Al'yah, chief Y'tet,

52 bn
chief Oholivamah, chief Elah, chief Pinon,

53 gn
chief Q'naz, chief Teyman, chief Miv'tsar.

54 dn
chief Mag'di'el, chief Iram. These chiefs of Edom.




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